[*Whatsapp] Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop Install On windows7/8/10

WhatsApp provides a practical alternative to expensive smartphone SMS. The Android version of this app offers messaging for free text messages  a year. Here are how you can use this popular whatsapp on your PC.

We have explained how to run WhatsApp on your computer through YouWave  In this tutorial we indicate how to run WhatsApp on your PC via BlueStacks App Player. Your advantage: BlueStacks, unlike YouWave is complimentary.

Installation Process Of Whatsap On PC/Laptop

1. Install BlueStacks App Player

With BlueStacks (download) you can run Android apps on your PC. Install and start the software.

BlueStacks works like the classic Android interface. Instead of using touch gestures, this virtual cell is controlled by the mouse and keyboard. Obviously, you can not just run WhatsApp also allows you to enjoy the classic games of Android, such as Talking Tom Cat or  Angry Birds Space.

2. Start the Android browser on BlueStacks

After  BlueStacks run, go to the upper right corner and click on the icon  All Apps to access the  applications.
Download WhatsApp For PC – Windows 7/8/8.1 Install

There you will find the browser default. Click to run the app.
Download WhatsApp For Windows 8.1/8/7 PC Laptop

3. Download WhatsApp from the official site

Navigate to www.whatsapp.com and press the button Download Now.
Download WhatsApp Free Download – Start Using WhatsApp on Your Smartphone and PC
BlueStacks automatically shows you  two options for downloading . Select  1Mobile Market . This way you will not need to log in with a Google account.
How to Use WhatsApp on a PC | NDTV Gadgets
Like Google Play, 1Mobile Market presents a page with general information and screenshots of Whatsapp. Press the blue button  Download on the corner top left.

4. Install in BlueStacks App Player WhatsApp

Whatsapp for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP) Computer
After completing the download, BlueStacks shows the same  installation screen WhatsApp seen in a smartphone. Click  Install.
whatsapp for pc free download windows xp
The green icon appears between applications Whatsapp BlueStacks. Clicking on it you begin the courier.

Whatsapp Configuration On pc/laptop

When you first start WhatsApp, you must add your phone number. However, because BlueStacks Player can not receive SMS because it lacks a SIM card, this process undergoes certain changes.

1. Enter the phone number

Normally, WhatsApp sends an SMS to activate access on your smartphone. You should do a trick to run on BlueStacks App Player, because your virtual phone can not receive messages.

First enter your phone number and confirm.
WhatsApp for PC Download Windows 7/8 Computer witho

How to Install WHATSAPP on PC [2014] - YouTube

Then wait until the yellow status bar completes.
How to Install Whatsapp on PC without Bluestacks

2. To request a call with a verification code

WhatsApp will inform you that  the SMS verification failed . Then select the option  Call me . Shortly thereafter you will receive a phone call from a computer with a metallic tinkling voice, you will communicate a  three digit code . Enter the code in the white field BlueStacks interface.
WhatsApp For Pc - Download WhatsApp for Pc Free
Finally, WhatsApp will prompt you to enter a username. After doing so, click  Next to finish.

WhatsApp chat from PC

BlueStacks WhatsApp works in the same way as in a mobile. You can add your known contacts and chat until the cows. You also have at your disposal all the popular emoticons without any restrictions.
How To Download WhatsApp for PC - Tutorial - Storychimes
Use WhatsApp via BlueStacks App Player is very convenient. Undoubtedly, with a real keyboard you type faster. The only negative: the activation code, since you can not use WhatsApp simultaneously on multiple devices with one phone number is always necessary.

Download - OnePlus One gets update with many improvements

If you are one of the few to have graced a OnePlus One, we have great news for you. They are that the computer is receiving an OTA update which fixes many bugs found in the last update of Android 4.4.4. Most reported errors are more battery power, freezing equipment to open several applications and sometimes unresponsive touch screen. This update is XNPH33R and contains the following improvements / additions:

  • New radio image
  • Improvements to the touchscreen
  • Decrease in battery consumption when the computer is idle
  • Bug fixes in the audio
  • Update Securities

This update is coming OTA as I mentioned, but as invitations could take to reach many users. So here's download link for those who do not want to wait.
Update XNPH33R
Download it from here
Remember to set this up must have ADB installed on your computer and place your device to "sideload" to install this update.

Download Gmail Inbox Android app apk File free

Download Gmail Inbox apk app free. Google just launched a new e-mail system, but can only get an invitation sent by a friend. This is a new system for inbox mail Google, an alternative to Gmail and a new way of looking at electronic messaging in general.
We've highlighted the new system before its official release, but now you can get for yourself. If you are not lucky enough to get through the invitation system, and you can download the application from Gmail Inbox apk free on the link below.

In the new system, the messages are in a to-do list. Some packages may be ignored or discarded, so it is easier to manage your messages. The system also includes reminders and functionality "remember" along with more standard stuff like a search box.

The APK is signed by Google and recently updated. The cryptographic signature ensures that the file is safe to install and has not been altered in any way. Instead of waiting for Google to push this download to their devices, which can take days, weeks or months to download and install.

This app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and the more modern versions.

APK Free

Download the application for Gmail Inbox apk

10 Best Android Antivirus Apps that Every Android Smartphone Should Have

"Android Antivirus Apps 2014:"Security is a particularly sensitive issue when it comes to the latest generation of devices, since the movement of sensitive information along with the presence of other fully private files and we want to keep materials safely. All these things lead us to have to be more careful and check more carefully what relates to our privacy. Here, for a set of tools that allow you to ignore the problem and sleep soundly, with the top 10 best antivirus Android.
top antivirus android apps 2014

1.Security Antivirus (AVG)

AVG is a firm belief in the antivirus market for PC and this should be reassured as to their effectiveness, even on mobile devices. Its function allows you to perform a full scan, and monitor all activities present.

Download it from here

2.Mobile Security & Antivirus (AVAST)

As in the case of AVG, Avast has also succeeded in creating a reputation in recent years. In addition to classic functions of analysis, AVAST allows us to back up your files and information, and check the suspicious messages.
Download it from here

3.Norton Antivirus and Security

If you want to depend on another historic icon in the fight against the virus firm Norton is sufficient to remove all doubt. From the PC to the phone program quality remains unchanged, adding particular value, such as the ability to remotely delete all data if the device falls into the hands of someone or lost functions.
Download it from Here

4.Kaspersky Mobile

In the first row when it comes to security for PC users, Kaspersky comes to smartphone to help in the fight against malware and its allies. With its filters you can open any file without worrying received, in addition to block or remove any information in case of loss. You can trust Karpesky Mobile.
Download it from here

5.Comodo Antivirus Security

After collecting several programs that are really known for computers, which we present as landed in the mobile phone market with great acceptance. A great resource, reliable and a little less known, but certainly good enough to keep you safe from any threat.
Download it from here

6.Bitdefender Antivirus

The name may be new to you, but since it is present in the sector has sounded pretty name, value that has also won several awards in recent years. It does not occupy much space and is an additional guarantee for your device.
Download it from here

7.Dr. Web Anti-Virus

If you want a fairly reliable alternative to each android antivirus quoted earlier this may be a viable option. Dr.Web, an application that allows to keep quiet in case of a threat, but it also has additional functions that help optimize inter alia your device autonomy.
Download it from here

8.McAfee Antivirus and Security

Having served millions of PC users, re McAfee, even for the most loyal in the Android environment, highlighting the features that have made him famous in the world. In addition to tools for exploration and threat prevention / detection, can possibly delete data, find your smartphone if it is lost, and more.
Download it here

9.NQ Mobile Security

If you want to experience something new, NQ could be the answer you've been looking for. Do not have a fancy name like most of those mentioned so far, but will definitely experience a different way, and you'll be amazed like few could.
Download it from here

10.Avira Free Android

Your reputation precedes you, and it is rare not to have used, or even not to have heard. Avira is one of the symbols of the defense that knows how to satisfy even the most paranoid, offering a range of good and equally effective options. A historical pillar on which to base warranty for all viruses that may have addition to other security and cleaning.
Download it here

And with that, we ended the compilation of the best android antivirus, and hope you find the antivirus that best suits your needs, but will continue to update this list of alternatives that become available.

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Cool new features in detail Nexus 5.0 Finally Released

Android 5.0 Lollipop apart and cut it almost in the items. Then fall because, of course, various changes to KitKat on which Google isn't applying, but just has easily integrated. And since there are already a few particularly interesting details and implemented user requirements. We tell you that so far the most interesting innovations that could make the colleagues and users already find in Android Lollipop. If you are already on the way with 5.0, then you can send us your highlights in the comments, of course, tell.

Recent Tasks remain after reboot exist and provide access to the search

Properly read, the new Recent tasks that jump above all by their new look in the eye, remain even after a reboot made Although the apps are probably not even more open, but in the Recent Tasks I find then all last and therefore most frequently used processes even after a reboot again. I think that's great, because I personally often grab it back. In addition, the Recent Tasks now have an integrated search bar.

Icons on the Home Screen will be restored

My personal home screen is not great complicated set up, but home to all of my unused apps. I have to manually pull in a new device all from the drawer to the home screen, which is annoying when there is a new test device every two weeks. But this is finally history, because from Lollipop icons from a backup on the Home Screen will be restored. The even before an app is installed, but as a gray icon (placeholder), which leads you into the Play Store.

We already have the completely new backup / restore system reported yesterday .

Use of the device can be quickly limited to an app before it changes hands

Oh yes, Android 5.0 can be limited to an app. That sounds weird times, but makes perfect sense. If you want to give your smartphone to another person, such as a child, then it should remain the best in an open app. This is now possible thanks to "screen pinning". You have to pay only open the respective app, jump in the Recent Tasks, and then pinning there over the pinning button the app after activation.
Share menu now comfortable

Is extremely important for me to function in Android, about which one can forward content to other apps / share from almost any app. This parts menu gets finally factory missed a significant improvement and shows all the apps in an order, which is based on your usage. Part I therefore content to Twitter app, then very often is in this menu always on top.

Notifications can be down to the smallest details to adapt their own wishes

A really big step, Google has made in the notifications, because the land is now not only on the lockscreen, but can be configured to the smallest detail to the own desires. Notifications an app you can not only disable, but also classified as sensitive, so that content does not land on the lockscreen, which is certainly very useful in Messenger apps. Furthermore, notifications of Apps can be prioritized, so they are in the list of new updates always appearing at the top. This function goes with another hand in hand, because alerts can be on the Quick Settings for the volume of the unit (accessible via volume button) off for a desired period of time (for example, meetings), but it can exceptions for important apps are set (higher priority).

Consumption data is displayed in the Quick Settings

Who lives constantly on the limit and must have their own data consumption of the mobile Internet in the view, but times are certainly happy with Android Lollipop. From now on you can quickly see the most consumed data on the Quick Settings. Small but important detail, which Google has since improved.


That was only part of the change, which introduces Google with lollipop. In my view, the most important, but the changes we wanted to have necessarily mentioned. In any case, the developers have time to system features thoughtfully improved and new, so far it was possible. Lollipop brings not only a great visual update, but improves many functions of the system and based on the adaptations of various manufacturers. But why not take a positive example is still great.

source:android police

Happy Diwali Greetings HD Wallpaper High Quality Images 2014

Happy Diwali Hd wallpaper help you to spread the joy and excitement of the festive season. Diwali is a time for fun, meeting, greeting, fireworks and festivity.

It is an occasion to bond with friends, family and dear ones. It is a time for Rangoli, sweets, crackers to brighten up lives and homes. As homes get lit and decorated, as new clothes are donned, as homemade delicacies hit the tables, as cheerful greetings are exchanged, as laughter and music fills up the air, old bonds are rekindled and new relationships are made.

Happy Diwali Greetings 2014 

Diwali means forgetting all the negatives and any stress in relationships. It means praying for joy and prosperity all the year round for all. Diwali  is celebrated with passion to create memories that are cherished with fervor. Happy Diwali wallpapers 2014 bring the merriment, gaiety and colors to your screen.
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Download WhatsApp Beta for iPhone6 and 6 Plus without Being Developer

Want to download WhatsApp Beta for your new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?, pay much attention to what we tell you then. The Beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now you can download without Developer A few days ago we told you about all we knew about the future version of WhatsApp optimized for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  and today we learned a little "trick" that allows us to download WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus without developer and to be fully optimized for the new screens of smartphones Apple great.
download whatsapp for iphone6 and 6plus
As you know, history WhatsApp  regarding updates and optimizations is not too positive, because as some have experienced in its day, it seems that the guys at the most famous application of the world are in no hurry to launch updates optimized to their App Store app. However, after the criticism above, it seems that the guys from the company recently acquired by Facebook have been put to work in the new version of the application to launch it as soon as possible.

Until today we had already seen the first images of those "lucky" users who were licensed to test WhatsApp on your new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, however, the good news is that you can now be your one of the privileged because it has been found a great way to download and install WhatsApp Beta for New Apple iPhone (both 4.7-inch version as version 5.5 in).

Download WhatsApp Beta for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

To install WhatsApp Beta fully optimized for your devices simply you should follow a series of steps, really simple, and in little more than a few minutes and have the popular instant messaging application running at 100% on your beloved smartphone.

Before explaining step by step process, it is important to notice that this is a beta version of the application, so you can, you suffer some unexpected behavior (although I have to say it works perfectly) and not only that, but we learned that the Beta does not allow backups of conversations, so if at some point you have to restore the device or application eliminĂ¡is your device, you will lose all the talks.
  • If you want WhatsApp optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you just have to go to Settings> General> Date & Time and change the date to September 20.
  • Once this is done, and keep out the Springboard. Subsequently, we open the Safari browser and head to the next address
  • We will open a web page in Chinese, do not worry, you will have to just look for the green button and click on it.
  • We waited a few minutes and WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will begin to download and install on your device.
  • Once installed, return to Settings> General> Date & Time and date changes to the current.
  • I Enjoy your new iPhone with "What's up!" Optimized!!
That's all, hope you enjoyed this little trick to download WhatsApp on your iPhone Beta 6 and Plus and you can enjoy once and for all the spectacular display of the new devices. Do you have any questions?, would not have been able to install the app correctly? Tell us!!