WhatsApp Android: How to Renew Your Membership Free for 1 Year

Among all the applications you can find to send text messages for free, no doubt to  Install WhatsApp is one of the most noteworthy in most operating systems where it has made ​​its arrival, being used by more than vast amount of users worldwide. And if you're one of those users who prefer this service over any other, this time we found an interesting trick dedicated to those who need to renew the annual membership that offers development company, one that will save us having to make any type of payment without too many complications.
Renew Your Membership Free for 1 Year

Renew membership WhatsApp for Android Free

This trick is not really complicated to achieve, but we need to meet a minimum requirement before you start, and have a model of mobile phone or smartphone that has an operating system to ours and which is the application of WhatsApp . This is not really very difficult to find, unless our circle of family and friends only use devices with Android , which may not be a very complicated case of thinking, if a BlackBerry or iPhone is a great option to achieve this trick .
How To Make WHATSAPP Account Lifetime Trick

Once we have achieved this device, the only thing we do is swap the SIM card and start the new device with the same. This will make the application itself asked to identify the number of our account again, so after a text message or call (depending on how we verify), the service will give us a total of one full year of membership , not having to make the payment required in a lot of platforms.

Once we have completed the process only we relocating our SIM in the original model and re-run the Android application , having saved changes and a total of one year of free membership delivered official and legitimate way by the company.

If still accounts WhatsApp remember that you can get totally free from the Play Store , however well you can always install it from the more famous store alternative known as BlackMart Alpha Android , both smartphones and tablets with Android in order to have a way to get this application itself without much trouble, especially if your device is an Android Chinese .

Google Play Store: Download and install the latest version Free[MANUALLY]

You are one of those who received a gift of a Chinese Android , Tablet China  that are considered Cheap mobile and can not download applications or official games and can download and install Google Play Store on your Android , then we bring you all the options so you can sync your smartphone or tablet with your Google Account so you can have all  Android Apps and Games  you want to download to your mobile device.
android playstore manually installation process
With the advent of Android Market mobile technology were gradually developing the first applications and Google think Android Market , the first official application store for Android , which evolved to be called Google Play Store where all services are grouped Google's cloud as: Apps and Games , Play Music for music, Play Books for eBooks and Google Movies for movie rentals, which is more than necessary to access these services, which are accessible only if you have installed  Google Play on your Android Store .

Install the latest version of Google Play Store on your Android:

Google services for mobile platform are available in almost all countries and can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet with Android , but here comes the big question, there are many mobile devices for more that have any version of Android can not access Play Store to browse, download and purchase applications, this is due to ?.

It is very simple, any mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet that does not have the digital certificate Google can not access their services, and this occurs mainly in pirates devices or Chinese who have installed a version of Android not authorized by Google and also that some are copies of high-end devices will not upgrade the operating system, so as many say, the cheap you will be expensive, because currently there are good Android as OnePlus One or Moto G , which are very accessible and have a first class hardware.

Very Important:

  • Google Play Store is only compatible with mobile devices that have installed Android v2.3  onwards.
  • Android Market can be installed on devices with Android 2.2 or lower , if you have Android 2.1 or 2.2 you can not upgrade from Android Market to Play Store , except that you can install an Android Rom .
  • The latest version of Android Market before calling Play Store was v2.3.6.
  • Currently the latest version  is v4.9.13 Play Store (July 2014) , which adds the expected user interface called Material Design coming in Android L , and also allow install an extensive range of applications at once, selecting the Apps you want to have on your device and click on the option "Install All" now allows you to purchase Applications, Games, Music, Books, Movies and pay with your PayPal account, fixes bugs, adds new section statistics application or game you're going to download and improved performance.
Let's start with smartphones and tablets that if Google are certified and can be installed without problems Play Store .

How to manually install Google Play Store?

1.- your Android goes to Settings -> Applications and enable the Unknown Sources box, if you have  Android Jelly Bean must go to Settings - Security-and enable Unknown sources to be able to install applications manually.

2. Download  APK v4.8.22 Google Play Store , connect your smartphone or tablet via usb to your computer and copy the downloaded APK to the microSD card from your Android device and unplug your computer.

Download the APK of the latest stable version | Google Play Store v4.9.13.APK  |  Google Play Store v4.8.22.APK  .

3.-With a file browser goes to the contents of the microSD card and find the  APK of Google Play Store  you have downloaded and installed the APK, it will tell you that you will overwrite an application and the operating system must accept.

If you are surfing from your device just download the APK, when you've downloaded from the notification bar you can install it without problems.

That's it, after a few seconds you will have installed the latest version of Google Play Store on your device .

Do you have a Chinese Android without Google's digital signature?

Install Play Store or Android Market if you have a device with Google's digital certificate especially a tablet:

You must know which version of Android is your smartphone or tablet you can see from the option: Settings - About phone or tablet, almost half will tell you what version of Android you have installed.

Very important: if you want everything to go well, you should think about how to root your android , and the thing with root access is easier.

If you have Android 2.2 or 2.1:

First try to install the latest version of  Android Market v2.3.6 , the app store called Google before  Google Play Store .

You can download it and install in two ways:

1.-Through File .APK Android v2.3.6

On your walk to Android Settings -> Applications and enable the Unknown Sources box, so you can install applications manually, then run the apk from Android Market .

2.-If you have root access you can do it via cwm recovery option Install From SD Card |  Market_2.3.6-stock.zip  then reboot your device and you have installed the Market. (Recommended method).
If you have Android 2.3 onwards:
If or if you need to have root access on your smartphone or tablet without Play Store .

Tutorial to be able to root any smartphone or tablet |  Universal Android Root Android Original or Chinese .

Download the necessary files and look at the video tutorial:

.APK |  Android Market v2.3.6 .

File to install via CWM Recovery |  Market_2.3.6-stock.zip

Video tutorial files:






It's File Explorer

Download Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Gameloft has with Modern Combat 5: Blackout published the fifth part of one of the most popular first person shooter for smartphones and tablets.
Download Modern Combat 5:
Modern Combat is every gamers among you certainly one term. The series from Gameloft has been around since 2009 and is one of the most popular on mobile devices ego shooters. Every few years a new part comes out, the outside is to rely on the smartphones and tablets as a new standard. This year, Modern Combat sends 5 to Blackout to conquer the charts.
DOWNLOAD APK  Modern Combat 5
The game could be picked up in the first few hours and with the testers much positive criticism. Blessed is the graphic to be mainly on high-end devices at a very high level. Criticism is sometimes a little immature multiplayer mode. But Gameloft should improve this, this is probably a buying criterion for many, since such a mode ensures that you can have fun with Modern Combat 5 may have in the long term.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout for android mobile
Download from Google Play (5.99 €) & App bei Playboard

Modern Combat 5: Blackout for iphone
Download for iOS from App Store (5,99 €)

Download Modern Combat 5: Windows Phone Store
Download here More apps for Windows Phone, see →

What do I have to praise personally is the "new" business model by Gameloft. You throw the game is not free in the app store and demanded money for every little thing, but you ask the fans once with 6 euros to the checkout. There are no 'in-app purchases. It happened even signs and wonders at Gameloft. Unfortunately this is only a test and it includes such not for the future. Let's hope that the test is positive.
  • 4 classes, you improve in single and multi-player games can
  • Find a game style that fits you as: Striker unit, gravity unit, reconnaissance or sniper
  • Epic team battles in multiplayer games troop against troop
  • Talk to other players in global and team chat
  • Collect EP and rise in level by playing single-player missions and multiplayer games
  • Fast-paced story missions with challenges from Tokyo to Venice

How to Disallow Bad Links[SPAMMY URL] in Google

Before knowing how Google should disallow links to be clear that this procedure can lead to negative consequences. If you are unsure whether the links or backlinks you have pointing to your website are really bad.you should deindex that low quality and spammy links from google here is how to do
How to Disallow Bad Links

Have a million backlinks that point to your website?

The first thing you should check is whether these links will generate traffic. If so forget and still enjoying the views that they bring you. If not, then you can begin to ask yourself disallow some with Google tools, but as it tells the search engine not mean that you will keep in mind what you indicate.

According to the own official aid tool disallowing links from Google tells us how to do the steps. And everything would be clear if it were not for a little catellano mixed with English. Go to Google ...

But does all this negative backlinks?

In principle yes. Some companies are using it and it seems that at least the links disappear after a few months but as in any SEO strategy, you never know whether or not the effect is produced by striking these backlinks search engine or other actions. I'm more of the opinion that in seo there is no one thing that works but a set of them, and although the links have their value, updates on search engine are no longer what they were, and if before the penguin, Hummingbird and other wildlife was entirely feasible algorithmic position in first place without a single backlink, why not supposed bad links?

The most logical is that links that Google considers not negative note and, therefore, is as nonexistent. So, why disallow links?

And to talk about certain things must be based on experience, I have to mention that I am waiting for results in disallowance of links on a website that went through not good seo practices. Yes. Like what you hear. A month of waiting and counting since I made the ships in Google disavow Links Tool. So you should take it easy as I mentioned, but can the seeker never consider the links marques to overrule its own tool and follow seeing reflected throughout eternity.

If you're still thinking it may be good to remove backlinks pointing to your website, I'll leave how to disallow links in Google . I hope it will be helpful and tell me that this was your so that together we can give a little light.

1st part to disavow links

  1. Let Google Webmasters Tools .
  2. Search traffic / links to your site.
  3. With more links to your site / and click on more information.
  4. Download links displayed.
  5. When the download window click on to modify the CSV file of links from Excel open.
  6. Open the downloaded file and if you followed these steps, you can compare all links or backlinks pointing to your website. thing we have to do with the downloaded file is to leave only the links will disavow . Mind you, if we let some line that contains a good link from which to achieve them we missed the skin, this will be taken as a bad link if Google takes into consideration the steps below explain, fail to spend the much money link juice (link juice) as many backlinks as you leave lines in the file.
After leaving solely and exclusively the bad links, one per line, we export the data to a txt file text and do the following:

2nd part to disavow links

  1. You see the direction Google disavow Links Tool .
  2. Select the website you want to disallow the links. If you have multiple domains Webmasters Tools have added a drop down list to choose from among all your domains.
  3. Click the button Deauthorizing links .
  4. New window where we have to choose the text txt file we created earlier appears.
  5. Press send.
And ready. With these simple steps we have already proceeded to notify Google disavowal of links.

***Did you find it helpful to you? Add a comment and tell me that this has gone*** 

10 Tips to Create a Good Link Building for Your Blog Website

We all know the importance of Link Building in SEO strategy. But how we are always at the latest? Do you meet the requirements of naturalness you should have your link building strategy that Google will not look askance ?

Let's see it!
 Good Link Building for Your Blog Website

For a good Link Building, you should look ...

  • Contextual Links : Links in Footers are over. You can still serve some isolated brand name (it would be absurd to say that this penalizes alone, if so, all the designers who put their link on the footer of Theme would be in hell), but do not abuse them. Try to get links in articles, sponsored posts, etc.
  • Links to articles : Do not continually linked to the Home. Normal (natural) is that the links go to different pages of your site. Quiet, Google knows that all these pages are from your own site. If they go up, your site in general, too.
  • Few Internal Links : Although the internal link structure of a website is very important, no sense that each article has dozens of links to other pages of your website, especially when many of these links point to a page with two different anchor texts. It's counterproductive.
  • Quality links : When you look powerful links, forget SEO. Look for those sites that can send you traffic as if SEO did not exist. Getting that link is what will bring you more benefits in both SEO and off.
  • Few link exchanges : Few, none. Why? Because the basis of all naturalness, and if I have a blog of Yoga, and I have no idea of SEO, and counting on a page that I really like and also I am a friend of the Webmaster of the web ... The normal is we exchange a link. So if there are few exchanges with similar themes, is acceptable, but do not abuse them.
  • No Follow Links : Always tell a No Follow link is better than no link. In addition, No Follow links have an extra edge, and is naturally giving your Link Building strategy. It is normal to have hundreds of links and none No Follow Do Follow.
  • Shortly SPAM : Time to go blog by blog commenting and leaving a link already over. By far, leave your link in a blog that regularly visit and I really like tea. Create community there, exchange views and others, and leave your link. But do not just go to the blog, leave your link and not appear over there.
  • Diversity of anchor texts : Little to say. Since the arrival of Penguin, the diversity of anchors is a must for any SEO. This is what will give your more natural Link Building.
  • Spy on your competition : Knowing where your links removed, it will serve to get those same links, or will give you ideas of other websites that can serve to improve your Link Building strategy.
  • Grow naturally : The growth of a number of website links, naturally, is quite progressive. It is unusual to win a daily link from the day you create the web, and continue two years later. Nor thousand backlinks naturally receive in two weeks, and no other for months. OFF during the first week, two or three in the second, three to four in the third, etc. Natural growth.

But ...

Yes I know. I'm sure other web sites you've read that link exchanges are ABSOLUTELY prohibited, like links in the sidebars or Footers. You may also have read that comment in another blog leaving your link is bad, and that internal links are important.

You've read that, and I'm saying the opposite (or almost). How can that be? 'Cause I try to look natural . And to get a Natural Link Building strategy you must think like a person who does not know what SEO means, let alone know what the formulas are for a good position .

That is why I do not discount the links in sidebars or footers. Why? Because if you get one or two per 100 links, and also with the name of your brand or your web site, falls within the natural . A person with no idea of SEO, if you see an ad on another page of " Advertise on our site "may buy that space, and that space may be in the Footer. And the best part is that it is happy because he has managed to create a link that will bring traffic. Does Google penalize you? No.

As neither penalize you if you exchange links with webmaster friend, or comment on one or two blogs in your topic leaving the link . Google will not penalize such behavior, always falling within naturalness. That is, if those links " that should not be good ", are hidden among a high percentage of quality links, what they do is give naturalness to Link Building.

Remember that Google does not like to be deceived, and so loves to find websites whose webmasters " are so ignorant in the SEO who are unable to deceive . " Do I explain? Learning what not to do, well disguised, takes us through fools, and fool Google from there, it is the most effective method .

Just remember: a little of everything, as you would someone with no idea of SEO . It is the only way to get a Natural Link Building.

Here are some basic tips that your Link Building strategy will enjoy a level of naturalness in the eyes of Google much higher than the other sites. Remember that Google, having before it two pages of the same issues and both with good quality, will better position the more natural it seems.

4 Types of Backlinks for the Webpage in SEO How They Useful In SEO

Backlinks are also known as incoming links, internal links and inward links. A backlink is any received by a site link, directory, website, or top level domain to another web node.

Inbound links were significant (before the onset of the search engines) as a main mode of web browsing; today, their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks indicates the popularity or importance of that website (this is one of the factors considered by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage). Outside of SEO, the backlinks may be of interest; personal, cultural or semantic, since they indicate that it is paying attention to that page.
Backlinks are still a major factor when it comes to Google rankings. If you wish to view the site in the top results, you must ensure that you have good backlinks as much as possible.

Types of text links

There are 4 types of text links that can appear on a web page. They can be used to create a backlink profile that will strengthen the position of the web on Google:

1. informative Backlink

Informative backlinks to pages that provide more information related to the words that are linked in the text.

2 The definition Backlink

This is to provide an expanded definition of the linked words.

3 The benchmark Backlink

Benchmark backlinks are used to cite the source on the website

4. promotional Backlink

Promotional links are directed to a landing page, for example: how to get the top 10 on Google with a unique software tool that helps with all aspects of SEO.

The backlinks to determine a site's position in Google them. If you want a detailed description of the web site backlinks and competitors, you can analyze SEOprofiler .

The search engine rankings

Search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important ranking in search engine popularity and importance factors.
Google interprets a link from page A to a page B as votes. This form of rankings has driven the SEO industry, where a company attempts to place as many inbound links as possible to their site regardless of the context of the originating site.

Websites often employ search engine optimization techniques to increase the number of backlinks pointing to your site. Some methods are free while some, like linkbaiting require a bit more planning and marketing to work them, that is why there are several factors that determine the value of a backlink. Backlinks from authoritative sites on a given topic are very valuable. If both sites have key issue-oriented content, the backlink is considered relevant and has strong influence on the positioning. A backlink represents a favorable environment for the receiving Web page from another website vote. Another important factor is the anchor text of the backlink

How to generate online sales for Internet Business

Generating sales leads to new opportunities for additional revenue and new customers. There are a number of techniques and strategies that need to be considered. To generate sales online , you have to understand the online world and its workings. Knowing HTML code is useful for the technical aspects. People flock to the Internet to find answers to your questions and to make purchases.
 generate online sales for Internet Business

Things you need

A website
Marketing Plan
Form capturing leads

A website

Decide a suitable design and keep it simple but professional looking. Focusing potential clients and pursue sales.
Choosing a hosting provider is an important decision, so it is advisable to take your time.

Build a marketing plan traffic generator

  1. Wondering; What are you looking for? How to meet the needs of customers with the products or services offered? What is your emotional need? According to experts, people act based on their emotions,
  2. Write the marketing plan. There are several ways to drive traffic to a website: create videos and post them on YouTube, write articles for others online, using social media like Facebook and Twitter, send press releases, use Google Adwords and buy advertising on web sites blogs.
  3. Decide which method works best.
  4. capture and convert traffic into leads. Offer something of value in exchange for name, email and / or telephone number of each visitor to the site.
  5. Create a special offer. Give an ebook, free courses, free offer experience and knowledge to build trust.
  6. Use an offer to promote services while valuable information is provided by site visitors. Do not get discouraged if it does not work very well at first, in any case make improvements and try again.

Form capturing leads

Create a form on the website. Now that you have an offer and a marketing plan, you need to capture and store information about visitors. By capturing the name and email address, is a good start to generate sales. Create a form from scratch or use a free tool. Place the form on the site and start sending engines look for an offer. It is important to remember that the offering will value and can build a relationship.

Tips and Warnings

No wasting time on designing the website. Selling is what brings revenue. The design can be improved later, but at first, sold should be the number one goal.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid! Every New Blogger Do this Mistakes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to any successful campaign in blogging. Therefore must be implemented correctly. SEO itself is quite complicated for many reasons, but mainly because Google uses an algorithm, which takes several factors into account for the ranking of a web page, and it changes constantly.
SEO Mistakes to Avoid!

Mistakes should not be done:

Buy Links

By buying links to a website, you are taking a risk. Paid links are marked sometimes by experts from Google search engine. For example, if a hundred links to point to a website on the same day, some links will probably be marked as "irregular activity relationship" is paid. In addition to those that are linked to categories that are not related to the site, they will be suspicious.

Duplicate content

Many bloggers try to treat the same subject with a variation of similar keywords. For example, 'make money on Facebook' and 'make money with a Facebook account' is quite similar, and create an entirely different page for each keyword does not add much value to the site.

Chasing PageRank

PageRank is important to the success of any website. The higher the PageRank, the better you will rank in the search engines and get more visitors. However, it definitely is not the only metric that will help improve the success of a blog. In addition, Google has mentioned that PageRank is only one of two hundred indicators used to track and rank a website. Instead, you should concentrate on ROI analysis and relevance as stated by Google.

Title tags Leave automated

The title tag is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when it comes to rankings in the search engine. Beginners Bloggers often write a post with a long title describing the subject in many words. First, the title should be fairly short (no more than 60 characters) but more importantly, we should aim at optimizing title tags.

For example, if you write a post titled "What is a niche in a Blog and how can I create it?", The title tag should be more directed towards keyword, something like "What is a niche in a Blog? "with" a niche in a blog "as keywords.

Sacrificing content

While many bloggers depend on the content to grow a blog, there are some who have become obsessed with the design of your site. However, when using many graphics or images, you can make the site load is too slow. Using Flash gives movement speed and sounds, but will prevent robots search engines can crawl the pages at a desirable pace.

Use Free Hosting Blogs

The services that provide free blog hosting, can provide a decent platform and an excellent value. However, they are not flexible enough to install plugins, themes and other extensions to be for SEO positioning.

Keyword stuffing

One of the most common mistakes of SEO is keyword stuffing. It is not only unethical, but also harms the search rankings. If you want to have multiple keywords, create a separate account for each keyword and optimize page. Instead of using hidden text or duplicated, you create useful pages that have their well implemented keywords within the content.

Write some content

Many websites have very little content. When writing post too short, the page can be considered as low quality when it comes to SEO rankings.

Do SEO correctly

There is no one way to optimize a site for search engines, but there are proven assessment methods can be used. Several bloggers make the mistake of linking only the first page of the website. Instead, you must build links pointing to relevant and popular sites. There is always something new to learn about SEO, so make sure that the knowledge we have to date.

Forget the ALT tag

Google does not place great emphasis on the ALT tags, but other search engines like AOL, Yahoo and Bing if they do. The truth is that a photo is just an image file if it is not optimized for a keyword. To optimize it, use the ALT tag when the image is inserted into a post. Thus the better the results. We must also consider naming the image file with a keyword or at least a defining term. If you are blogging about the laws of copyright, the image name should be "SEO Mistakes to Avoid.jpg" and not something like "picture10.jpg" which will not help.

Cloud Computing Internet Overtake Importance

Cloud computing will overtake Internet in importance as the development of the Web continue also will allow developing countries to have access to software that has always been reserved for the rich countries. Small businesses save money by storing their data instead of purchasing servers.

However, cloud computing is facing challenges in the development and regulation. Cloud computing must also face other challenges, which are government privacy regulations, entertainment companies seeking to curb piracy, and nations who fear the domination of foreign companies in cloud computing and develop their own systems .
Cloud Computing Internet

Importance and Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Modern World

Doing things "in the cloud" has become a common phrase these days, but what is cloud computing, exactly? Understanding the importance and benefits of cloud computing in today's world has become a new way of doing business. There are real benefits that can increase the productivity of any organization, while simultaneously providing higher profits.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term used for any kind of computer work in which it is hosted online through Internet. There are many different services that can be offered in the cloud. For example, websites can be hosted by a cloud server instead of maintaining internal staff and doomed them physical servers. Many computer-based technologies can be accommodated within the cloud, and data, email, office productivity tools and communication software.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Reduced Cost : Cloud computing can save companies money to companies offering the same services. Many tools are available that can help maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Flexibility : Cloud computing can be easily adjusted to the needs of the organization, whether to increase or reduce capacity. This is especially beneficial for companies that have heavy seasonal traffic.

Stability : Many businesses suffer from downtime due to crisis management, the necessary software or hardware upgrades. Cloud computing is much more consistent uptime, and that all issues are addressed on the outside and proactively.

Future changes

Due to the extreme flexibility of cloud-based computing, many companies are making the transition. There are advantages to get key information remotely, from anywhere, by any authorized personnel. Business productivity can increase, along with the ability to work remotely and access data easier. So in cloud computing is the future of business.

Google Penalty Penguin: How to Detect and Recover 2014

One of the biggest fears of amateur SEOs is quire a penalty Google algorithm change , and that what worked before and was considered " standard ", stop working and also involves go to the bottom of the results of search.

This has happened repeatedly in the past and is still happening. However, Google is a benevolent God, and always lets us out of penalties in which he gets us . How? Let's find out.
Google Penalty Penguin

5 Basic Steps to deliver you the Penguin

  1. Diversify your anchor texts : Essentials. It is what most penalized Google Penguin, and what is still more dangerous. View your inbound links and if more than 25% of them have the same anchor text, correct it. You have two roads, the Black and White. The White is remove them, because they are probably garbage, Black is throw more links to other anchors to balance. You decide the way forward.
  2. Improve your bounce rate : The best option for this, if your website even though I try fails to capture attention for a fairly long time, is that you use Youtube. Add a funny / emotional / viral video two or three minutes on each post, so you have to stay to see it, and decrease your bounce rate the hard way.
  3. Participate in social networks : Ten presence in two or three social networks. Specialize in them, and do not try to grab more. Of course, left the door open for your posts so that your readers can recommend to all other networks. Google is becoming more social.
  4. Make believe you molas Google : Get links to those that did not want to see or painting. Do not Follow from Wikipedia? I assure you that if Google realizes you are visitors from Wikipedia, Youtube, Digg, ... will not matter that these links are not Follow.
  5. Use the tools that Google brings you : And I'm thinking especially Links to disavow. Do not be afraid to remove all the TRASH that for months were creating completely unproductive (at least today). Send to fuck all those links, although you tell yourself "but are linked to after all." Google prefers you without links with trash.

Final Thoughts

Here are some tips to get out of the penalty. As you see, are not the " White "and, of course, if you work with a client who has been penalized, I do not do these tricks as I have discussed here . I try to make it more natural and a way to tell Google, " Ok, I understand what you say, I have done wrong, and want to do well . "

But for most mortals who have been penalized, matters little to a penalty for leaving the way more white or more black on the road. What you want is out, and if it can be faster, better. And why most do not care how they get out? Because most are penalized for Black Hat, Black Hat so use to exit reinforces its power to Google

How to download Apple OS X Yosemite Beta

Apple had promised and he will. Open the doors to its beta program and, as noted, this Thursday a million registered users can download the OS X operating system Yosemite.

Those with a Mac support will make the download. Of course, they must first register. To Obtain  the "invitation". The Mac user should go to the beta page and enter your Apple ID and password. If you have an Apple ID, you can create one by clicking the provided link.
download Apple OS X Yosemite Beta
Once you have entered your data, Apple will send you an email with instructions for downloading and installing the system for Mac Beta. Indeed, Apple will provide a redemption code allowing you to download and install OS X Beta from Yosemite Mac App Store.

Invitations are limited to the first million users who register through that particular portal. Users who have signed last year to the beta version of OS X Mavericks must register on this site.

The OS X Yosemite be released this fall to all users. However, the beta program allows people to test preliminary versions, find bugs and report them to Apple. "Your comments will help us improve Mac OS X ' say on the official website. To try this version you must have previously installed the OS X on your Mac Mavericks. If not, you can download it for free on the Mac App Store.

Apple recommends that the beta version is installed on a computer other than the main use , as it may contain bugs and glitches. Also remember to make a backup of the entire system and files before installing Mac Beta Yosemite. "The beta version of the software is unfinished. Some new features will not be available, such as calls, SMS, delivery, and iCloud Instant Hotspot drive "they explain.