WeChat App download for PC (Windows PC) Free

You can easily download WeChat PC or computer. We have already covered some of the posts on how to use WhatsApp on your computer and Temple Run, you know very well that these are applications for Smartphones and we cannot use them officially on the computer system as well as Windows, Mac, but today we are here to give you how to use Android apps on your PC or Mac computer system as WeChat.
download wechat app for pc

Description about wechat app

SMS, voicemail and free video calls in your pocket. 300 million people WeChat love because it is fast, reliable, confidential, etc.
wechat for pc installation
  • Talk faster mobile with voice messages 
  • And video calls -Voice crystalline 
  • Messaging with instant group chats and animated emoticons 
  • With friends or -Discutez bystanders 
  • Send photos and videos has never been easier 
  • Fashion -Genuine walkie talkie with 40 friends maximum 
  • Always online, no disconnection, never missed a message 
  • Receive instantly alert messages through push notifications 
  • Share, like and comment on your friends' photos 
  • Bring contacts and instantly add friends 
  • Available on the iPhone and other smartphones, totally free 
  • Download full of animated stickers in the shop stickers 
  • WeChat operates through the data plan on your phone or Wi-Fi.

WeChat download for PC (Windows PC) Free

WeChat is not officially available for computers like Windows and Mac, but you can easily use it with the help of the Android emulator

Please follow each step mentioned below to download WeChat PC

  1. First, download Bluestacks from here
  2. Now, install it and open the App Player (You will get a shortcut icon on the desktop)
  3. In the search bar, type "WeChat"
  4. You will see the official WeChat App.
  5. Click on this link, download and install
Here is what is all you need to install on your PC or WeChat mac.

How to run Android apps on your PC/MAC/windows

If you're dying to run your favorite Android apps on a Windows computer, then you'll want to take a look at the new beta version of the BlueStacks App Player, an emulator for Android that works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. The software gives you access to Android apps from Android Market / Play Store, GetJar, Amazon AppStore or 1Mobile Market, and lets you run on your desktop computer. You can also use a complementary Android app to download the same apps you have on your mobile device to your computer and make the text messages sent to your phone forwarded to your PC/MAC.
If you want to make the attempt with BlueStacks, these are the steps to follow:

Download Bluestcks App to Run All Android Apps On PC

To download the App Player beta sees the BlueStacks site, click on the "Download Now" button on the home page and run the EXE file. If your computer lacks the NET framework 3.5, you are prompted to install the utilities before proceeding with App Player. The program takes only minutes to install, since most files and other data required by the application are then obtained from the network. Android Phone The configuration process is fairly straightforward, but the owners of Android smartphones will want to be sure to click on the "Yes" when the installer asks you for your mobile. The program will ask for an email address and a phone number. BlueStacks will then send a text message and email with more details so you sync your phone with App Player. Sometimes sending text messages may fail, but we found that all necessary information was already contained in the mail.
run android apps on pc

run android apps on pc

Launch your Android apps

Once you have entered the details of your Android device, you're ready to start using the application. By default, you will get a number of apps to test immediately, as the Nook from Barnes & Noble, Documents To Go, Evernote, Fruit Ninja Free, Pulse, and StumbleUpon. To launch an app, click once on the program icon. To return to the main screen, click on the icons BlueStacks the center of the navigation bar at the bottom of the window App Player.
how to run android apps on pc

Most Android apps Download

To download applications from the various stores of Android, simply enter the name of the app in the search bar which is under the apps section. You can download almost anything you can use on your phone. However, some messaging applications such as WhatsApp Messenger, for example, do not work within the App Player. Gets its App Player applications Google Play, but you can also download stores like Amazon Android App Store, GetJar and 1Mobile Market. Click on the transparent window on top of the desktop add Windows and select the icon for the shopping basket to point a specific market.
run android apps on pc

Prepare your Android device

If you want to receive text messages and bring the same apps you have on your phone App Player for your PC/MAC, you must download the free plug BlueStacks Cloud Connect from Google Play. The app prompts you to enter a PIN that you were previously emailed. You can also find the PIN within the App Player by clicking on the icon "Settings" at the bottom right of the navigation bar. On the next page, select "Cloud Connect" and a popup will show you your PIN.
run android apps on pc
Cloud Connect is a fairly straightforward operation: Just select the apps that you want to "sync" with App Player and then press the button to sync up to the Right. If you want to synchronize all touches in the box next to "Sync" button. Despite its name, this functionality will only download the same app on your phone App Player. It will not sync your settings and data such as your login information will be refilled. Windows 8 The App Player may be useful for future Windows 8 tablets with touch capabilities. If the Windows Store lacks a Metro version of an app you want to use, you can go to the BlueStacks App Player. The only disadvantage is that you will be running Android apps on a traditional desktop environment of Windows. Might interest you too: 

Download:WhatsApp.apk Free Download for Android

The WhatsApp.apk is the application belonging to the free messaging service WhatsApp in the installation format for Android. It goes without saying that to use the application should have it installed on our device so I come to leave the link so they can download the free WhatsApp.APK.
android whatsapp apk file free download
The popular application of messaging WhatsApp allows us:

Send free SMS to friends who have the application installed on their devices regardless of their platform and friends.

Send multimedia files to app users: pictures, videos, voice notes, pictures etc.
The requirements are simple, have a device with Android, and therefore when to download them as being connected using a 3G or WiFi network and continuously sending and receiving accurate data. Persons seeking how to download the WhatsApp application format for Android APK can enter the following direct link:
URL WhatsApp.APK

Watch Dogs: Check out the Best Tips to Escape the Police in the Game

Watch Dogs is the new game from Ubisoft, released for Windows and consoles of the current and previous generation, where players enter the shoes of a hacker who had his family attacked by the mob. In it, players participate in missions and challenges, and they can do whatever they want in the open world. Some of these actions end up calling the attention of police. Now learn some tips to outwit the lawmen in the game.

Escape the police is a critical element in Watch Dogs, because many of the actions that will make can result in becoming a target for the police force. You can also take some precautions to prevent this from occurring. 
watch dog game tricks and tips

Listed below are some:

  1. Avoid running around town with his gun drawn. Such behavior could end up disturbing passersby. It is best to leave it stored and withdraw only when necessary.
  2. Avoid attacks people in public places. It is best if someone is attacking, that is inside of buildings, for example, where there is free access to the public.
    best tips and tricks of watch dog game
  3. Avoid removing the drivers from their cars and riders of motorbikes its strength, as this will encourage them to call the police
  4. Avoid locations where the status sought Aiden is being transmitted. If not careful, someone may recognize you in the street and notify the police of his whereabouts. By improving your reputation will decrease the frequency in which their status is being transmitted.
If you can not avoid violating the law, then begins the process of locating the whereabouts of Ainden. This is symbolized by the yellow circle that appears on the minimap. This is not the end of the world because you could avoid persecution from the beginning.

First of all, you can try to escape the yellow circles, but always keep an eye on the minimap as new circles will appear. You can also use to hinder the police perform a reliable scan the area.
escape from police in watch dog game
The real chase begins the moment you fail to escape the location of the scan police, either because they committed a crime or even if it is a requirement for a mission. During the persecutions, it is very good to use and easy to maneuver fast cars.
Can not always get the vehicle you want, but if you expect a possible prosecution is possible as a result of any action by you, try to choose a good machine before. Soon after the persecution started, try to focus on your direction, especially because Aiden cannot shoot while driving.

The key is to finish each chase escape the view of police and sensitive manner, and that's when his skills as a hacker can help. You can, for example, invade the lights, raise drawbridges and raise stakes as the image. All these strategies will be successful to decrease the speed of the police cars. Also, you can try to damage the cars that are chasing.
watch dog game tips and tricks
But you have to keep in mind two things. The first is that many of the advanced hacker actions are only available after unlocking certain skills. Second, stay straight using your smartphone hacking will drain your battery, so use with caution. Ie, only when you are sure that this action will disrupt the cops who are chasing.

Disappear from the view of the police will enable the latter part of the persecution, ie, the phase of the search. Actually, there are two ways to terminate a pursuit. The first is to drive to the gray circle out there on the mini map. This option is best if you are with a good, fast car.

The other alternative is to wait until the search ends in a safe place. In this case, it is recommended to park in an underground parking lot, for example. You can also hide inside the car, but this option will not save your skin if a police car approaching

Note that the end of the chase does not mean that the police forgotten you. The bar that exists below the minimap indicates the current level of interest from the police and it can be repopulated. This means that the persecution will be resumed, if too close to any police car. The best way to reset the bar is back to his hiding place and rest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watch_Dogs

Download BlackBerry Messenger[BBM] Now for Windows Phone

BlackBerry has finally launched its version of the popular instant messaging application for Windows Phone. Now Blackberry has its most famous application present in the three major markets world applications. We'll see how it evolves from now this application.
BBM for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone is here for free

BlackBerry Messenger available for Windows Phone

Download blackberry messenger for windows mobile
As I have discussed in other articles, BlackBerry Messenger is one of the best known applications of IM and one of those with a fiercer competition against other most popular applications such as Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp or Telegram. This application is available in RIM, Android and iOS, but still had to come out to the public version of Windows Phone; which has just arrived

This instant messaging application originally was only available for RIM devices, i.e for BlackBerry devices. Because of the competition from other instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, Blackberry decided to launch its application in two major application stores in the world, Play Store and App Store, whose launch generated great excitement. The only store ran out of applications that BlackBerry Messenger was the Windows Phone Store, which did not sit too well with the users of this platform.

Finally BlackBerry launched BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone. Bringing Windows Phone users can now enjoy this application and instant messaging. With this launch BlackBerry has managed to introduce its instant messaging application in the three major market applications: App Store, Play Store and Windows Phone Store.
Download BBM for windows phones

Now Available on the Windows Phone Store Blackberry Messenger

Finally, the wait is over and BlackBerry Messenger is available for everyone in the Windows Phone Store and an update of this application is expected in brief. We can now find the version, but everything indicates that we can find version 1.01 in the coming hours.

In this new version will reflect all the improvements the team has made ​​Blackberry during the last beta phase, which mainly include performance enhancements and bug fixes, as shutdowns among others.

As happened with the release of BlackBerry Messenger on iOS and Android, the number of downloads since its launch has been huge and having loadings servers. But gradually be able to download it without much trouble.

Now that BlackBerry Messenger is in the three major app stores, besides being in the RIM devices, if he can only hope to win more ground large instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Messenger, Facebook etc. Have you downloaded this app on your device? What you think?
click here for more info

How to install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS/MAC Book/Laptop

WhatsApp for Mac is a reality! Discover how to install. One of the main complaints from users is that WhatsApp for Mac (and PC) does not exist. Those responsible for the application must be considered that WhatsApp only a service for mobile devices, as they are always accompany users.

But... Can we tender WhatsApp on Mac? Can we tender WhatsApp for PC? Officially in, but hey, we want to tell you a trick you can use it for instant messaging service  Mac from the PC it wants. But first things first.

What is WhatsApp?

 install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS
Surely most already know the answer to this question, but if there is a clueless who still do not know, say that WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging application used the world over . With it is possible to communicate with other people through text messages, send pictures, send audio messages and even send our location at any given time.

WhatsApp is available for different platforms officially, but they are all mobile platforms. WhatsApp WhatsApp for Mac or PC does not exist officially , although it is possible to use it and we will explain how to use the messaging application on a iMac , MacBook Air , MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or other Mac that you have (well, most of these instructions are also valid to have WhatsApp on a Windows PC).

What do we need to have WhatsApp on a Mac

To install and use WhatsApp from a Mac computer , only need to meet very basic requirements.
  • A Mac with Intel processor from 2006 onwards (excluding MacBook, Mac Mini and iMac early 2006 with Core Solo and Core Duo).
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks with the latest available updates installed.
  • 2GB of free space on hard disk drive and 3GB of RAM minimum (although in some cases it can function with 2GB).
  • The free app BlueStacks. This will be in charge of making that WhatsApp can run on a Mac.
  • A Gmail account to access Google Play Store.

What is Bluestck?

 install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS
BlueStacks is an Android emulator for Mac and Windows . Thanks to this application we can emulate the Google mobile operating system on your computer and install any app from the Play Store like we have in our hands a smartphone or tablet with Android.

Thanks to this free emulator is possible to have WhatsApp for Mac and Windows .

What more could you want? Now we can have WhatsApp on your computer! Free and very easy to install and configure.

Install WhatsApp for Mac and PC

The process for installing BlueStack and have WhatsApp for Mac is simple and following the step by step that we leave should be fine to run it in a few minutes.

1.-The first step, logically, is to download the latest available version of BlueStack . You only have to click on this link and start the download.

2.-After the download, run the file and BlueStacks_AppPlayer-Beta.dmg just have to drag the icon to the Applications folder BlueStacks.app from the window that will open on your Mac.
 install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS
3.- Installation takes seconds and once you finish, we will go to the Applications folder and run BlueStacks.app .

4. Depending on your Mac, the first run will take more or less. Once implemented we will find similar to this interface:
 install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS
5. Now we must configure access to the Play Store with our Gmail account. To do this you click on My Apps and in the window that appears on the Continue button.
 install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS
6.-In the next window (a black window that explains that we will add a new Google account)), you click on the Next button at the bottom right.
7.-In this step we can decide to create a new account or access an existing one . In our case we will choose to go with an existing, so we click on Sign in (if you do not own Gmail account you can choose the other option to create a new one).
8.- introduced our Gmail email address, password, and you click on Sign in the bottom right (to close the keyboard that appears on screen you click on the Done button on the keyboard itself).
download and  install and use WhatsApp for Mac OS
9.- If we entered the data correctly, it will indicate that Google account is now linked to the phone (with BlueStacks emulated in this case). We click on Finish Setup lower right.
10. Now the emulator will tell us that we need to configure 1-Click Sync . We click Continue again on the blue button and then on the Proceed button on the new window that appears.
11.-Again we have to write our data access Google account that we used in the previous section.

12.-We ask that we select our model device even on the list then none . Just you click on Done at the top right and in the window that appears on Finish.
install whatsapp on mac os mac book
13.-Will we see the setup window and now have a button that says Let's go! We click on it.

14. Punctured on the magnifying glass button on blue found in the top in the gray zone.
15. a seeker of apps displayed. In it we wrote WhatsApp and you click on the Install button on the first result .
whatsapp for iphone

16.-In the new window will show results from different app stores. Punctured on WhatsApp Messenger first icon that appears on the list in the first column .
whatsapp messenger for mac
17. the download process starts and in a matter of seconds (or minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection) will finish the download and installation .

18. closed the finder apps and you click on the My Apps option. By accessing the tab see WhatsApp Installed the state. We click on the app to run.
whatsapp for mac download free
19.-We will welcome you and just have to click on the Agree button and continue to the next step. In this step we will have to enter the phone number you want to associate the account of WhatsApp on your computer. 's important to enter the country code . For example, in the case of Spain would put 34 and after the 9 digit number. Once these data covered click on OK and confirm that the number is correct in the new window.
whatsapp for mac download
20. will receive an SMS with the confirmation code on your mobile number to associate the account of WhatsApp. At this point it is important to mention that WhatsApp only work on one device at a time, so if we set it on WhatsApp for Mac through BlueScale stop working on our smartphone . If we agree, enter the code and click in OK. We inform you that our license will last X time (depends on which we had before our smartphone) and you can use WhatsApp from your Mac or PC.

Enjoy WhatsApp on your Mac!

As you can see, the procedure is very simple and within minutes we can have WhatsApp for Mac running on your computer . Importantly, the restriction that WhatsApp can only work on one device at a time, but if we have different phone numbers can configure one on the Mac and one on the smartphone to be always available.
Download WhatsApp Pocket (Mac)
If you want you can go to settings and change BlueStack language settings, add contacts (which will appear WhatsApp), keyboard and other settings. You only have to click on the icon with wrench and screwdriver on the bottom right corner. We leave you to miss these options yourself, and discover all the possibilities offered by the emulator.
Use this trick to get WhatsApp on the Mac will greatly facilitate us to keep in touch when we're at the computer , and to write with a full keyboard is always more convenient than from the virtual keyboard of an iPhone. Also, as you can see in the screenshots that accompany these last lines, WhatsApp for Mac works perfectly for both individual and group conversions .

There's no excuse for not installing WhatsApp for Mac or PC, step by step is very simple and if you have any questions drop a comment and I'll try to help.

Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S, features,Specifications and where to buy

Having discussed in detail the characteristics of the Xiaomi Redmi Note, today we bring you a short analysis of other smartphone Xiaomi, Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi the 1S, a device that has a hardware very similar to G and other Moto phones based 400 Snapdragon chipset in a price, more interesting than most of their 'rivals'. In China we can buy at a price of around 100 euros, while in Spain, guaranteed is located at a price of approximately 175 euros. Let's see how is the Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S.
Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S mobile phone features

Materials and Ergonomics

Despite having an extremely aggressive price, we have a very attractive product quality. Made of plastic, provides a good grip and a convincing structural soundness. Size is important, but it's still 4.7 inches so we can manage quite well, even with one hand.

Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S is based on the platform Snapdragon MSM8228 400 Quad Core 1.6 GHz with Adreno 305 GPU and 1GB of RAM. A hardware more than enough to meet all the needs that we have such as the use of social networks, or the use of multimedia content. In addition and as almost all Chinese phones have dual SIM support, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, 8 GB of internal storage and high-definition screen.

Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S Specifications

Size and dimensions137 x 69 x 9.9 mm and 158 grams
Screen4.7-inch IPS LCD, 720 x 1280 pixels, 312 ppi
Memory1 GB of RAM
Camera8 MPx rear and 1.6 megapixel front
Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8228 Processor 400
1.6 GHz Quad Core, Adreno 305 GPU
SystemMIUI Android 4.3 Jelly Bean v5
Battery2,000 mAh Battery
Capacity8 GB microSD card with the possibility of
WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS,
2G GSM 900/1800/1900
3G HSDPA 1900/2100

Screen Specifications of Xiaomi 1S

new mobile Xiaomi Hongmi Redmi 1S features and price

As mentioned have a 4.7 inch panel with a pixel density of 312 ppi per inch, so the image quality is secured, also by a high-definition panel. Another fact or appearance that can convince us, especially considering the price at which we buy Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S, is the screen, which has excellent color calibration and a light sensor that works perfectly.

The range of colors is well reproduced, the viewing angles are good, plus that touch is responsive and smooth. Ultimately Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S features a display that is similar to many other of the best known models but sold at a higher price. Unfortunately the navigation keys, located below the screen are not backlit. A shame, since it is not a particularly difficult feature to implement in the terminal.

Battery, Audio and Connectivity

Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S is equipped with a removable 2,000 mAh battery, so it's not particularly big, but enough to get to the night with a little remaining. The Cortex-A7 processor, HD display and good optimization software allows us to have a good autonomy, even on days when we give intensive.

Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S, also has good connectivity as it has dual SIM support, and GPS, which has no problems of any kind, as well as Wi-Fi. We also have Bluetooth 4.0, which allows us to connect without problems (with Android 4.4. Improves compatibility).

The management of the two SIM is decent but is not similar to other MediaTek. Indeed lack the ability to change the 3G connection as only one slot for HSDPA connection is enabled. Generally have fewer options than other tested MTK chipset products.

When making a phone call audio quality good, but the speaker is not known for its high volume.

Software Specifications

The phone is based on the MIUI interface based on Android 4.3 waiting for KitKat. The interface is a type of union between Android and iOS, but with a characterization that makes the whole interface is unique in appearance but never forgetting good fluidity.

The pre installed programs are all Xiaomi. We have configuration, as is normal, an application that allows us to change the launcher.

As we have seen in other analyzes Terminal Xiaomi, in point of SMS have the ability to respond to messages quickly through pop-ups but also lots of other options, settings, menus and / or possible customizations.

Obviously there full tracks available for download online that allow you to completely transform the smartphone. The system moves very well thanks to the Snapdragon 400 Internet Web browsing is very smooth, even on heavy sites.

Multimedia and Camera

The camera of the device is an 8 megapixel camera that defends very well, with sound quality overall very good. We have two ways that allow us to enable or disable the advanced options, and a series of menus that make the software is even more complete.

As for games, we have a full compatibility with even recent titles in the Play Store, a nice audio playback (however, the volume is not very high) and a series of applications for playback of music and video that enhance that comes by default in Android.

Buy Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S

We can buy Xiaomi 1S Hongmi Redmi flipkart at a price of -------usd, which corresponds to the change about 127 euros. If you are interested in buying, just down I leave a link to purchase the product in a store is as reliable as Focalprice.


Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S is a product that confirms the quality of the Xiaomi device, and although it is dedicated to the Chinese market and is designed for the Asian world, can be used without any problems in Spain. The value for money is excellent, even if we are able to buy directly from China without paying customs.

Given that we do not have the latest version of Android and the speed with which you move the smartphone is good, it is natural to consider whether to buy a top-end device for triple or opt for Hongmi Redmi Xiaomi 1S, at last After offering more or less the same, of course with some obvious limitations.