Download Subway Surfers World Tour, Tokyo APK Free

With the famous style of the games runs infinite has populated to Android with titles like Temple Run or Rial Crush, one that has taken a lot of strength in recent times is the game Subway Surfers, APK that is very addictive and above all free!
The Subway Surfers apk v1.10.2 put us in the role of young gang members who have to escape the inspector and his dog running around the train tracks dodging trains, billboards and posters we intersect along the way, combining jumps and dragged to achieve it. There are power-ups that will we achieve more points, win more gold or jump higher, such as a magnet, a boot or a Jetpack that lift us to the skies to activate the bonus and try to grab the maximum amount of gold coins.

Under the leadership of the Universal, the full game Subway Surfers bring about HD graphics that are optimized for screen resolution bringing new phones and tablets

Z4Root 1.3 / 1.4 Latest APK Full Version Free Download for Android

Z4root APK is a small application that will allow us to root our Android terminal (give 'root') of a simpler procedure than the other way.

The list of terminals that can give 'root' permanent is: Samsung Galaxy S, Sony X10, Motorola Defy, Xperia Mini, Droid 2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy I5700, Hero, G1, Galaxy 3 I5800, Droid X, Samsung Acclaim Cricket Huawei Ascend Motorola Cliq Huawei 8120, Optimus T Droid 1 Garmin Asus, Backflip, A50, LG Ally, Motorola Flipside Motorola Milestone 2 Dell streak X10 Mini Pro. If your terminal is one of these we can root it smoothly.

If you have one of these terminals and install z4root, we will only follow the two instructions that will show the application below and restart the terminal. As we do, we will have a terminal ready 'rooted' and do with it whatever we want.
Z4root apk file download for android latest version
Z4root is a simple and powerful tool 'root', which offers many more facilities than most other similar procedures. In two minutes we can have our terminal with root access.

10 Battery Tips for Mobile Devices Tips to Fast Charge Your Smartphone

Batteries, which are now incorporated into mobile devices, are small wonders of technology. You save more energy than before and can be recharged any time. With the right tips and tricks can the battery power maximum fullest. We have compiled for you ten tips to help you achieve optimal battery performance:

1 Fast battery charge thanks to the original charger

fast mobile charging tips
IPads and other tablets have larger batteries than, for example mobile phones. The original charger of an iPad here offers a capacity of 2100mA, or about twice the current that supports a typical USB port. This additional power is also noticeable. So the iPad is charged with the original charger in about 5 hours while it lasts, for example, with an iPhone 5 charger good for 10 hours. This loads only at about 1000mA. If you insert a USB travel charger from a third party, it can take up to 24 hours for the iPad is fully charged. Some chargers also include circuits that prevent a full power. For example, slows an original Samsung charger for charging an iPad. It's just the reverse.

For fast charging of your mobile devices you should therefore always the original charger or use of third-party that was developed precisely for your device.

2 Many phones do not need to specific chargers

However, most mobile phones do not need special chargers. The small batteries are fully charged about the same speed with other devices. So an iPhone 5 is charged with the original charger in about 2 hours. With an HTC Travel Charger in 2 hours and 4 minutes, and with a Samsung charger in about 3 hours.

3 Charging with the USB port

All mobile devices can be recharged with the correct adapter via USB. USB 2.0 ports are available in two types: standard and charging cable (Generic). A standard USB port only provides 100mA poor, while a special USB charging port provides at least 500 MA. Larger devices such as tablets, however, usually not or only slowly charged via USB.

Many laptops offer a combination of standard USB port and charging USB port. However, these are usually in insufficient. Then only helps trying each port or a look at the manual. Some devices also support only up to 1100mA. Although the new USB 3.0 port delivers up to 900mA current event, this also supports only USB 3.0 devices. Closes her so at an older phone or an adapter with USB 2.0 function, 500mA only be issued maximum. And a caution: When using some USB hubs, the current is also distributed to all ports. Then it is even less power.

4 . Charging via Micro-USB

For devices that have Micro USB connections, you can all cables that have a Micro-USB plug for charging, use. You do not need a special Micro USB cable.

5 Important: The first charge

The first charge cycle is vital in any battery: Here, the state of the battery is determined. If you afloat the device for the first time, let's invite her this for at least 12 hours, it takes off and then used the device until the battery runs out of juice completely.

6 Long battery charging allows

Batteries contain circuits that control the flow of energy. This allows a continuous charging. When the battery is fully charged, pays a battery management controller that the battery is not overcharged. Lithium-ion batteries could explode namely.

7 increase. Lifetime through complete discharge

Modern lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect problem, so they can easily be charged even if the battery is not yet completely empty. However, many manufacturers recommend fully discharging the battery of the device at least once a month and then fully recharge. This prolongs the life cycle of your battery.

8 treats. Well battery and let the device

Treat your battery well, he will prove you good service for many years. Transported the battery, therefore always best in the device and ensures that the battery would collect no external impacts. Inside the battery is after all chemicals that should be protected.

9.Replace batteries 

However, no matter how well you treated, it's battery, sometimes causes loading capacity after. The battery life is shorter automatic. Use of chemical changes inside the battery. So Apple indicates, for example, that there is still about 80 percent battery power available after 1000 charge cycles. Other manufacturers refer to similar values.
A used battery should never be thrown in the trash because it contains toxic chemicals and is also flammable. Therefore discarded best are no longer used batteries in boxes in hardware stores or supermarkets.

10 diagnosis of a USB problem

battery charing tips for smartphones
Problems of charge via the USB port can be studied also in Windows. Clicking this in the "Control Panel" under "System" to "Device Manager" and select the "USB Controller". Every single USB port (Generic USB Hub) can now examine the "Properties" by clicking the right mouse button.

In the window "Properties of Generic USB Hub" then click on the "Power" tab. Here you can see a list of connected USB devices, along with the amount of energy that pulls the device. This information can help you determine if the device is quickly charged (500mA) or relatively slow

WeChat App download for PC (Windows PC) Free

You can easily download WeChat PC or computer. We have already covered some of the posts on how to use WhatsApp on your computer and Temple Run, you know very well that these are applications for Smartphones and we cannot use them officially on the computer system as well as Windows, Mac, but today we are here to give you how to use Android apps on your PC or Mac computer system as WeChat.
download wechat app for pc

Description about wechat app

SMS, voicemail and free video calls in your pocket. 300 million people WeChat love because it is fast, reliable, confidential, etc.
wechat for pc installation
  • Talk faster mobile with voice messages 
  • And video calls -Voice crystalline 
  • Messaging with instant group chats and animated emoticons 
  • With friends or -Discutez bystanders 
  • Send photos and videos has never been easier 
  • Fashion -Genuine walkie talkie with 40 friends maximum 
  • Always online, no disconnection, never missed a message 
  • Receive instantly alert messages through push notifications 
  • Share, like and comment on your friends' photos 
  • Bring contacts and instantly add friends 
  • Available on the iPhone and other smartphones, totally free 
  • Download full of animated stickers in the shop stickers 
  • WeChat operates through the data plan on your phone or Wi-Fi.

WeChat download for PC (Windows PC) Free

WeChat is not officially available for computers like Windows and Mac, but you can easily use it with the help of the Android emulator

Please follow each step mentioned below to download WeChat PC

  1. First, download Bluestacks from here
  2. Now, install it and open the App Player (You will get a shortcut icon on the desktop)
  3. In the search bar, type "WeChat"
  4. You will see the official WeChat App.
  5. Click on this link, download and install
Here is what is all you need to install on your PC or WeChat mac.

How to run Android apps on your PC/MAC/windows

If you're dying to run your favorite Android apps on a Windows computer, then you'll want to take a look at the new beta version of the BlueStacks App Player, an emulator for Android that works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. The software gives you access to Android apps from Android Market / Play Store, GetJar, Amazon AppStore or 1Mobile Market, and lets you run on your desktop computer. You can also use a complementary Android app to download the same apps you have on your mobile device to your computer and make the text messages sent to your phone forwarded to your PC/MAC.
If you want to make the attempt with BlueStacks, these are the steps to follow:

Download Bluestcks App to Run All Android Apps On PC

To download the App Player beta sees the BlueStacks site, click on the "Download Now" button on the home page and run the EXE file. If your computer lacks the NET framework 3.5, you are prompted to install the utilities before proceeding with App Player. The program takes only minutes to install, since most files and other data required by the application are then obtained from the network. Android Phone The configuration process is fairly straightforward, but the owners of Android smartphones will want to be sure to click on the "Yes" when the installer asks you for your mobile. The program will ask for an email address and a phone number. BlueStacks will then send a text message and email with more details so you sync your phone with App Player. Sometimes sending text messages may fail, but we found that all necessary information was already contained in the mail.
run android apps on pc

run android apps on pc

Launch your Android apps

Once you have entered the details of your Android device, you're ready to start using the application. By default, you will get a number of apps to test immediately, as the Nook from Barnes & Noble, Documents To Go, Evernote, Fruit Ninja Free, Pulse, and StumbleUpon. To launch an app, click once on the program icon. To return to the main screen, click on the icons BlueStacks the center of the navigation bar at the bottom of the window App Player.
how to run android apps on pc

Most Android apps Download

To download applications from the various stores of Android, simply enter the name of the app in the search bar which is under the apps section. You can download almost anything you can use on your phone. However, some messaging applications such as WhatsApp Messenger, for example, do not work within the App Player. Gets its App Player applications Google Play, but you can also download stores like Amazon Android App Store, GetJar and 1Mobile Market. Click on the transparent window on top of the desktop add Windows and select the icon for the shopping basket to point a specific market.
run android apps on pc

Prepare your Android device

If you want to receive text messages and bring the same apps you have on your phone App Player for your PC/MAC, you must download the free plug BlueStacks Cloud Connect from Google Play. The app prompts you to enter a PIN that you were previously emailed. You can also find the PIN within the App Player by clicking on the icon "Settings" at the bottom right of the navigation bar. On the next page, select "Cloud Connect" and a popup will show you your PIN.
run android apps on pc
Cloud Connect is a fairly straightforward operation: Just select the apps that you want to "sync" with App Player and then press the button to sync up to the Right. If you want to synchronize all touches in the box next to "Sync" button. Despite its name, this functionality will only download the same app on your phone App Player. It will not sync your settings and data such as your login information will be refilled. Windows 8 The App Player may be useful for future Windows 8 tablets with touch capabilities. If the Windows Store lacks a Metro version of an app you want to use, you can go to the BlueStacks App Player. The only disadvantage is that you will be running Android apps on a traditional desktop environment of Windows. Might interest you too: 

Download:WhatsApp.apk Free Download for Android

The WhatsApp.apk is the application belonging to the free messaging service WhatsApp in the installation format for Android. It goes without saying that to use the application should have it installed on our device so I come to leave the link so they can download the free WhatsApp.APK.
android whatsapp apk file free download
The popular application of messaging WhatsApp allows us:

Send free SMS to friends who have the application installed on their devices regardless of their platform and friends.

Send multimedia files to app users: pictures, videos, voice notes, pictures etc.
The requirements are simple, have a device with Android, and therefore when to download them as being connected using a 3G or WiFi network and continuously sending and receiving accurate data. Persons seeking how to download the WhatsApp application format for Android APK can enter the following direct link:
URL WhatsApp.APK

Watch Dogs: Check out the Best Tips to Escape the Police in the Game

Watch Dogs is the new game from Ubisoft, released for Windows and consoles of the current and previous generation, where players enter the shoes of a hacker who had his family attacked by the mob. In it, players participate in missions and challenges, and they can do whatever they want in the open world. Some of these actions end up calling the attention of police. Now learn some tips to outwit the lawmen in the game.

Escape the police is a critical element in Watch Dogs, because many of the actions that will make can result in becoming a target for the police force. You can also take some precautions to prevent this from occurring. 
watch dog game tricks and tips

Listed below are some:

  1. Avoid running around town with his gun drawn. Such behavior could end up disturbing passersby. It is best to leave it stored and withdraw only when necessary.
  2. Avoid attacks people in public places. It is best if someone is attacking, that is inside of buildings, for example, where there is free access to the public.
    best tips and tricks of watch dog game
  3. Avoid removing the drivers from their cars and riders of motorbikes its strength, as this will encourage them to call the police
  4. Avoid locations where the status sought Aiden is being transmitted. If not careful, someone may recognize you in the street and notify the police of his whereabouts. By improving your reputation will decrease the frequency in which their status is being transmitted.
If you can not avoid violating the law, then begins the process of locating the whereabouts of Ainden. This is symbolized by the yellow circle that appears on the minimap. This is not the end of the world because you could avoid persecution from the beginning.

First of all, you can try to escape the yellow circles, but always keep an eye on the minimap as new circles will appear. You can also use to hinder the police perform a reliable scan the area.
escape from police in watch dog game
The real chase begins the moment you fail to escape the location of the scan police, either because they committed a crime or even if it is a requirement for a mission. During the persecutions, it is very good to use and easy to maneuver fast cars.
Can not always get the vehicle you want, but if you expect a possible prosecution is possible as a result of any action by you, try to choose a good machine before. Soon after the persecution started, try to focus on your direction, especially because Aiden cannot shoot while driving.

The key is to finish each chase escape the view of police and sensitive manner, and that's when his skills as a hacker can help. You can, for example, invade the lights, raise drawbridges and raise stakes as the image. All these strategies will be successful to decrease the speed of the police cars. Also, you can try to damage the cars that are chasing.
watch dog game tips and tricks
But you have to keep in mind two things. The first is that many of the advanced hacker actions are only available after unlocking certain skills. Second, stay straight using your smartphone hacking will drain your battery, so use with caution. Ie, only when you are sure that this action will disrupt the cops who are chasing.

Disappear from the view of the police will enable the latter part of the persecution, ie, the phase of the search. Actually, there are two ways to terminate a pursuit. The first is to drive to the gray circle out there on the mini map. This option is best if you are with a good, fast car.

The other alternative is to wait until the search ends in a safe place. In this case, it is recommended to park in an underground parking lot, for example. You can also hide inside the car, but this option will not save your skin if a police car approaching

Note that the end of the chase does not mean that the police forgotten you. The bar that exists below the minimap indicates the current level of interest from the police and it can be repopulated. This means that the persecution will be resumed, if too close to any police car. The best way to reset the bar is back to his hiding place and rest.