Learn how to create your own package Without gapps on your Android?

The guys at XDA have posted a tutorial in which we can, in a simple way, create our own package with Google applications we want root on devices with Android in which we do not have them. Normally it would be complicated, but with the steps we are going to show, you will see that really easy.
This little app is really useful for most Android smartphones unknown Chinese brands as they usually do not bring any gapps. The great advantage of this script is that we can install any application package we want from a starter pack, ie, we must first download an existing one. Cyanogen, for example, published continuously GAPPS, but you can easily find them through the search engine Google as we show you a few days ago. In my case, I downloaded one of them and put it in a folder in which I will carry out the process called GAPPS. Of course, we should not unzip the file.
IMPORTANT: The process must be done from a PC with Windows operating system.
The next step is to download the necessary files. On one hand, dos2unix, that you can find on this link dropping down and selecting the right option for you (32 or 64 bits). Furthermore, 7za.exe the files needed to sign the package and script created by XDA member. Overall you will have to have 6 files and folders after unzipping downloaded everything except the file with GAPPS initials-: my GAPPS-master, sign-master, 7za442, dos2unix [...], with the gapps file and folder we created earlier.

The following will copy everything in myGAPPS-master to the folder you have created and then navigate to the \ tools folder . It must copy the files needed for dos2unix (some dll and the corresponding executable), and signapk.jar 7za442 files testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8 and the sign-master folder, making sure we have Java installed on the PC. In short, if you've done it a bit, you should have something similar to what you see in the picture in my case, the computer is 64 bits, so there are fewer files corresponding to dos2unix. In the case of 32 bits you will have some more-files.
After that, put the file with the gapps on the initial route, next to the program makeit.bat , after executing this. This executable, after checking that all files are needed, we ask if you want to delete a specific application of the current ROM. This is the exact spot where we'll customize your Android with Google apps you want. In the \ previous tools you will find a file called deloldgapps which define applications that do not want to be present in the new package. In that case, press "y" to the question. If instead we all gapps already present in ROM, press "n"-indeed, the most interesting is click Yes and place those that interest us as Gmail, the Play Store and some more.

The script will start running after pressing any key when you ask us. A few minutes later, the file will be ready in the gapps subfolder in the folder you created at the beginning of the process. As you will, there is a file compressed only 15 MB that can flash on our Android phone to have the desired Google applications.
While it is a process that can be complicated, when you do the first time you will see it is really easy. We hope that the images I have helped carry out the process and if not, you know where to find us. And by the way, do not forget to visit our tutorials section to learn more interesting procedures.

How to get And Download paid apps for free on Android

If you are reading this, possibly Have an Android, and as such, I like to enjoy all kinds of applications, whether free or paid. I love the apps, right? Each and every one of us want to have our Android apps of all possible types, especially if they are "free." Today we will show several legal ways to get some of the best paid apps for free and enjoy the incredible possibilities of each.
download android apps for free

Paid Apps  [applications], But free to Download

We are not lovers of piracy, therefore, we will teach you ways to get those paid apps we love so much, but in a completely legal.

Amazon Apps Store

get paid apps for free on Android
This shop will not find in Google Play. To enjoy this shop, we get off the application from the following link to their direct site. This store Amazon has not as many applications as Google Play, but to me, I personally like for one reason. Each day, yes, you read that right, every day puts a totally free application payment. So it costs nothing to look every day to see if we will some interesting. Yo, I already have some very useful, like Root Explorer.

App Gratis

This time, let's talk about an application, if we can find on Google Play. This application is simple, and does the job, Every morning, we offer a free application, accompanied by a joke. The only downside is that sometimes the applications you download, not entitled to be updated. However, we advise you take a look.

Google Play Surveys and Get Paid Apps Free

get paid apps for free on Android
Google offers a system of rewards for completing surveys, although this system is not well known, since it is not available in some other countries. Responding to surveys gives us a number of credits that can be spent on Google Play either in Games, movies, or whatever we want. And Get Paid Apps Free offers us the credit, but this time, we offer it for watching videos or downloading apps.

App of the Day and App Sales

Perhaps the best known is App of the Day. Appgratis Like, give us a free app every day. And which we will always have in our possession, including any subsequent updates. App Sales, comes to the same thing, but adds the concept of notifications about new offers and discounts from other applications.

Another option is to test the applications we install of Google Play, because as most of you know, the policy of Google offers 15 minute trial to refund our money, in the event that the application does not interest us.

In my opinion, seems to me a short time since many games require a lot of data to download, and if you have a fast enough connection, do not give us time to test it before the time runs set by Google.
From Googlelizados we encourage you to test these applications and let us your impressions in the comments. What have you chosen? What would you like to?

Return Policy Google Play

In case you're wanting to try a game on your Android, one option is to buy it, download it and send it back if it does not convince us within 15 minutes you have to return the app and reimburse the money. Maybe it's a risky practice, but maybe worth sometimes.

Make Free voice calls from Hangouts 2.3: Download APK and Dialer!

The Hangouts version 2.3 application for Android is here and offers great novelty as the ability to make free voice calls directly from the cell, on Wifi, 3G or 4G .
Google, the company behind the development of this application indicates that today can make voice calls Hangouts from the mobile app (Android and iOS) as well as from the web version of this service.
google hangout android app apk download
Calls are free to other users using Hangouts. It also indicates that from the mobile application or the browser you can make free calls to numbers in the United States and Canada , and that the costs for calls to other countries are "low."

How I call from my Android with Hangouts

To call from an Android phone using Hangouts application the first thing you have to have is version 2.3 of the application. You can download or update from Google Play (at the time of writing this version is not yet available) or you can choose to download the APK 2.3 Hangouts here (direct download from Mediafire). With this APK in the memory of your phone, just click on it to install. If the installation goes "blocked", be sure to enable installation from unknown sources in Settings> Applications> Security.

The second thing you will need is the Hangouts Dialer application. You can download and install Hangouts Dialer ( Phone Hangouts ) from Google Play.
That's it. When you open the application Hangouts you will see a phone icon that lets you make free calls to numbers to any contacts that use Hangouts

Free calls to USA and Canada from any country

This is one of the good things about Hangouts: You can make free voice calls to almost any number of United States or Canada (mobile or fixed, apparently) from virtually any other country or the world. It's all about dial from the Android application and click the call button. Of course, if you dial from another country, do not forget to dial 001 before the number of the person (the international code 00 and 1 for the country code, which belongs to USA and Canada).
free calls from google android mobile using apps

Calls to other countries or contacts without Hangouts

Call  to other countries other than USA or Canada has a cost though with Hangouts, Google says the cost is "really low". Additionally, before you call any contact in your address book, the Hangouts application first checks if the person has Hangouts: included, the call will be made at no cost through; if you have a screen that will allow invite the contact (SMS) using Hangouts is displayed.

In addition to this great news, Hangouts 2.3 comes with a facelift: the design incorporates Material Design Android L characteristic, which suggests that the final release of this new version of Android is very close.
For more information click here

Download Swing Copters, the Flappy Bird impossible: How to play and win

Although the game Flappy Bird Original Android is no longer available on Google Play, you may know which proved to be a very addictive and popular game, while the creator decided to remove it from the store due to personal reasons, ethically speaking.
After that event, the same creator of the original Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, has returned with a new mentality and has published these days a new game that has some resemblance to Flappy Bird but with a twist (for a very positive and other very negative): it is impossible to play (for some, difficult to play anything else). The game is called Swing Copters and has the same graphic style and simplicity Flappy Bird, which makes it a new candidate to gain enormous popularity.

It is impossible to play and win Copters Swing?

Once inside, all you have to do to start playing is to tap the screen. The character will start to rise alone; the goal is to get as high as possible, avoiding obstacles.

But it is much more difficult than it seems. I, for one, have just managed to surpass the level 0 (and after some time spent in play and find out exactly how to play).

How to play this sequel Flappy Bird

The developer says you just have to go by touching the screen to move the character changing direction with a propeller hat while climbing but is not as simple as that. The " trick "to play is to quickly press the screen with great sensitivity  to prevent the character is going to hit the walls. If you do not, the helicopter is going to hit you right away against one of the two side walls. As I got tired doing it fast with one finger, I tested several fingers alternating without apparent success.

The second is to avoid obstacles and that and requires more skill and luck (literally!). Sometimes the game does not respond as it should when it runs: when pressed to the right, you can go left and vice versa. Maybe this is not a bug, but something done on purpose by the developer.

It's fun having to keep the helicopter on the right track quickly by tapping the screen, but beware: this can not be good for the mobile screen if done rudely. This form of play does little to win anyway: the key is to quickly tap the screen and make every touch very subtly (without pressing hard and small area using a fingertip). It is very sensitive to the touch, if you want to see as well.

Swing has received compliments Copters are either very positive or very negative on Google Play. Both solely on one thing: the difficulty proposed. It is one of the hardest games I've played for Android, to be honest.

Swing Copters can download free Google Play and to remove the ads can choose to buy the paid version from within the game. Note that there are several clones of this game on the Play Store. To download the original be sure to use the link mentioned before, that is what has been created by the developer.GEAR Studios (which is the name behind which is Dong Nguyen, the creator of the original Flappy Bird).

Note: You may be trying to open the game a black screen appears and then nothing (does not open). Perhaps this is some bug or fault of the game itself. The solution is to try again to open the game two or three times to get it.

3 Best Android Apps for call blocking in Android download for free

There are many reasons why anyone would block calls on Android , in order to avoid nuisance or impertinent person constantly call, or even to avoid harassment or extortion by phone.
best android call blocking in Android
For these situations, there are several applications that allow us to control the entry of our phone calls, either hanging or sending the call to voicemail. We even offer the ability to block text messages and add exceptions to always allow our friends and family do not have any problem to call.

Here is the list of  Best call blocking android apps for android mobile

1.Mr. Number

It is a free, ad-free application, which allows us to block unwanted calls, adding phone numbers you want to block. The application allows you to choose to be made with these numbers calls: hang up or send to your mailbox. We simply choose the appropriate tab for each of these actions (Hang Up, Voicemail and Exceptions, respectively), and add a number to that tab. The Exceptions tab is for numbers that do not want to block, that is.
how to best android call blocking in Android
The most obvious way to add a number to these lists is, dialing the number, though, there are other ways, such as adding it through the list of recent calls or messages through the agenda, among other options.
best android call blocking in Android
To find out when I acted the application, we are showing a notification every time a call is blocked (hung or sent to the mailbox).

To run the application you just have to install and then verify the country in which we (by adding the respective code and our number). To add numbers immediately, you use the prohibition symbol at the top right of the interface.

Note that also is able to block SMS with this app.

2.Call Blocker

Free but with advertising, is just another great option since it also allows us to block calls and SMS .

We will have no trouble using it because it is fairly intuitive. Just install and open. We'll see icons that allow us to go directly to block calls or block text messages separately both. By entering any of them just add contacts or numbers you want to block a Black List , and no, a White List.
how can i block calls in android mobile
Likewise, there are several ways to add contacts to be blocked or not, through the phonebook, call log or SMS log, and, of course, directly adding the number.

The paid version of this app offers additional features such as the ability to make private SMS and call log

3.Calls Blacklist

It is another free alternative , though, maintained by advertising, which is much simpler than before. It also provides support for calls and SMS (we can choose to block one of two things, or both at once), and allows us to block  numbers added to a blacklist or Black List.
how to block android calls on mobile apps

These numbers can be added through the phonebook, call list or list of messages and indicating the number manually. Obviously, these numbers will be blocked; those who are not on this list may call smoothly.

This is one of the applications, in addition to the above, also allows you to block calls from unknown numbers. Essential option if our problem calls are private numbers.

How to block calls on some Android without apps

Depending on the Android phone, you may in some cases can  block calls unused applications . For example, those who have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 U Xperia, HTC and LG Optimus One G, definitely do not need this type of third-party applications for this task, as already bring native functions built for it. AndroidAuthority has some screenshots on  how to block these calls on Android phones .


Our phone number can fall into the wrong hands, even if you do not give consent for it or disclose it without caution. These applications call blocking in Android are effective when we need a certain person stop bothering us by phone. Although not necessarily the final solution, at least they work to prevent incoming calls from known phone numbers. Along with careful disclosure of our numbers, we will be more than quiet most of the time, without intrusive calls.

Download Viber 5.0 for Android launches video calling and new interface

The Messanger Viber , which was acquired earlier this year by Rakuten for $ 900 million , renews its official application for Android update to version 5.0 adding at the end the video call.
download latest viber version free video calling
Viber 5.0 for Android has added video calling , but only available for devices with Android 4.0 or higher. Video calls are free and can transfer calls between mobile video and computer.

This new version of Viber for Android has also redesigned its interface to give it a cool design. It is also easier to add contacts to the application, we can now add both their Viber number as scanning your QR code.


Version: 5.0
Android version: from 2.3
Developer: Viber Media
Download it at: Google Play
Price: Free
Category: Communication

Free download from today Spider-Man Unlimited For Android Mobiles

The game from Gameloft arrive at Android, iOS and Windows Phone Marketplace format runner . Its main protagonist to the arachnid superhero Spiderman Marvel will have to dodge all kinds of problems and fighting as it moves through the city of New York.
download Spider-Man Unlimited game for android
This time we are dealing with Spider-Man Unlimited one free game that comes with the possibility of in-app purchases and 3D graphics that offers a fairly well-kept.

Requires a smartphone Android 4.0 or higher and has a size of 21 MB. You can play in 6 series with 25 series of levels that today there are only two GREEN ELF (SERIES 1) & THE VULTURE (SERIES 2) available.

Download | Play Google .