{Free}Download Latest Version Of Samsung Kies PC Suite For Windows and Mac

Kies is the software offered by Samsung to connect mobile devices such as phones, smartphones or tablets to a computer.
It allows to update the mobile's internal software (firmware), manage and synchronize contacts, store pictures or videos, etc.

Samsung Kies Pc Suite supports most mobile of the Galaxy or Wave range. Note that version 3, proposed here in the main download link is compatible with smartphones and tablets from the Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or higher). For mobile, smartphones and tablets before the Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc.), download the version 2 via this link (direct formal link to download).
download free samsung kies software for pc windows and mac

An alternative to this software is offered as an application to make a wireless connection: Kies Air (see link below).

As its name suggests, Samsung Kies PC SUITE is an application developed specifically for Samsung branded Android phone. The software supports many features that offer you the ability to fully manage your device. You'll be able to sync your phone with a computer but also save your contacts and SMS messages or your media and even your software, etc.

Samsung Kies has an identical interface to a virtual machine, it allows you to manipulate your mobile device from your workstation. It is essential to all Samsung smartphone holders. The use of this program is super obvious, in fact you simply make a few clicks to make any operation backup and sharing.

Note that the models 551 and Galaxy Galaxy Naos or Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Galaxy Teos and also Galaxy and Wave 550 and Wave 723 as Wave 533, Wave II and Wave 575 are supported by this application. Samsung Kies can also work with other Samsung devices such as MP3 players and camcorders and cameras, etc. Download this free software!

Samsung Kies provides Samsung smartphone owners a complete multimedia suite for data backup and update for PC

Save images and messages

With the application, you download audio and video files on your phone, you update the firmware and you compare your contacts.

After the launch of Samsung Kies on the phone, the user will have the choice between the I9000 Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Tab. Content Manager allows you to manage videos, music and images and save media files.

Received messages can be read directly from Samsung Kies or saved on the hard disk. Video converter converts videos into mobile format, while the integrated burner supports multimedia files.

Samsung Kies pc suite also handles update your Samsung applications from the Internet, but it is also possible to download new software. The firmware keeps your system up to date.

Smooth navigation

On the left, the user has access to all the multimedia content and can display the used space on his phone.

Samsung Kies is distinguished by its attractive design: All features are easily accessible through large icons.

Nevertheless, the following resource consuming and slows down the PC. Moreover, the software often provides driver issues when the user connects the device.

Conclusion: A perfectible software

For many users Samsung, Samsung Kies is an essential software. Connection problems, however, are common. A Mac version is available for Apple users.



  • Samsung Galaxy 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Express
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II(Kies 3)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3(Kies 3)
  • Samsung Galaxy R
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S IIIa
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S Advance
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos(GT-S7562)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy SL I9003
  • Samsung Galaxy Spica
  • Samsung Galaxy Trend
  • Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
  • Samsung C3112
  • Samsung C6625
  • Samsung Champ Camera 3303
  • Samsung Corby Pro GT-B5310
  • Samsung DUOS GT-S7562
  • Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-i5500
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
  • Samsung Galaxy Pro (GT-B75100)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy W
  • Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
  • Samsung GT-C3200
  • Samsung GT-C3330 Champ 2
  • Samsung GT-C6712 STAR II Duos
  • Samsung GT-E2652
  • Samsung GT-S3370
  • Samsung GT-S3850 Corby2
  • Samsung GT-S5233S
  • Samsung GT-S5292
  • Samsung GALAXY 3 GT-i5801
  • Samsung i8910HD

How to Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your Windows Computer

When I showed my nephews Minecraft, they wanted to download the game immediately. But there was one problem: I was not going to pay for my nephews. They still be able to play, I searched several options to play Minecraft for free.
Minecraft for PC software is not for free. The fastest solution for my cousins ​​would be like their parents before they bought the game, but you know how parents are: they must first be convinced.
With all this in mind, I went to work. I found three options for free Minecraft enjoy and sent them on to my family.
Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your windows Computer

About Minecraft Game 

Minecraft is a sandbox game "where you build your own creations. It's a simple game where you get easily addicted to. You simply start with empty hands, but in no time you create huge buildings.

A matter of survival

When you play the game generates automatically a Minecraft world. Herein you as soon as possible should be looking for wood and coal. You'll need tools and torches to make. Then it is wise to cut out a cave before dark; then the samples and that make you wonder! The game consists entirely of 8-bit style blocks and the music is very minimalist. This gives Minecraft a totally unique style.
Here is the Actual Tutorial .How to Play Minecraft Game On PC

1. Play the free demo

For a while there's  a demo that you can download after your account you created on the official Minecraft website. In that demo, you play for nearly two hours in an open world and in survival mode. After two hours of closing the demo automatically.

Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your windows Computer

But there is a simple trick to play for more than two hours. Open the browser and type % AppData% followed by an Enter and go to the folder saves / Demo_World. There you delete the files Level.dat and level.dat_old. Then restart the demo.
Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your windows Computer

2. Speel Minecraft Classic in je browser

At first Minecraft was played from the browser . In early versions lacked many objects and essence of the current game, but the basics were there.
Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your windows Computer

This classic Minecraft version is still to play for free via this link . One drawback: save your game is not possible and the game contains only the create mode. It is, in short, the essence of Minecraft.

3. Older versions and betas of Minecraft play

In the current launcher of Minecraft you can run older versions of the game, even if you have not paid for the game. To do this, create a new profile and turn you through the menu using 'Alpha'- and' Bèta'-versions.
Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your windows Computer

In Use Version choose one of the older versions of Minecraft; I recommend old_beta b1.6.4 ). Save the profile and click  Play Demo . You will see that it is not a demo, but the full version of the game!
Play Minecraft on PC Install it on your windows Computer

the best solution

This solution helped me to let my cousins ​​still extensively acquainted with the essential (and so addictive) elements of Minecraft. But in the end I managed to convince their parents to buy the game for their kids. That was a wise decision. The kids let their creative spirit loose in a boundless playground, while the developer gets his money.

Best Free Softwares For Photo Editing, Image Editing Software Free Download Windows/MAC

Not everyone has the technical skills or the money to expensive and complex editing software programs like  Adobe Photoshop to use. Fortunately, there are plenty of free alternatives. Who are perhaps not as sophisticated, but certainly comparable.
Below are a few of the best free photo editing softwares that lets you get the most out of your photo.
best software for photo editing for windows free download

1. GIMP is the best software for image editing 

GIMP is probably one of the most famous and similar alternatives to Photoshop, mainly because of the extensive and advanced capabilities . Standard things like cropping and airbrushing , to more advanced things like gradients and create layers, GIMP has it all and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

When you open a photo to edit it, it will appear in a single window, with the GIMP toolbar and all the options in a separate window. In the toolbar you will find all the basic features. Want more, then you should go to the menus at the top image. Every next photo you open it, also gets its own window, but if you want there is also a single-window mode , which is just a little easier to manage. The interface is pretty simple, which has in the past for some criticism, but an open-source software that has been twenty years in the market, it's all pretty clear.
best photo editing software free download
Yet it can be difficult for beginners to get the hang of all the possibilities. On the other hand, if you'd like to learn more about photo editing without pulling your wallet for Photoshop, GIMP is a very good option.
Download GIMP for Windows | Mac

2.Paint.NET Popular software program for photo editing 

Paint.NET draws inspiration from Microsoft Paint and a robust free software. The options are not as extensive as with GIMP, Paint.NET but still contains all the essential tools to edit your photos, such as color correction, contrast, sharpen and blur. There are also a few nice touches, like filters, so your picture looks like a pencil or oil painting.
best photo editing software free download
One of the biggest benefits is that your multiple photos to edit. The preview tab swap quickly between photos. It is also possible to edit multiple layers.

Like GIMP Paint.NET has a very simple interface, but the layout of toolbars and pockets for layers makes it very easy to get started.

Download Paint.NET for Windows

3.Photoscape one of the top photo and image editing software in market

Photoscape is certainly not the most comprehensive software in this list, but it offers more than just editing tools. With Photoscape you manage your photos, convert your images and create your animated GIFs , all through a simple menu with tabs at the top of the screen.

The editing capabilities are not in a classical sidebar, as you would expect, so it's slightly harder to get Photoscape master. Once you find out that you're the images processed by the bottom of the screen, it's pretty easy to make quick edits, such as adding objects or text, photos and cropping images clones. The fine of Photoscape is that you will receive instructions on how to use the tool as soon as you click on them, which makes the software very suitable for beginners.
best photo editing software free download
Unfortunately it is not possible to edit layers but if you want to redecorate just little things, then PhotoScape an excellent choice.

Download PhotoScape for Windows | Mac

4.Picasa Googles Owned Best image and photo editing Free Software

Picasa, Google is like Photoscape both an editor and photo manager. It's perfect for short jobs and filters , as you find in popular mobile apps like  Instagram or  VSCOcam .

Compared with the other software in the list, it does not have all the advanced features that might be looking for, but it's definitely the easiest to use. Choose your Picasa as your default manager, you have a library for accessing all your photos, automatically synchronizes with all your folders.

If you double-click a file from the library, you get to see the pictures automatically in full screen and you can immediately start editing. You can also scroll through your library from the operation, so you never have to go back to find a picture.
best photo editing software free download
The software includes classic filters like Sepia and Lomo, standard tools such as straightening and cropping and things like color matching.

Because Google's Picasa is, log into your Google account and sync all your photos on Google+, making it easier to share files or albums.

Download Picasa for Windows | Mac

5.Autodesk Pixlr Leading Image editing Free Sotware Download

Originally a web app, when a mobile app, but now Pixlr is also available for your desktop.

Pixlr has one of the simplest, most streamlined and modern interfaces with a simple sidebar with all editing. Autodesk Pixlr is packed with filters and effects , ranging from Warhol-like effects, frames and stickers to fireworks and flames. All effects are stored in the cloud and are downloaded when you use them the first time, so in the beginning it is a bit slower than usual.
best photo editing software free download
Autodesk Pixlr is very suitable if you want to play a little with your photos, especially since it is so easy to use is. The standard editing features can be found under  fast .

Finally, a little warning. Pixlr is asking for your permission to analytics to collect about the use of the software, and even though the app is free, you have some options for a free account or purchase the Pro version which will cost you $ 14.99 per year.

Download Autodesk Pixlr for Windows | Mac

Top Photo editing Softwares for everyone

You do not have to spend a fortune on software like Photoshop. The above softwares offer the standard tools to enhance your photos easily. Pixlr is perfect for filters, Picasa photo management and GIMP is ideal for advanced operations. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive software or just something simple to decorate your photos, you'll find it in one of these free softwares.

The best free antivirus Softwares for Mac 2015 Free Download

Mac OS X is regarded as a secure operating system, but there are viruses that can harm your computer. Below we show you some free antivirus programs that will help you disinfect your Mac.
Viruses appear only on Windows computers is unfortunately not true . Although Mac OS X is generally very safe, there are still viruses that may affect the system. Éven Windows viruses can be a threat.

To keep you against these viruses, it is advisable to install an antivirus program. The following programs are all free and very good. They help you all to keep your computer and data safe.
"free antivirus software for mac"

1.Avast Free Antivirus for Mac

In August 2014 was Avast for Mac as the best by AV-Test , with a detection rate of up to 97.4%. The program requires little memory, is fast, easy to use and has a so-called webschild (WebRep) for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

best antivirus software for mac os
 CLICK HERE to download Avast Free Antivirus For Mac

2.Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

In AV-Test in August 2014 Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac knew whopping 96.6 of malware detection. Sophos needs more memory than Avast, but also detects Windows viruses. The program offers real-time protection of your network and scans disks and USB sticks. The interface has a real Mac look.

best antivirus software for mac os 2015

3.Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo is a name we associate primarily with Windows, but the program is also available for the Mac, and now offers everything. Continuous protection, automatic updates, and ability to files in the dock to scan. According to AV-Test, the detection rate of 83.8%.
best antivirus software for mac os 2015

4.AVG AntiVirus for Mac

AVG is a newcomer to the market antivirus for Mac. The program protects against Mac, Windows and mobile viruses, provides permanent protection and interface similar to the Windows version. According to AV-Test is 82.1% of the malware detected. Not bad.
"best antivirus software for mac os 2015"

5.ClamXav 2

ClamXav uses the same technology as ClamAV, the famous open source antivirus program. Unlike ClamAV, ClamXav is a kind of real-time protection (guard mode) that scans files when they are loaded. ClamXav solves your problems without going into too much in the foreground.
*best antivirus software for mac os 2015**
Download  ClamXav for Mac

Is it worth paying for an antivirus program for Mac?

Of course there are other antivirus programs for Mac, some of which have been paid. This also instantly get the highest scores. There are Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norman. The question is, is it worth it to pay for this protection? The answer depends on what you need. Do you just want a good scanner to occasionally use to, you'll probably only need a free software.

Subway Surfers Tricks,Cheats,Hacks to High Score |7 tips to be the best

Subway Surfers (available for Android , iOS and Windows Phone ) is a classic endless runner , when avoiding obstacles and collecting money and items. Want to better play the coil and higher scores get? Today we show you the most important strategies and tips for Subway Surfers. After reading this article you stand at number one in the rankings!

How to Collect as many coins In subway surfers

To get a higher score than your friends, it is important to collect a lot of coins. Choose not always the easiest way, but for the route you the most money yields. Stay in the middle lane and go quickly to the left or right to hijack the coins there.

Do not forget to collect power-ups

Coins are not the only thing that is important in Subway Surfers. Do you see a power-up, remember that snap and then go for that perk. That provides you because great benefits , such as boots that you run faster and jump higher or a magnet that pulls all your coins to you. Okay, it does cost you some coin, but the rewards are more than worth it.
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Buy skateboards

Unlike other games, it really in Subway Surfers needs to spend coins to progress. There are numerous items for sale, but the first thing you absolutely must invest in is called a hoverboard. This board has a great feature if you betting, you are as much as 30 seconds immortal ! Always try some of these hoverboards have with you and activate them when the going gets tough.

Investeer in upgrades

It's also wise to spend your coins on upgrades. That help you improve the power-ups along the way. You earn your investment back quickly: with the upgrades you indeed simpler collect coins.
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Do not you give money to single-use items

Whether it's play money or real money to give out, the purchase of single-use item s (hoverboards excepted) is not recommended. They are quite expensive and pieces less interesting than the boards. The powerups you collect free while playing much more useful.

Keep your keys for special situations

Keys are another form of currency in Subway Surfers. It is very difficult to conquer this free, so do not give them right out . Save them for a situation where it's really worth it to use them.

Suppose you die like you almost have improved the score of a friend. If you spend a key, you are just keep playing longer and you can get the friend in question finally. Try at least not more than to spend one key per game.

Always check the daily missions and challenges

An easy way to get points and coins to the challenges and missions overcome . These can be found on the main screen. The missions have no expiration date and are actions you take in the game: collect a certain number of coins, jump a certain number of times ...

The challenges are different every day and are easier to overcome than the missions. Try one of them every day to play, because if you win five consecutive days, then the reward is well worth the effort.
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Ready to start? Off!

If you follow these tips, you play Subway Surfers much longer and gives you higher scores. As always again: practice makes perfect, so keep playing and especially before you know it you are the best player of your friends!

Download Angry Birds Transformers For Android, iPhone, iPad

Angry Birds Transformers is just another game Angry Birds in the lead role, but how you look at it, the Angry Birds games are almost always pretty good. That is to Angry Birds Transformers no different. In this game you run from left to right across your screen and shoot at all enemy green pigs who you encounter. You can shoot the pigs themselves, but often it's smarter to the buildings where the pigs are hiding in shoot so they collapse. This is well done and is a nice reference to the more traditional Angry Birds games where you catapult birds to buildings.
angery birds transformers for android
Game graphics are again like the other Angry Birds games; colorful and cartoon-like. Very beautiful it all looks not out and now there are plenty of games that look better, but it will do just fine. There are quite a few levels which play Angry Birds Transformers remains long fun. All in all, this Angry Birds, game is another fun game


Download Angry Birds for Android Transformers 
Transformers Download Angry Birds for iPhone and iPad

*Hostgator BlackFriday Sale 2014,Super Saving Hostgator Coupon Codes 2014 With 90%OFF ON Hosting

"Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale": Hostgator is considered as one of the best facilitating organizations where you can have your online journals and your sites, and numerous bloggers are utilizing it without any issues. In the event that you needed to purchase Hostgator facilitating record, then here is the opportunity to get it as they are putting forth an extraordinary markdown on all their facilitating arrangements for a complete weekend. The Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale is here and you wouldn’t have any desire to pass up a great opportunity for this opportunity.
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A year ago, Hostgator offered a half markdown on the majority of the facilitating plans yet this time around they have expanded the rebate rate to 60%. It implies that for the complete weekend, from November 29th to December second, you will get a 60% markdown on the majority of their facilitating arrangements. The arrangements included in this deal are Shared facilitating, Hostgator VPS facilitating, Hostgator devoted facilitating, Hostgator Windows facilitating.

Hostgator Cyber Monday Hosting Deal Link (up to 80% Off)
Hostgator Cybermonday Hosting Deal Link: (up to 80% Off)

Sign Up for Hostgator (No Coupon Required)

On the off chance that you are not mindful of what Hostgator is, perhaps in light of the fact that you are simply beginning in the blogging field, then I might want to let you know that they are the best web facilitating suppliers right now. They offer you incredible administration and their client administration is one thing they are very acclaimed for. So in the event that you are considering getting a web host for your online journal, then do consider getting the Hostgator Black Friday 2014 rebate and spare a great deal of cash.

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale Discount Coupon

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale and Discount Offer:

The day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are two days when the rebates and offers pop up on all the main stores. Hostgator is one such organization that provides for you monstrous markdown on nowadays. Furthermore to greatly improve the situation, they are giving the 60% off rebate to the whole weekend. The Hostgator Black Friday 2013 markdown offer will begin on Black Friday and will end on Cyber Monday.

The authority timings for beginning of the Hostgator Black Friday advancement are:

Hostgator the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving 2014 rebate offer will begin just after 12 pm, 29th November, Friday at CST and will end at 11.59pm on second December CST time.

For the entire weekend, you will get 60% rebate on all the facilitating arrangements. What’s more to bring about a significant improvement, Hostgator is going to give an one-hour long Flash deal consistently for the weekend where you can get 75% off on all their arrangements.

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Discount Sale Offerthe Flash Sale timings (CST Timings):

Friday 12am – 1am

Friday 9am – 11am

Friday 9pm – 11pm

Saturday 12pm – 1pm

Sunday 8pm – 9pm

Monday 12am – 1am

Monday 10am – 12am

Monday 10pm – 11:59pm

Which Hostgator Hosting Plan Should You Buy?

The best thing about Hostgator is that they offer various facilitating arrangements to look over as indicated by your prerequisites. They are putting forth a markdown on imparted facilitating records, VPS facilitating and Dedicated facilitating.

Be that as it may on the off chance that you are ready to get a VPS facilitating or Dedicated facilitating for yourself, you may not get the best markdown as the offer is material for the first month and for the months after that you will need to pay the same bill. The best facilitating plan to get in this Hostgator the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving 2014 deal would be Baby Plan.

With Baby Plan, you get a considerable measure of gimmicks that you can utilization. You can have boundless spaces and set up boundless websites with a solitary record. You can make boundless email locations, set up boundless FTP records, boundless MYSQL databases and a great deal more. In short, the best offer for your cash this Black Friday would be running with the Hostgator’s Baby Plan.

Other Hosting plans that you can run with:

Hatchling Plan

Infant Plan (Best esteem)

Strategy for success

VPS facilitating (Discount for first month just)

Committed facilitating (Discount for first month just)

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale Discount Coupon Offer

What You Get With Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale?

There is no coupon code for this deal. The coupon will be connected consequently and you will be charged in like manner.

You will get a 60% rebate on the aggregate bill.

The offer is not substantial for record reestablishment yet the current clients can include new records with the marked down cost from inside the charging region.

For VPS and Dedicated Hosting, you can get max markdown on one month facilitating.

Installment can be made through Paypal or Credit Card.

The Black Friday and the Cyber Monday rebates doesn’t request restoring your current records, yet that is no issue. You can simply add another facilitating bundle to your current record by logging into your charging zone. Go to your Hostgator charging zone, log into it and buy another bundle from that point for a 60% off markdown with the Hostgator Black Friday 2014 deal.

I don’t believe that such an incredible arrangement is going to come whenever soon later on so better grab it up before its past the point of no return. What’s more in case you’re fortunate, you can even get markdown up to 75%.

So quit thinking much and exploit this Hostgator Black Friday 2014 deal now and begin your blogging excursion with a blast. Click on the connection underneath to sign up with Hostgator.

Sign up for Hostgator (No Coupon Required)

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Black Friday 2015 is on Friday, November 27, 2015
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Please check here for all of the Cyber Monday days.

Hostgator Black Friday - 2014, 60-80% OFF Deals links, Coupon Codes
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