Amazon Black Friday Deals And Offers 2014 Upto 90% Off Deals

"Best Amzon  Black Friday deals 2014"
Contrary to some assertions organized the Black Friday of any official or "original" location. Each trader is of course free to offer his own Black Friday promotion. We at AMAZON Black-Friday, USA longest-serving Black Friday Portal, collect all actions and would also report on your Black Friday Deal! And that already since 2012 UPDATE: Black Friday not operate any e-mail or telephone acquisition resellers. To avoid confusion, we would like to emphasize that a listing of your deals on Black-Friday free , provided that you have submitted all the required information to the November 14, 2014 at us. For more information about the shooting conditions can be found

amazon black friday deals 2014
On the 28th November 2014 It's that time again. Black Friday 2014 many online shops offer 24 hours unique discounts and special offers and to celebrate the start of the holiday shopping season. With Black Friday .com find usa bargain hunters all Black Friday deals at a glance and never miss an offer.
What to buy on black friday 

Amazon Black Friday in the United States [USA]

In the US, Black Friday is an institution for decades and brings millions of Americans each year to early in the morning to gather in huge queues at the doors of the retailers to secure the best deals of the year. Traditionally, the Black Friday every Friday after the American Thanksgiving, known as Thanksgiving, instead. Although it is not an official holiday, the Black Friday has a shopping holiday, as many employees use it as something Brückentag between Thanksgiving (which always falls on a Thursday) and the following weekend. In some states, including California, Florida, Texas and Washington, even government officials have the "Day After Thanksgiving" officially released. Traders use this to lure the purchase and willing customers increasingly early in your stores, sometimes even at midnight. It is hardly surprising that the Black Friday has for years been the most profitable day of the year for the US retail.

Regularly occurs during Black Friday in the United States tumultuous battles for the best bargains.

Best Black Friday deals And Offers 2014

Other than the name might suggest, Black Friday has no relation to the famous in Germany "Black Friday" - in the US "Black Thursday" - that describes the New York stock market crash of 1929. On "Black Thursday", October 24, 1929, it was on the New York Stock Exchange to massive losses, then a day later, on Friday reached the European stock exchanges.

In its usual form today the term Black Friday appeared in the US for the first time in the 60 years and described the traffic jams and crowds on the sidewalks that formed usually on the two following days of Thanksgiving in the cities. This attracted like a "Black Mass" at the shopping center.
Another explanation assumes the "black" Friday was a synonym for "black" figures who write the business year after year from that date. Because due to the enormous revenues that are made ​​on Black Friday, bring on that day many dealers in your balance sheet profit and same with the sales losses from the previous months.

Black Friday in usa

What works in America, also works elsewhere. Covered at least Apple and brought the Black Friday in 2006 for the first time in Germany. The cult brand from California offered their known from the US Black Friday deals also in the united states of america USA Apple Stores and Online Shop and thus generated enormous revenues. Attracted by the success of Apple, organize since more and more online retailers special Black Friday Sale Discounts and offer 24-hour period to a number of bargains and special offers. Including Apple dealer as, GRAVIS or Cancom, electronics stores like EURONICS and but also brand stores like and The online retailer offers around the Black Friday even a whole week thousands of products by up to 50% off cheaper to. In the daily-changing program is guaranteed for everyone.

This year, Black Friday falls on 28 November and plans are already in full swing. It will be interesting to see what special offers Apple, Amazon, and other high-caliber industry will have in store for their fans. However, one should be sure that Black Friday is pay back for the customers in 2014.

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Download Angry Birds Transformers For Android, iPhone, iPad

Angry Birds Transformers is just another game Angry Birds in the lead role, but how you look at it, the Angry Birds games are almost always pretty good. That is to Angry Birds Transformers no different. In this game you run from left to right across your screen and shoot at all enemy green pigs who you encounter. You can shoot the pigs themselves, but often it's smarter to the buildings where the pigs are hiding in shoot so they collapse. This is well done and is a nice reference to the more traditional Angry Birds games where you catapult birds to buildings.
angery birds transformers for android
Game graphics are again like the other Angry Birds games; colorful and cartoon-like. Very beautiful it all looks not out and now there are plenty of games that look better, but it will do just fine. There are quite a few levels which play Angry Birds Transformers remains long fun. All in all, this Angry Birds, game is another fun game


Download Angry Birds for Android Transformers 
Transformers Download Angry Birds for iPhone and iPad

*Hostgator BlackFriday Sale 2014,Super Saving Hostgator Coupon Codes 2014 With 90%OFF ON Hosting

"Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale": Hostgator is considered as one of the best facilitating organizations where you can have your online journals and your sites, and numerous bloggers are utilizing it without any issues. In the event that you needed to purchase Hostgator facilitating record, then here is the opportunity to get it as they are putting forth an extraordinary markdown on all their facilitating arrangements for a complete weekend. The Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale is here and you wouldn’t have any desire to pass up a great opportunity for this opportunity.
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A year ago, Hostgator offered a half markdown on the majority of the facilitating plans yet this time around they have expanded the rebate rate to 60%. It implies that for the complete weekend, from November 29th to December second, you will get a 60% markdown on the majority of their facilitating arrangements. The arrangements included in this deal are Shared facilitating, Hostgator VPS facilitating, Hostgator devoted facilitating, Hostgator Windows facilitating.

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On the off chance that you are not mindful of what Hostgator is, perhaps in light of the fact that you are simply beginning in the blogging field, then I might want to let you know that they are the best web facilitating suppliers right now. They offer you incredible administration and their client administration is one thing they are very acclaimed for. So in the event that you are considering getting a web host for your online journal, then do consider getting the Hostgator Black Friday 2014 rebate and spare a great deal of cash.

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale Discount Coupon

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale and Discount Offer:

The day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are two days when the rebates and offers pop up on all the main stores. Hostgator is one such organization that provides for you monstrous markdown on nowadays. Furthermore to greatly improve the situation, they are giving the 60% off rebate to the whole weekend. The Hostgator Black Friday 2013 markdown offer will begin on Black Friday and will end on Cyber Monday.

The authority timings for beginning of the Hostgator Black Friday advancement are:

Hostgator the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving 2014 rebate offer will begin just after 12 pm, 29th November, Friday at CST and will end at 11.59pm on second December CST time.

For the entire weekend, you will get 60% rebate on all the facilitating arrangements. What’s more to bring about a significant improvement, Hostgator is going to give an one-hour long Flash deal consistently for the weekend where you can get 75% off on all their arrangements.

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Discount Sale Offerthe Flash Sale timings (CST Timings):

Friday 12am – 1am

Friday 9am – 11am

Friday 9pm – 11pm

Saturday 12pm – 1pm

Sunday 8pm – 9pm

Monday 12am – 1am

Monday 10am – 12am

Monday 10pm – 11:59pm

Which Hostgator Hosting Plan Should You Buy?

The best thing about Hostgator is that they offer various facilitating arrangements to look over as indicated by your prerequisites. They are putting forth a markdown on imparted facilitating records, VPS facilitating and Dedicated facilitating.

Be that as it may on the off chance that you are ready to get a VPS facilitating or Dedicated facilitating for yourself, you may not get the best markdown as the offer is material for the first month and for the months after that you will need to pay the same bill. The best facilitating plan to get in this Hostgator the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving 2014 deal would be Baby Plan.

With Baby Plan, you get a considerable measure of gimmicks that you can utilization. You can have boundless spaces and set up boundless websites with a solitary record. You can make boundless email locations, set up boundless FTP records, boundless MYSQL databases and a great deal more. In short, the best offer for your cash this Black Friday would be running with the Hostgator’s Baby Plan.

Other Hosting plans that you can run with:

Hatchling Plan

Infant Plan (Best esteem)

Strategy for success

VPS facilitating (Discount for first month just)

Committed facilitating (Discount for first month just)

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale Discount Coupon Offer

What You Get With Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale?

There is no coupon code for this deal. The coupon will be connected consequently and you will be charged in like manner.

You will get a 60% rebate on the aggregate bill.

The offer is not substantial for record reestablishment yet the current clients can include new records with the marked down cost from inside the charging region.

For VPS and Dedicated Hosting, you can get max markdown on one month facilitating.

Installment can be made through Paypal or Credit Card.

The Black Friday and the Cyber Monday rebates doesn’t request restoring your current records, yet that is no issue. You can simply add another facilitating bundle to your current record by logging into your charging zone. Go to your Hostgator charging zone, log into it and buy another bundle from that point for a 60% off markdown with the Hostgator Black Friday 2014 deal.

I don’t believe that such an incredible arrangement is going to come whenever soon later on so better grab it up before its past the point of no return. What’s more in case you’re fortunate, you can even get markdown up to 75%.

So quit thinking much and exploit this Hostgator Black Friday 2014 deal now and begin your blogging excursion with a blast. Click on the connection underneath to sign up with Hostgator.

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Black Friday 2015 is on Friday, November 27, 2015
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Black Friday 2023 is on Friday, November 24, 2023
Please check here for all of the Cyber Monday days.

Hostgator Black Friday - 2014, 60-80% OFF Deals links, Coupon Codes
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Download Whatsapp For pc,laptop Installation Guide windows7

often Communicate with your friends via WhatsApp and would like to use this very useful messaging service on PC? Unfortunately, there is still no official client that allows to do it, but you can fix it with BlueStacks Player.

This is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac that lets you run any app for the system of green robot on your computer. Among these, of course, there is also WhatsApp for PC but can not be used with the same mobile phone number on which already uses the app (you have to use a different address). That's all explained in detail.
The first step you need to take to install WhatsApp for PC is getting BlueStacks Player for Windows. Therefore, connected to the Internet site of the program and click DOWNLOAD XP, VISTA WIN 7/8 to download it to your computer.

Download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded ( BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.exe ) and in the window that opens, click on the first Run and then on Yes and Continue. Next, remove the check mark from the three options that you are offered and complete the installation by clicking on the install button.
how to download whatsapp for pc
When installation is complete, start BlueStacks Player and click on Accept to access the home screen of the software. Now, click on the Settings (located at the bottom right) and sets the Italian language in the program by going into the menu Change language , then go back and sign in to your Google Account by clicking first on 1-Click Sync and then on Continue , Next and Access.

After dialing the access data from your Google Account, click first on Login and then on Finish setup , Continue and Proceed . Please re-login to your Google accunt, select your Android smartphone or tablet list that appears and click first on Done and then on Finish , Let's Go and Continue to complete the combination of BlueStacks with your Google profile.
install whatsapp o pc without bluestacks
Now you can download WhatsApp for PC. To do so, click on the magnifying glass placed at the top, look WhatsApp Messenger and click Install placed next to the application name. Now, select the icon of WhatsApp placed under the logo one and you're done!

Now went in the My Apps of BlueStacks and start WhatsApp clicking on its icon. In the screen that appears, click Confirm and continue , enter the number of your mobile phone (with country code +39 ) and click on OK twice in a row to receive the text message with the confirmation code needed to activate the app.
download and install whatsapp for pc
Will start a countdown of 4 minutes, after which you will need to enter the verification code. If an error appeared on the failed verification, click ' Call to receive a call in which you will be notified the verification code vocally. Then enter the code in WhatsApp for PC and automatically start the process of creating the profile in the app.

The creation of the profile is to choose a user name and selecting a photo (optional) by clicking add located in the top left corner. When the operation is completed, first click on Next , then click Next to use WhatsApp. The first year of service is free, after which you will need a subscription with prices starting from € 0,89
way to install whatsapp on pc
To add new contacts to WhatsApp manually, you can go to the home screen of BlueStacks, then you have to click on the Settings located at the bottom right and going through to the menu Manage contacts. At this point, click on the menu located at the bottom left and select the item New contact from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.

To import in WhatsApp all contacts in your Google address book, export contacts from Gmail using the recommendations in my guidebook (choose the format Vcard ) and copy the file to VCF you get in the folder My Documents in Windows. Later, back in the Settings> Manage contacts of BlueStacks, first click on the button menu, then click the Import / Export and select the entry Import from SD card from the menu that appears

Download WhatsApp for iPhone6 ,iPhone6 plus

"Download whatsapp for iphone6 and iphone6 plus" :With the arrival of the iPhone in June and iPhone 6 Plus , the developers of applications for iOS is having something to do with two resolutions of all new and larger than theprevious used by Apple for its iPhone . It is no coincidence , in fact, most App Store apps still not being optimized for the new screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus .However , the developers of software more important not are losing time and are finalizing testing new application optimized for the iPhone 's largest . Among them are those of the developers of WhatsApp already working to optimize your application . We have been testing with the new WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and continue to share with you some photos of the new software.
"downlad whatsapp for iphone6 plus"
WhatsApp unfortunately there is known to be one of the updated application more often and more quickly. Apparently , even for the update to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus , the developers of the famous communication software if you are taking it a little convenient. Not too well . If the release of WhatsApp for iOS 7 needed a month , it seems that the version iOS 8 or new , big , iPhone not wait much longer. We have already tested the new WhatsApp and that's how it is running iPhone in June .
Compared with the public version available on the App Store, with the characters and the interface in general are magnified significantly , the beta we tested maximizes the available space on the screen of iPhone . This means that with the iPhone 6 - and more even with the iPhone 6 Plus - you can see more chat, messages, and multiple attachments without scrolling within the application . After a few days of use , we can confirm that , once updated , the new app will be very rewarding for Whatsapp on the screens of 4.7 " and 5.5 ". CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP FOR IPHONE6 AND IPHONE6 PLUS
Even in landscape mode change anything : just as the iMessage , the status bar disappears when we use our iPhone horizontally . In this way , we can benefit from space further to show our chat messages comprehensively and without having to scroll through the screen. A feature not only for those who frequently use WhatsApp in landscape mode !

Unfortunately , so far no sign of the rapid response to messages - one of the new iOS popular after eight - and integration with other applications through the extensions .

According to information in our possession , should not Mancar much to the release of WhatsApp for iOS 8 and 6 for the new iPhone on the App Store . As usual , we will inform you as soon as the new WhatsApp will be available to the public for download.

WhatsApp , WhatsApp August ios , iphone 6 WhatsApp , download WhatsApp for iphone 6 plus

How to Disable WhatsApp Blue Double Tick Check

The company has taken a first step allowing Android users can now configure whether to display ads read or not .
It is expected that the feature will come soon to iOS and Windows Phone .
As in other cases, this has resulted in a number of scams and scams on the Internet.
The blue double check WhatsApp, a story that is giving himself
It has managed to become very little time in one of the most hated features of the popular messaging app, we speak of course double check WhatsApp blue. This is the way to know if anyone has actually read your message through the app, something that until now could not tell. Yes, we could go to the user profile and see if you had recently connected or see if he had reached his device (with standard double check), but yes actually I had read. But now we have acknowledged and that has not finished like many who feel their privacy is being violated .

If in many ways in our lives and we have controlled the truth is that we just had to ask for explanations may also like: "I sent you a message, read it, but you did not answer me, why?". In addition, this new option messaging app has sparked a lot of tricks , such as those here you have,  to avoid giving the read receipt as activate airplane mode before reading the messages.

Well, to the relief of many WhatsApp has backed away and backtracked . The latest version of the instant messaging application for Android (02/11/44) allowed in the fixture Privacy disable the blue double check to avoid  showing our contacts if we read or messages. You need the version from the website WhatsApp , since you will not find in the store of Google or provide you with the system itself.

With respect to other operating systems like iOS or Windows Phone , it is expected that the company IM app also enable this option to disable read receipts in such systems, but is still unknown when it will be available. Do not worry, in due course notify you and give you all the details.

Now everyone is happy. Those who so wish may inform your contacts that they have read and those who do not want to have to do that

WhatsApp con and double check

Such events tend to walk most of times that cybercriminals make a killing. For example, some of the scams that emerged calling the telephone number in order to disable the blue double check WhatsApp . Obviously, it was a scam and they alerted the police through his Twitter @ police.
But it is not the first time that WhatsApp is the target of a scam. Now something similar happened with the supposed gold edition App , which involved a charge on the bill of € 36.25.

Given these scams is only one possibility: maximum use common sense and be well informed before giving according to what steps.

What do you think the reaction of WhatsApp? Is it too much control double blue tick?

Yosemite OS X slow and hard, how to fix

Yosemite OS X is still one of the best experiences I've ever had with an operating system. Apple has done a fantastic job and it is clear from the moment you start working with him. A level of performance can not be faulted, and that we are in the first version, although there are still things to improve. As I said in my review after upgrading to the new OS X , I felt released a new Mac but with all my files available.
Yosemite OS X slow and hard, how to fix

OS X slow Yosemite and back to OS X Mavericks

But not everyone shared my experience. More than 100 complaints have received through comments and emails from users who are Mac had become terribly slow in every way (including on and off).

Computers responding perfectly with Mavericks and now Yosemite no. Why ?, What's going on?

So these days due to travel've been more disconnected've had time to think about it and I think I found the solution. All or most of the slowness that has caused many users coming back (or want to) to OS X Mavericks was the FileVault.

OS X FileVault Yosemite and happy

Before writing anything more I have to give him a slap on Apple. Let's see, when it introduced the iPad Mini 3 was talk of scam and I, however, I approached the issue from another perspective so it did not look like this.

What I can not understand and I can not stand is the reason why Apple has decided to give the option to activate FileVault to install OS X Yosemite . It is assumed that when you install a device should not encounter obstacles and everything should be intuitive, which on this occasion has not happened, nor happened to iOS 8 where you were asking questions about privacy that more than one picked offside but hey we'll talk another time.

What sense does that users faced with the decision to activate or not FileVault to configure a new OS X? None, especially when you consider that a high percentage they sound like Chinese and do not understand what it takes to make use it.

The description given on the screen was very similar or the same (I do not remember now) that can be read on the tab Security and privacy within System Preferences :
ileVault disk protects data by automatically encrypting the contents. If you forget your password and the recovery key data will be lost.
So I understand that less experienced users, and after news that are read on the little security we have in our mobile devices and computers, have enabled this option and have set up FileVault on your Mac.

Am I saying it's a mistake to do? No, only if you are not 100% sure which implies use this, do not do it and you save problems. Even if you have photos and videos to your computer you do not want anyone to see, really, technological life is too complicated to make it even more difficult, is not it?

In fact, everyone who asked me said they thought this option was another novelty of the system.  FileVault is not new to OS X Yosemite and users who wanted to encrypt your information did with previous versions without problems (from 10.3, and we go through 10.10).

When enabled FileVault then? That depends because of data each containing on your Mac, but I would if I worked professionally with my bank details to third parties, on a secret project for a company or government, if I keep information that compromises stability a family or a country ... And there are always alternatives as secure notes  that we could serve.

Cases where the majority of users who have activated do not really need. Especially since it's FileVault, which sounds fantastically well " My taped information to anyone if stolen can make use of it "has a huge drawback: The Slowness .

Why does the slowest FileVault Mac? As a matter of logic operation once it is understood, as the data is being encrypted and decrypted continuously. So ordinary users, who are all day watching things on the net, downloading, moving files from one place to another etc noticed that FileVault turns our team on a turtle, regardless of the speed we have in the processor, gigas RAM ...

So if your computer after installing Yosemite is slow is not because Apple has done a worse OS X Mavericks or because they want you to buy a better computer, nothing like that. It has to do with FileVault box.

Yosemite OS X is fast and it's great

I do not remember reading much criticism with an Apple operating system, and see that when all hell broke out Lion of God, for it is quickly dubbed "Apple's Vista".

The breakthrough brought Yosemite OS X over its predecessors is admirable and worth than any apple user enjoy the experience that this involves all levels.

If I write this article is to prove to you that is not unique operating system problem, but there are two "guilty":

Apple complicate things by adding the possibility of FileVault during installation without the possibility of skipping the step if you do not know what it entails and the user will not be clear which means their use and not worry about knowing more detail.

To deactivate or check if you are using it is as easy as going to the System Preferences and then click on Security and Privacy. In the FileVault tab see if we have it or not activated.

Remember to make any changes you must click on the padlock that you have in the bottom left and enter your password.

I have FileVault enabled and Yosemite is slow

Can also occur. The solution here is to reset the PRAM. If you are noticing that when zooming, press the key to raise and lower the volume etc there is a small delay in response or lag , so I do it.
Immediately after turning on the Mac have to let down the keys: cmd + alt + p + r
If you did it correctly you will hear a second time on computer startup sound. At this time you lift your fingers and expect to boot normally.

OS X Yosemite goes well but the applications are very slow

It may be that despite having removed the FileVault and have restarted the PRAM, some applications, especially Safari, do not go quite right. In that case you must do one thing.

Launch Disk Utility, or from the Applications folder ... Spotlight and Repair Disk permissions . We'll talk about in another article in detail about it, but this practice should be taken out of habit. I'm not saying it done once a week but at least once or twice a month.

In the case of Safari from the Safari recommend yourselves tab click Clear History and data websites and then seleccionéis "All History".