10 Most Common Interview Questions That Ask in Every Job Interview

Each interview runs differently? Yes and no! Although the circumstances may be different from time to time, but there are some questions that come up in almost every interview. Thus, for example, questions like "Why do you want to work for us?" Or "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?" True hit amongst HR managers. Only rarely experienced one interviews, the Free of any such "standard questions"
Now one could accuse the HR managers lack creativity, but most of the well-proven questions fulfill its purpose: to get to know the candidate better and to test its "fitness" for the intended job. Motivation and personality of the applicant, his commitment and self-confidence - all of these qualities of the candidate wants to find out more through its own special issues of personnel managers. On supposedly "perfect" answers you renounce better, but you should conscientiously on the (at the HR people ) most popular questions prepare. Some tips we've put together for you here:

1 Tell us a little about yourself 

This "question" the job interview is often heralded. You should not digress too much and restrict you to the relevant facts for the job in your narrative. Whether you build your story chronologically or anti-chronological order, is up to you - but watch out for a clear structure. A response such as "That too is but everything in my CV" is one of the absolute taboo sets in a job interview .

Introduce yourself to critical inquiries such as "Why did you quit this job?" or "Can you explain why you are in this company have worked for such a short time? "one. Play this part in the run with a friend in the role of Personal  through. Details of the private life you should initially missed.

2 What do you know about our company?

Here we check how well you've prepared for the interview. The research on the company is essential for the success of the call. Collect in advance through various sources (eg corporate website, brochures or measuring) all information about the companies that you can find. Focus particular attention on the company's history and philosophy, products, current projects and numbers.

Showing you excited about the company and make it clear that you harbor a strong interest in the company. Your answer can you quiet with a "I have of course informed me in advance in detail about your company and ..." usher. If this question is not asked, so it makes sense to bring your knowledge elsewhere - for example, the next question ...

3 Why do you want to work for us / have you applied with us?

Show enthusiasm and motivation - this is one of the most important questions in the interview! Again, you can revert to your collected information about the company. Lifting again all the positive aspects of the company and the site shows, which are particularly important to you.

, it should be clear that you can identify with the company and its products well and imagine, on a longer term basis to work there. Convince that you do not want to work anywhere, but at exactly this company. Evidence on which you can refer yourself here, such as the corporate culture, the company's prospects or even the products can be.

4 Why did you choose this industry / this job?

What motivation did the candidates when choosing a career? The choice of the industry or profession should not be based on a whim or for lack of alternatives ("I have nothing found"). Much more, you should indicate that you have confirmed in your choice of personal interests and practical experience. If possible, put a connection between your interests and the job here. Plus points gathers the one who has already decided at a young age for a profession. Who, however, has often changed jobs and the industry looks leaps and bounds and involves the risk that it does not remain faithful long and the desired location.

5 Why do you want to leave your present job / why did you quit?

here one you should under no circumstances do: express yourself badly about your last employer! This is evidence of poor style and lack of loyalty. Also, problems with colleagues or general conflict in the old job are better left unmentioned.

The reasons for the job changes should focus much more on your career goals, new challenges, and plans for the future and focus on the positive aspects of the intended site. For example, are a major area of responsibility, better development opportunities or searching for a new challenge understandable reasons.

6 What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

The question of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate is a classic in interviews and serves the HR among other things, to learn more about the self-assessment of the applicant. Also, the reaction of the candidate may be revealing. 

7 What do you mean, where do you stand in 5 years?

How confident or ambitious shows the candidate? Who has a clear vision of its future looks purposeful and structured. You can and you shall here quite confident occur, but stick with it even realistic. A rapid rise of the temporary help to the hotel director is likely to remain the exception. It is of course not expected that you call your exact position in the future - general statements such as "I want to develop and take on more responsibility" are meaningful and leave more room. Finally, it is for the employer also important that you stay flexible. It should not create the impression that you are viewing the desired job only as a stepping stone and have no long-term interest in the company.

8 Why we should just decide for you?

Here's your chance to score and once again highlight all your positive characteristics that may drop you from other applicants. The identification with the company can be stressed again here. Answers like "Because I'm the best" is out of place. You have to convincingly convey that you absolutely want to take this same spot at this company. 

This question is - similar to the questions according to the strengths and weaknesses - a typical "stress question". Your reaction is therefore at least as important as the content of your answer. Do not let yourself get from this question you from the rest and stay friendly. The best you practice your answer in advance.

9 What are your salary expectations / what you want to earn?

Many applicants do with this issue particularly difficult. No wonder, could an absolute "miscalculation" of the candidate or an indisputable presentation of the company quickly lead to a failure of the call. More tips and information about possible strategies and arguments in the salary negotiation

10 Do you have any questions for us?

No? If you do though! To ask any questions can be interpreted by the HR managers as a lack of interest or poor preparation quickly. In addition, you get the possibility here to find out more details about the job. Therefore you should consider before making the call at least 5 questions, of which there are two or three - can ask questions - not talking clarified. 
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5 Strategies to Improve Your Qualified Leads Generation

The qualified lead generation is a crucial step for the development of customer portfolio and sales; develop skills that will help identify and qualify leads that will be converted into sales is critical to the overall success of the company's

It is very difficult to influence the quality of leads entering the funnel

However, our daily practice with our customers compels us to find that it is very difficult to act effectively on the intrinsic quality of leads entering the funnel, at least in the short term. There are several reasons:
  • Digital marketing has become the primary source of lead in most B2B organizations in volume. It is simply impossible to prohibit out ready to purchase or download a document to register for a webinar or non target people. Furthermore, the quality of information in the forms indicated in lines is a random quality;
  • In most B2B sectors, data on the ROI of campaigns can not be acquired in the short term in the B2B "complex sales" it takes months, sometimes years, between the start of a campaign and the end of its impact in turnover;
  • Tactics that aim to improve the quality of basic exploration and focus on the outbound inbound sees his limited firstly by the rate of obsolescence bases efficiency - about 30% per year - and secondly the absence on the market of reliable databases in most trades B2B (1), other than the purchasing managers and CIOs, reasonable price (2).
  • In the longer term, subject to the availability of adequate information systems, it is possible to detect the most productive campaigns turnover and change budget allocations, but it does have a limited effect and especially not bear fruit over a period far beyond one financial year.

Good leads are not necessarily at birth but become

Some marketers seem to have their mourning of this problem and decided to do otherwise. The most successful companies on lead generation (ie those that have the highest growth in revenue from marketing) do not focus on the quality of leads entering their funnel and even less on the acquisition and maintenance of databases exploration. These companies prefer to focus their resources and budgets on five strategies:
  1. increase the overall volume acquisition leads without trying to sort upstream, working on the volume and the multiplier effect of acquisition than on targeting their campaigns;
  2. establish systems of automatic filters by scoring to separate the wheat from the chaff, both in terms of targeting (function, sector, company size) that the propensity to buy (behavior);
  3. ripen in the lead target actions nurturing to allow time for everyone to lead his thoughts at their own pace, without harassing them commercially;
  4. qualify leads for sales not pass that those who are truly deemed ready to maintain a high quality of leads passed;
  5. allow recycling Nurturing leads untried commercial loans , according to a simple and efficient process to continue to influence the half leads that are generated in both the target and are ripe for purchase.
It is therefore the conclusion that it is more effective to work to improve the quality of leads already generated that these companies are able to reach a contribution from marketing to sales 2-3 times higher than average.

Do not hesitate to contact good leads generator company or  partners for information on the methods and tools that increase the share of marketing in the sources of revenue.
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Content Marketing in E-Commerce: Checklist and Instructions

In 2013 it was already clear that the content marketing would evolve into one of the most important issues for webmasters and online merchants. Now that we have arrived in 2014, I can only emphasize once again that this statement.
In this article I will show you what technical requirements should meet your blog. Then I show you how topics and selection as well as the actual writing articles in my own marketing strategy looks like.
Build an Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy for 2014

Why Every online retailer should deal with the issue of content marketing?

As the owner of an online company, it is your job to create useful and targeted content in connection using effective web marketing strategies. If you do this correctly, you can benefit from a positive cost-benefit ratio:

Brand image

When you create custom content for your product pages, you can independently manage each product. These types of content are often descriptive. Each word implies a argument on the fact to sell the product and thus generate revenue. If you write articles for a blog, you can use your products the right light, write product reviews and shape your brand through their own personal style.

Conversion rate of offers

Later in this article you will learn later how to write content that can make your online store more attractive and increase your sales.

Customer loyalty

If you have great product that attracts certainly at one or two new visitor who will follow your blog via RSS or social media. The more subscribers you have for your blog, the more customers you win for your online shop.


The reason why you ever write an article is, plain and simple fact that you want to appear in search results for certain keywords appear near the top. This allows you to attract more visitors on SEO in your online shop. Good content also going to benefit from external and internal link building help:
  • If you write your content accordingly, you create so external and natural links that point to your website - for the SEO that is optimal. 
  • If you write new articles, You can insert links that point to your product and category pages. These anchor texts you optimize best so that they improve your SEO results yet. 
Matt Cutts of Google is convinced that you can do it

Social Media

There are social media that you can use to your advantage Finally. Great content on your page can spread quickly here and so may provide a very short time for thousands of new visitors to your online shop. To also keep also happen to people in a good mood, which already follow you.

Technical Requirements for Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Ecommerce: Technical checklist
I hope that I could convince you of the importance of content marketing and want to learn a lot more about this topic now. However, before we get started with writing, let's go briefly over the technical requirements to be met by shopping online.

A working blog

"It's obvious," you say? That is, of course, but if it comes in addition to the online shop to have a working blog, the whole thing might not be so easy. The first thing you should ask yourself: Does the blog under the same domain name as the URL are subfolders, are moved to a subdomain or do I need an entirely new domain name? Within the SEO community one is with regard to the choice of a domain for a blog not quite sure, but if you ask me, then I would place the blog always as subfolders under the domain name of your online store.

Set up Google Authorship right in your G+ account

It is less about social media, but more to SEO. If you link your blog with G+ Authorship, your profile picture will be displayed directly on the search results page of Google. Other useful information can be found here: " Setup Google+ Authorship ",
I have created a direct link to the search results page of Google, as the probability that you click on a link with a profile picture, is very high. This shows how important it is that your Google+ Authorship is properly set up.

How to Make a Good Website for Your Business Online

Buttons for social media

Why leave a great contribution if your visitors are not on the "Like" on Facebook or can click the +1 button on Google+ button and have no way him on Twitter or add it to your board on Pinterest? With buttons for social media, your articles can spread quickly. Do not use them no way out!
You might be wondering where to place these buttons? In order to optimize the sharing in social networks, I place it always twice - at top and one at the bottom of a page.
course I'm assuming that you have already created in each of these networks a profile for your company. Should not be the case, place best equal to one when you are finished with this article.


What if your visitors wanted to email newsletters inform about your new products? Use of newsletters you can attract a lot of visitors to your blog or in your online shop. I personally think that every online retailer should also think about marketing strategies by e-mail, but I will write again at some point a separate article.

Web analytics

If you have loose-once with the content marketing, you should also measure how successful your content, what number likes and comments you get ... how many people have read your blog entries ... how many visitors have come across your blog on your product pages ... you know what I mean. This is not necessarily about "Big Data", but these figures may prove well as very useful.
using web analytics, you can measure the ROI of your content marketing strategy. You can also understand the behavior of your visitors in terms of your content better and try new strategies in your next article.

How do I write an article? Instructions.

Now you are ready and you can start writing. Think thoroughly beforehand about what you want to write.

Take a moment to answer these three questions:

1 Which product do you want to present?
2 What needs fulfilled this product?
3 Who is the target audience for such a product? Can you describe the target group in more detail?

Very good! The goal of your article, you already know:

  • You want to make your product more attractive for visitors and generate as many clicks and orders. 
  • you want it to be shared as often as possible: Like / Tweet / +1 ... 
  • You want to have as many visitors your blog Subscribe: RSS or Newsletter 
They also have a clear idea of your target audience and their needs, which satisfies the product. Try to really keep in mind who would buy your product most likely. Once you understand your target audience, you can sell her something.

Begin with the heading

A good headline is already half the battle. If it is convincing, then click on it and visitors read your blog entry. If you need some help with the headline, then read this article but simply by Jeff Bullas. You'll find great advice about content marketing

And how exactly is her article together?

  • Text Only? 
  •  text and images? 
  •  text, images and videos? 
The more interesting your article, the better. Nowadays, nobody reads an article, it may not have appealing picture is included. In your article at least texts and images should be included.

Detached videos you could stand out from the crowd, but you should always keep your goal in mind. In many cases, videos can be very useful, but not always. It is possible that your visitors look at your record on your smartphone or in the office - here is not always easy to watch videos. Therefore I would suggest to include whatever relevant texts and images in addition to videos.

How long will the contribution be? How users read on the Internet?

As for the length, there are no rules. In my opinion, an article should contain all necessary information, without completely digress.
Playing with my article, I am now loosely over which 1000 words mark, and if you read this paragraph, I guess some of you up to this point everything have read. I do know that this is rather the exception. Most visitors fly over only content and jump directly to the sections that they really care. Just read this article once from Slate about how users read on the Internet .

Check this checklist before you publish your article

At this point I would like a very helpful book like Gerry McGovern   mention: " 6 Cs of the Killer Web Content ". Before you publish your articles, ask yourself these six questions. I always pay it to go through these six questions when I read my article again finally.
1 Anyone interested in this?
2 If the article is written interesting?
3 If the article is well written understandable?
4 Is the item complete?
5 If the article is accurate?
6 If the article is correct?

Another question I ask myself is:

- "What value does this article my visitors?"

You have written a great article? Then share it with us!

Now that you have published your article, you can share it with the right people at the right time - mainly in social networks and newsletters. I'm sure you when and how to share content on Twitter, Facebook, etc. will find plenty of articles and information about. However, keep in mind that you also need to try yourself with your fans and customers different approaches.

Successful or not? That is the question here.

Once your item is on line and was divided everywhere accordingly, you should analyze your web analytics tool perform. In social media, you can see the results pretty quickly. SEO results can take weeks or even months after the release of your content to evaluate properly.
matter what is the result - you never take it personally, you are always trying to think analytically as possible and keep only the strategies that proven to work. When you analyze your results in detail, you can improve your skills as a writer and use this knowledge.

Building an E-Commerce Website 10 Steps to Your Business Plan

So are you ready to get started with your own great new products? Then you hit the keys!
Do you have questions? Write a comment below.
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What is cloud computing? How it is Useful For Us

Cloud computing is one of the most important current trends in enterprise IT. The idea: IT resources ("the cloud") as required provided over the Internet or intranet and billed according to actual consumption. The protagonists of the cloud concept promise more flexibility, nearly unlimited scalability and lower costs.
cloud computing how it works
Cloud computing offers a better alternative for your everyday business. Instead of running applications themselves, they run in a shared multi-tenant platform. To use any of the applications from the cloud, you just have to sign up and customize the application according to, and already she is ready for use. This is the recipe for success of cloud computing.

Nowadays Companies perform applications from all areas in the Cloud from, for example, CRM, HR, accounting, or custom applications. Cloud-based applications are ready for use within a few days, which you can not necessarily be said of traditional enterprise software. The costs are lower because you need not to run in hardware and software, invest extensive configuration and maintenance of a complete technology package or products or premises. In addition, they are more scalable, secure and reliable than most other. About updates, you have to stop thinking, because security updates, performance enhancements and new features get your applications in the cloud automatically.
The payment method for cloud-based applications is slightly different: Forget the acquisition of servers or software. If your applications run in the cloud, no additional costs. Everything is included in an easy monthly subscription, so you only pay for what you have used.

Finally, you save with cloud applications still your valuable IT resources? Hr CFO will love it! This allows you to concentrate on the provision of further applications for new projects and innovations. The bottom line is cloud computing is thus a simple idea, but can be for your business can benefit greatly.
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Building an E-Commerce Website 10 Steps to Your Business Plan

"Building an E-Commerce Website" New technologies also influence the world business as we know it. E-commerce provides business owners countless ways to build an online store quickly, easily and inexpensively. However, a well thought out business plan is still essential for the continued success of a company.
online store for selling items website
In this article you will learn how to build your own online shop: In "10 Steps to Your Business Plan", we show you what to look for when planning and strategy development, so that the success of your online business is not handicapped.

What is an e-commerce business plan?

A business plan is on this lucrative market is an important key to success. Even if you set up this plan only for yourself, you bring so keep telling yourself to ask the right questions to limit your losses and focus on your goals.

Here are the main points of a business plan:

1 Abstract - This part is possibly the most difficult section of a business plan. You may want to put a rough draft and complete this later, once you have completed all the other points. The abstract should include your business goals, your mission and your success strategies.

2 Corporate Overview - At this point, you call all the important information about your business. Create a summary of the points that are important for establishing your company as well as a list of your goals, target groups and competitive advantage.

3 Products - Here it gets really interesting. Create a list of your products, your inventory and your packaging material. You should be thinking ahead: what products I'll add my inventory? I produce my own products or to purchase them in wholesale? Which brands I'll be offering?

4 market analysis - Before you set up an online store, you should make sure that you are an expert in your field. Bring all the information about the current market situation as well as your competitors in experience. Take a regular look at Google Trends to find out whether the demand for your products fluctuates seasonally.
5 Strategy and Implementation - In this section you should think long and hard because this is one of the most important points. You need detailed strategies and forecasts for sales, customer service and customer acquisition. Take milestones in your planning to to always make sure can, that you are on the right track.

6 Marketing Strategy - Lets you set out from your competitors. You should have a clear idea of how you want to build your concept and communicate with customers. When developing your own brand and the development target group relevant measures, it is important to always have your goals in mind. Here are a few ideas: a blog, social media, advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

7 planning your Internet presence - You certainly need to do some research,Think about all the requirements for the development of your website by sketching how you imagine your ideal website. Use an e-commerce solution that gives you a high degree of flexibility and has the features that are important to you. You can create your online store completely FREE and manage. Unlike other solutions, you do not need to pass from your proceeds to us or make a monthly payment.
how to Building an E-Commerce Website
8 Management Summary - List all the necessary staff and their areas of activity. Set up the costs for each employee and determine the added value of your company is experiencing through them. Think about how you get hold of qualified employees and how they can continue to develop within your company.

9 Budget - This section is particularly labor intensive, but essential for your business plan. Thus, your business plan should include at least one of the following items: a budget planning, a break-even analysis, an estimated profit and loss account, a cash flow forecast and funding requirements. I know, because you have to expect quite a bit - this article on the topic of e-commerce in practice can help you with that!

10 exit plan - An exit plan for your business is as important as having a plan for building. Formulate your long-term goals: Sell your company to an investor? Do you have a 4-year plan for this project? To pave the way for your company already and limit your losses, before you get started at all correct.
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How to Make a Good Website for Your Business Online

"How to make a good website" To achieve a good website must consider several aspects . For example , you need to predict how many visitors you try to get a day. So you can choose the type of accommodation best suited for your project.
how to create a best looking website
A website is a set of files and commands indicating how to react depending on the actions of users but also images , photos, videos. All these data must be stored in a machine that will be connected to the Internet 24h/24 . This is what we call a hosting server . The work of this computer will only send your web pages at any users who will connect . In theory , we could use our own computer as a server but then you could not turn it off or risk the plant with a false manipulation and anyway your broadband connection is too slow if there were many visitors at the same time .

If you go through a web host that will cost you money but there are ways to make your site easier to navigate while making savings. Indeed, if many visitors load images to display your web page at the same time so they may be slowed because the pipes are not all internet extensible.

You can, too not overloading your pages with visuals and images that are too heavy , accelerate their views and save on your accommodation costs which, of course , will depend on the data packet that passes every day. There are other technical tricks that are possible for your web pages to be more effective. For example, it is possible to combine several small images into one. So instead of bothering your servers ten times to retrieve the image of an icon, you retrieve all into a single image . This is called reducing http requests .

Now that you have created a web project that is light and therefore fast and efficient site, make sure you followed the standard navigation . As you can innovate on the colors or content , much the way to go from page to page must be consistent with what is usually found on the net.
There are millions of web sites and so if every time someone arrived on a page, it should spend a minute to understand where is the menu, where to click to change the item or return to the previous page , browse the web would be unbearable. Forget navigation menus that throw but which would be difficult to understand at a glance . Forget hierarchies strange pages where we do not know in which sub- section of what we ended up subtopic.

Nothing worse to scare users after thirty seconds. Finally, consider that the concept of "home page " is virtually over . Indeed, with the search engines , users can have direct access to any page of your website. It is therefore not whether a cul de sac and is ideal as your navigation menu is present on all pages with a clear indication of the category in which it is currently .
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How to Build a Prospect List for Small Business to Generate Leads

When you want to sell online, you unconsciously transpose recipes that work in the real world , thinking that they will continue to be successful on the Internet. You think you will succeed in making sales with a website that showcases your products much like a shop window . What colossal mistake it would be to not understand what is the strength and the difference in Internet sales .
Firstly , the most difficult on the Internet is to get people visiting your website . In fact , there are millions and nobody will fall on you by accident. A website is like a store at the corner of a street that you come across every day. If your efforts do you manage to attract visitors to your website then the most important thing is not to let him go without a way to contact them . The number one priority is to find a trick to the visitor leaves you his email address. The easiest is to offer a small gift or offer to subscribe to a newsletter or to be aware of promotions. Since the gift is digital , it will cost you almost nothing , such as a small e -book or a video outlining some tips that may interest your customer.

What Is E Commerce Website/The advantages of e-commerce

So you understand that your web site is not there to showcase your products as a showcase but it is just a tool to get in direct contact with your prospect . Most of the sale will subsequently through e -mails. So you need to show different ways to contact you . The most effective is to post a video of you with the benefits of your products , display satisfied customers and give some arguments to give the desire to learn more. If the visitor entered his e -mail then you have succeeded . On the Internet, trust is paramount , due to the
dematerialization of purchase.
There are currently no seller or store at which to complain in case of problems . People always ask if you are not going to get away ? Pocketing the money and not give new . Everything you can to recreate a sense of trust and closeness, do it. All satisfaction guarantees must be highlighted. On the Internet, the ability to change your mind is far from a detail . Rather it is a test that can determine a potential buyer to give it a shot though he does not know you .

Different Options in a Telephone Answering Service Virtual Office

In this way, your war chest is not the pretty interface of your web page , but the ever-growing list of e- mails from people interested in your products . The advantage of the Internet is that it is possible to automate the entire process from registering on your page until receipt of messages programmed in advance and even purchase itself . Your business and works 24h/24 even while you sleep .
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How to Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly Tricks 2014

Alexa has long been known as a leading provider of web traffic statistics on the internet and depending on who you talk to, the importance of the classification system is important or does not warrant that much attention. As regards the assessment of the importance of a particular website or web page online, Google Page rank is an important measure. However, many webmasters want to know how they can improve the Alexa ranking as well.
how to get alexa ranking
If you want to improve Alexa rank, you must understand what it is. Classification system of the company is based on the level of traffic received by a Web site where visitors are measured only if they have an Alexa toolbar installed. Although there are several million Alexa Toolbar users, it represents a relatively small part of the Internet world as a whole, of course, so many people are questioning the credibility of the values ​​obtained.

If you are included in the top 100,000 websites, as dictated by Alexa, a lot of information will be provided on your site, including the number of visitors, graphics, etc. There is a certain element of prestige associated with the fact to be in this group of websites, which encourages webmasters to want to improve the Alexa ranking as they can.

Critics are particularly vocal about the Alexa toolbar approach linked, as it is said that many of those involved in the search engine optimization process are aware of the concept and have installed the toolbar. This, they say, skews the results and does not represent the world in general. Although there are some things you can do to improve Alexa, basically you need to be attracting traffic to score.

One of the first things you should do to improve the Alexa ranking is download their toolbar or browser extension bar. These documents are available in Internet Explorer or Firefox, the preferred way. Once you have downloaded and installed the add-on, you must define your target site as your home page. Get widgets Alexa Rank and insert in your website. Plug-ins are available to help you make your WordPress blog or other way.

Ideally, you should try to ensure that many people who visit your website have the relevant tools bar or extension on their computer. If your website or blog is in internet marketing or SEO areas, many people who will visit and you should already be beneficial in regards to your overall ranking so. Advertise your URL in webmaster forums many websites marketing or related to the Internet and forums as you can, as it is likely that many of the visitors who click this link will be activated Alexa.

One of the main ways to improve Alexa rank is to provide educational information to laser targeted to your site. We are all aware that this is the number one rule for optimization, but if you're in the arena of Internet marketing, you will naturally get more traffic that way.
What You don't know about Alexa Know More About Alexa Ranking
You've probably heard of a number of questionable techniques, sometimes known as "black hat", which can be addressed as you try to improve Alexa positions. These include but are not limited to surfing and auto redirects and are sometimes used by those who are less scrupulous position to increase their credibility in the eyes of some advertising networks. Always carefully examine ways to improve the performance of your website and the position and do not be afraid to consult experts who can give you the lowdown on the basis of years of experience. Membership websites and marketing forums are a great source to find these people
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What/How Makes a Good Powerpoint Presentation /10 Top Tips for Preparing

Prepare and present a topic to an audience is an art. Unfortunately, this art is mastered by very few people if I trust what I see for years. This is not because we know how to use PowerPoint you can do a presentation. Make a presentation, it is contact with his audience to send her a message and not read aloud what is written on the screen!

10 top tips for preparing

1. Begin by having in mind the end of your presentation

Before you even start PowerPoint, sit down and take the time to think about the day of your presentation. What is the reason you made this statement? Why you do we asked to speak? What is the expected audience? What do you want the audience to take away from your presentation? Remember that presentation is not a simple reading of slides. This is much more than that. Otherwise, the audience could happen to you while reading a book (book, report, etc..) On the topic of your presentation to get the same information.

2. Know your audience in the best possible

Before developing the content of your presentation, you need to ask yourself several questions to become the best presenter for this audience. You must at least meet the classic Who?, What?, Why, Where? and When?

Attending the presentation? What is their background? What level of knowledge do they have of the subject presented? What is the purpose of this event? Is this for inspiration? Are they looking for specific information and how-to? They prefer the theory or best practices? Why you do we asked to speak? What are their expectations of you?

Where does the presentation take place? Inquire as much as possible about the location and logistics. What time is held your presentation? Do you have enough time to prepare properly? If there are other presenters, what is the order (by the way, I recommend that you volunteer to go first or last)? What day of the week? All these questions are important.

3. Content, content and content yet

Regardless of your performance, or quality and professionalism of your PowerPoint presentation, if your intention is not sitting on a solid content, you will fail. Understand me, I do not say that only a good content can ensure the success of your presentation. Great content is a prerequisite, but it is not enough. However, the preparation of your presentation begins with a solid content for your audience. It is this content that you develop a story that will touch your audience.

Warning! Although I stress the importance of content, thanks, do your audience a information overload. Information overload, unfortunately common phenomenon occurs when a presenter includes too much information in a presentation without making the effort to make it relevant to the audience. Sometimes it's as if the presenter wanted to show that he knows much, or more often, he is afraid that if he did not tell the "whole story" in detail, the public will not understand.

4. Promote simplicity

"Simple" does not mean "simplistic". Suggests that simplification is simplistic ... is simplistic! Simplicity is a difficult goal to achieve, but your audience will appreciate. Simplicity requires more thought and planning on your part, because you need to decide what should be part of your presentation ... and what should be excluded. Here's a simple exercise:


If your audience can not remember three things from your presentation that would they?

(1) __________
(2) __________
(3) __________
Sketch outline 5.
I suggest you start thinking on paper, not in PowerPoint. Personally, I use a large whiteboard to sketch my ideas. This allows me to be more creative. I can also take a step back, literally, and imagine the sequence of my presentation in PowerPoint. I can also write the important points and develop some structure. I can quickly draw some graphics or photos to be integrated later in PowerPoint. Do not forget that even if you use technology for your presentation, speaking to an audience and get in touch with him to persuade, inform or sell, is far from technology, but rather human.

In his book "Beyond Bullet Points" published in 2005, Cliff Atkinson compares a speaker who develops a presentation directly in PowerPoint to a filmmaker who committed actors and the film starts without the script in hand.

More about planning "paper"

I generally use a block of legal size paper and a pencil (or a whiteboard if there is enough space) to create a draft of a screenplay. I think the approach "paper" stimulates my creativity more, as I said earlier. No software to harm me and I can easily see the sequence of the presentation. I sketch images that I use as support for a particular item, such as a pie chart, a photo, a curve, and so on. You may think it is a waste of time, why not start PowerPoint and create your images once and for all? The fact is that if I tried to create the presentation directly in PowerPoint, it would take more time because I constantly spend the "Normal" mode to "Slide Sorter" mode to get an overall view of the presentation. The paper or whiteboard sketch approach allows to develop my ideas and create a draft sequence, which helps to strengthen and simplify my message. Thereafter, it is much easier to put my ideas page in PowerPoint. Generally, I do not even look at my pad of paper (or my whiteboard) when I use PowerPoint because I now have a clear idea of my presentation. Certainly,

I take a look at my notes to remember what the visual elements that I thought, and then I go on the website iStockphoto , or I dig in my own library of images to be find the one that best supports my point. (NDDL: You can also use some pictures on the website Flickr Be sure to respect the rights of authors.).

6. Have a clear and solid structure

Take a page from the book of McKinsey presentation: presentation structure predominates. Without this structure, your personal style, your speech and your visual aids will have no impact. If you took the time to clarify and organize your thoughts, then your thinking should be clear. You can see the logic of your content and sequence of presentation. If your ideas are not clear at the beginning, it will be impossible to design a proper structure when you create visuals to support your point.

Your audience needs to know where you go. It is not enough to have a slide "Agenda" or "Plan of the presentation." If you do not have a clear and solid plan, then such a slide will be useless. In addition, the audience can become even more irritated if you fail a subject you had announced earlier presentation.

7. Then?

In Japanese, I often say "dakara nani? "Or" sore of ...? "Which translates roughly as" So what? ". I constantly ask this question while I prepare my presentation. When developing the content of a presentation, always put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask yourself "So what? ". It is important to ask these questions during the planning process. For example, is that what you bring is relevant? Is it just "cool"? Does it matter? Does it helps to get your message or is it just air? You already part of an audience. Have you ever wondered what that was about to do with the topic of the presentation? You said "So what? ". Ask yourself this important question constantly. If you can not answer, cut this part of your presentation.

8. Can you pass the test of the elevator?

Check the clarity of your message with the elevator test. This exercise forces you to "sell" your message in 30-45 seconds. Imagine the following situation: you have an appointment with the president of your company to present the concept of a new product. When you arrive at his office at the scheduled time, the Chairman informed that he must leave you unexpectedly and asks you to make it your presentation while he went to his car. Imagine this scenario. Could you tell him "sell" during the journey that leads him to his car? While this is unusual, but it is still potential. That said, what is more likely is that we ask you to shorten your presentation, say half. Would you be able to present your point anyway? This perhaps never happen, but the fact that you prepare for this eventuality is an exercise that will allow you to tighten your speech and get to the point.

The author of "I Can See You Naked" Ron Hoff, reminds us that presentation should pass the "test of David Belasco" when you are at the stage of its development. David Belasco was a producer who insisted that the main idea of ​​any successful play he produced can be described in a few sentences on the back of a business card. Try it. Can you summarize the gist of your presentation and write on the back of a business card? If this is too difficult, you should probably rethink your speech. This test is a good thing to do before you open PowerPoint.

9. The art of storytelling

A good presentation includes stories. The best presenters illustrate their concepts with stories, often personal. The best way to explain complex ideas is to use examples or share a true story. Stories are easier to remember for an audience. If you want an audience remembers your presentation, find a way to make it memorable. You should try to tell interesting stories short and to support your point.

In addition, it is a good idea to think about your 30 minute presentation as an opportunity to tell a story. A good story speaks to you in the beginning, keeps your interest thereafter and ends with a punch. I've seen good presentations without being extraordinary, were very effective because the presenter told relevant stories in a clear and concise to support his speech.

10. How to be assertive

The more you master your subject, you will be less nervous. If you have taken the time to meticulously prepare the sequence of your presentation, think about the images and graphics that best support your speech, there is no need to be nervous. Moreover, if you have repeated several times your presentation with a computer and a projector, your nervousness should have melted like snow in the sun. We fear what we do not know. If we master our subject and have said, if we know what is the next slide and we anticipated the questions, then we have eliminated much of the unknown. When you eliminate the unknown and reduce anxiety and nervousness when confidence returns naturally.
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10 top tips for presentation

1. Express your passion

If I had only one thing to you, it would be passionate. Surely you must have great content. Of course, your presentation should look professional. But all this is useless if you do not believe passionately that you say. The main element that separates mediocre presenters of those world-class is the ability to interact with the audience so exciting and honest. Do not hold back. Trust. And let your passion to express themselves!

2. Begin by lion

You already said, first impressions are very important ... and it's true! The first 2-3 minutes of your presentation are crucial. The audience just waiting to love you. In this regard, the audience will give you a few minutes early presentation to be seduced. Do not miss your chance! Most speakers fail at this stage simply because they lose too much time to appear ... and praise their achievements. (Audios You can prevent this by asking someone to present very briefly).

3. Be brief

Human beings have a short attention span when it comes time to sit passively listen to a presenter. The attention of an audience is highest at the beginning ... and the end of the presentation when you say something like "In conclusion ...". It is simply human. This is even more true for today's workers who are busy and often tired. So if you have 30 minutes for your presentation, finish in 25 minutes. It is better to feel that the audience wants more than to feel he has had enough! Entertainment professionals know something.

4. Depart from the

Get closer to your audience as you move away from the platform. The latter acts as a barrier between you and the audience, which is bad since the purpose of your presentation is to establish contact with the audience.

5.Use a remote control

To move from one slide to another, using a remote control. In this way, you will not be "attached" to the stage. It is an imperative. I highly recommend the remote "Presentation Remote" from Keyspan . Many people also like the remote control of the company Interlink .

6. Remember the "B" button

If you press the "B" button for a PowerPoint (or Keynote), the screen will go blank. This is particularly useful if you need to "get out" of the subject shown on the slide. Emptying the screen, you can now have all the attention. When you're ready to resume, just press the "B" key to release the slide previously displayed.

 7. Establish Good eye contact 

Make eye contact with people in your audience instead of simply scanning the group look. Never look into the projection screen (although you can use your computer screen as a monitor). The best way to lose contact with the audience is to turn your back. Also, while you maintain good eye contact, do not forget to smile. Unless your subject is severe and austere, a smile can be a very powerful element.

8. Keep the lights on

If you talk in a meeting room or a classroom, it can be tempting to turn off the lights so that the presentation is clearer and the colors are more beautiful. Opt instead for a compromise between a bright image on the projection screen and a room too dark. Turn off the lights focuses all attention on the screen, not to mention the soporific effect. It is you who should get the attention of the audience, not the projection screen. Note that recent projectors are bright enough that you can leave the lights on.

9. Use a TV for small groups

If you go to a small group, you can connect your computer to a TV with a big screen (via the video input). When you use a TV screen, you can leave most, if not all the lights on. Make sure that the text and graphics are large enough to be seen on a small screen. You may need to increase the size of your text significantly.

10. At all times, be courteous, affable and professional
When someone from the audience asks a question or makes comments, be gracious and thank him for his contribution to the presentation. Even if someone is difficult, always act like a gentleman or lady. A true professional always keeps his composure. Remember, it is your reputation. Stay always affable, even with the most difficult of audiences.

10 top tips composition slides

1. Promote simplicity
PowerPoint was designed to present visual information to support about the speaker. The slide itself was never intended to be the "star of the show" (starring, of course, the public). People came to hear you and be affected or informed (or both). Do not derail your about due to slide unnecessarily complicated or overloaded by the "visual pollution" as Edward Tufte said. Nothing in your slide should be superfluous, nothing.

Your slides should include plenty of white space. Do not feel obligated to fill every free space on your slide. Banish logos and other visual or textual element that does not serve your speech. Your slide is less crowded, more powerful will be your visual message.

2. Minimize use of bulleted lists
Your presentation is for the interest of your audience. Bored an audience with bulleted lists do not add much. Which brings us to the question text. The best slides have no text at all. This may seem foolish given the dependence on text slides today, but the best PowerPoint slides will be virtually useless without the narration (that is you). Remember, slides are designed to support the speech of the speaker, not to make it unnecessary.

Many people often say something like: "Sorry, I missed your presentation. I was told that it was great. Could you send me your PowerPoint file? ". If it is good slides, they will not their very useful without you. Better prepare a document summarizing your comments. The audience will be better served by such a document as your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a detailed document or publication to your audience that you can give it after your presentation, you will not feel obliged to fill your PowerPoint slides with lots of text.
How do you design a professional PowerPoint presentation
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Best Business Credit Cards with Rewards/What Stores Offer the Best Rewards Programs

"Credit Cards with Rewards"Most major grocery chains and pharmacies now offer a rewards program for customers who shop at them. Here is a small report proposed by the most popular stores
best credit card rewards for travel
Jean Coutu
You can use your Air Miles card and they give you 1,000 for every purchase of $ 15. The amount you can spend each week is cumulative, it is not mandatory to buy $ 15 every time you go to the pharmacy. In addition, there are weekly "special products" that allow you to double or even triple your miles if you buy a minimum amount or a fixed amount for a particular purchase.

You can buy in stores Optimum card, which offers instant discounts (if you wish) or you can save a certain amount to buy later makes you feel. For every 8000 points, you "earn" $ 10. Of course, some products allow you every week to earn more points. Points "ride" fast enough when buying special circular (for about $ 750, for commodities like toilet paper) and it is possible to go even faster if you set your purchases with a MasterCard credit card-Optimum.

Here is another card points you can use either the Aeroplan card. For every dollar spent, you earn one mile. You can then redeem your miles against travel of course, but also other gifts of all kinds (cosmetics, electronic products, etc..) Know it will cost about 10,000 miles for a bottle of perfume brand ...

Here you can still use your Air Miles card. We will give you a reward mile for every $ 20 purchase. In addition, IGA offers free products if you spend over $ 70 once. These are generally excellent quality products that would cost you quite expensive if you buy them (bags of fresh pasta, gourmet cookies, etc..), So it's often worth it! I admit I often "take" and I add regularly in my cart now many of these items available

If you shop regularly at home, you should obtain the map metro & moi. Every dollar you bring a point, and many products circular you will earn up to 10 times more points. In addition, you will receive several "keychains" that you can distribute to members of your family to accumulate points when they also go to the grocery store! Whenever you have 500 points, you'll get a $ 4 discount on your bill ... or keep saving!
Maxi-Loblaws, Provigo
If you do not know it yet, these three supermarkets are "brothers." To save home (within 3, with the same card), you will get a special credit card, MasterCard PC Points (CIBC). Each time you accumulate 20,000 points, you can redeem against items in the amount of $ 20. Obviously, the more you buy brand products "President's Choice", the more points you ...

Why rewards?

We must not close our eyes, this is not for "our beautiful eyes" that stores offer us gifts. This is only a way as another customer loyalty and ensure that they choose to buy from them rather than a competitor. In addition, the most attractive deals they offer (trips, outings, etc..) Often require that we spend exorbitant amounts. A small example? A round trip Paris-Montreal for 2 people is equivalent to about $ 75,000 of expenses for the number of Air Miles required (this does not include the fees of the trip).

This is it really worth it?

Enthusiasts will tell you that yes! Indeed, with a lot of discipline and patience, many people have seen offer trips, shows, outings to the movies and all sorts of other things. We buy and consume every day, so why not take advantage of this that is offered. Whether or not this is the score card, we will spend the same amount ... By cons, we must be aware that when you sign up for a rewards program, whatever it is, all your habits and consumer preferences will be tracked and recorded to allow different companies you "bait" by sending you (by email, mail, sometimes by phone) promotions that may interest you.

What is the best rewards program?

It all depends of course "gifts" you like to receive. Some programs are "immediate" and allow you to test a new product right away, others require months of expectations ... Depending on your interests, you can choose a program and a store, and that is exactly what Companies looking! Obviously if you have a lot of patience and want to monetize your spending to transform travels, cards Aeroplan or Air Miles style are advantageous, especially since they are associated with several hundred stores across the country. So you can "work" for this weekend in Las Vegas whenever you buy something ... So do you have your score card?
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