The Three Great Enemies of a Blog

Today we'll talk about the three great enemies of a blog. I recently completed 3 years blogging. Believe me when I say that, although it has been a very rewarding period, the work was hard. And lately is harder still, because it is more difficult to capture public attention because of the huge competition, social media (especially Twitter), that have changed the way we communicate on the Internet and influenced how blog, and changes in Google algorithms, which aims to ensure the highest quality and usefulness of the content occupying the top positions in the search results.
how to surive from blogging
From the beginning, I realized that you had to have a lot of imagination and that blogs are not a 100 meters race but a marathon. It is very easy to start a blog and leave soon. In fact, that's what happens to a large number of people who open a blog. Today we will see some of the causes of the closure of a blog. Fortunately, there are remedies against them.

A blog has three great enemies: the lack of constancy, apathy and impatience. Then I invite you to fight those three enemies with a few tricks I've learned over time.

Lack of Evidence

If you fail to regularly publish when simply not going to engage your followers. Especially at the beginning, set yourself a pace of publication and follow a schedule. And do not confuse rest with abstinence: sometimes you need a break; used the holiday as an incentive, not a procrastination.


Boredom is another major obstacles faced by a blogger. Apathy comes when your blog has taken over you. How to achieve not be a prisoner of your blog?

Stacey Roberts proposes in 2014 Reboot: Find Motivation and Inspiration to Blog Better This Year some good solutions to combat boredom start a meme, interact with other bloggers, be exposed to new things (buy a book, watch a movie, meet someone Again, going for walks, spending time with his family, listening to music, going out of their normal daily rhythm, etc.).

But there is one idea at the very interesting article: Hire a coach who forces you to step back when necessary, to keep you in the direction that you have previously established that makes you difficult questions and encourages you when you're in a slump. No need to pay for a coach, this may be a friend, family member, another blogger, etc..


Patience is the first weapon of a blogger and this is not nonsense. Without patience you will not get far. Visits will not arrive on the first day; perhaps months elapse until you start to see the first fruits. And if your blog has lots of years, then all the more reason you should arm yourself with patience because the world will breakneck speed and the road is endless.

I hope these will serve and fight it touches your irregularity, laziness and impatience.

How to [OPEN] Access Blocked Websites on Browser,Mobile

They say that the Internet is not golf you can put doors. But it is not true at all, as all in one time or another we have found ourselves the position to not be able to enjoy certain service because it is locked or geographically similar things. Fortunately there are VPN and proxies that allow you to bypass these restrictions, however in the eyes of the average user to configure them in a position not easy, a problem that solves the extension for the Chrome web browser called ZenMate.
how can i access blocked website url android mobile
ZenMate Plugin To Access Blocked Websites
The same was released a few months ago, have just announced that they have already exceeded one million users, and in summary we can say that is a complement of Chrome which allows you to browse the network from the browser that takes us into doing . traffic by third party servers other words, installing X ZenMate and web access , the access request reaches a third-party server which in turn sends it to the site and equal to the inverse; the site detects the server request, responds, and sends this response to the user.

Okay, so what does it mean in practical terms? might be wondering many. Well, having an intermediary server between users and websites, the latter receiving requests from the server, which identifies websites that reach across the country in which the server and not via the user is located. So if Pepito, who lives in Spain, I would like to access Netflix, site not operating in Spain, could do ZenMate installing and configuring a server it USA , Native nation's service because Netflix would come to the access request from USA

Best of all is just that once installed, ZenMate provides various servers located in different parts of the globe , and together virtually any user can access any website from anywhere in the world. And it does so very simply, or other major asset for extension: you just have to install it , create an account, activate the extension, choose the server that we best fits at all times and ready, we will be sailing with him.

In addition, the third big thing or the invention themselves explain that ZenMate goes beyond other similar options because not only removes the geographic restrictions also fully encrypts all traffic "to the highest safety standards" by which the Users browsing safer and more private.

So either skip the issue of location restrictions or improve privacy, it is highly recommended to install ZenMate. We took a few days testing it and we have not yet found any fault, even a slowdown in connection note , something that usually happens when you navigate with a VPN or free proxy involved.
entrance, entry, way in, means of entry, ingress;
log (up), stop up, choke, plug, obstruct, gum up, occlude, dam up, congest, jam, close

Free Top High PR Dofollow Directory Submission Site List

Without doubt, one of the headaches of administering any blog is the position, ie the position where any of the entries listed in the result of a search through Google . To get a good position as we introduce is called SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
directory submission list
If we have been consistent and have written every week, we noted that the indexing of the contents of your blog by the search engine Google ( Spider ) is faster. This is due to the fact that while at first it may be days or even weeks since we published an entry until it appears in the search, with the passage of time is adjusted automatically tracking the frequency with which the Spider check out the blog. For this reason it is essential to publish frequently

But we must not confuse the positioning with content indexing . The first seeks to improve the position,  the latter seeks that all our content is recognized by the search engine .

If you just start a blog I recommend you read " Send Blog Sitemap to Google "as it is essential for indexing content

The topic SEO is an extremely large and complex to summarize in a single entry world. On the other hand, just looking to indicate that one of the ways in which we can improve the positioning is to record our blog in various  blog directories.

do not know if you noticed on some blogs (including this one) are a series of logos with links at different sites. Normally each of these icons represents a directory.

Why register a blog blog directory improves positioning?

The explanation is simple, these directories have a degree of updating hundreds or thousands of daily news . Each of these news comes from blogs, so the directory as such has, if you compare it to a blog a high priority and what is called a Page Rank higher. This causes Google to index and prioritize the directory first and then links to news items that normally end up in the blog that generated them. In other forms a directory of blogs wholly or partly each of your blog posts with a link to this.

A directory of blogs provides quality inbound links to the blog

Any SEO will aim to get inbound links (ie pointing to the blog) from quality sites. The goal is to position the content to generate more visits.

So, if I publish an entry on my blog and this one, it is discharged into a blog directory , it is possible ... well ... the news is safe even if the same will come first published in directory and then our blog will appear lower positions (which will be indexed but not positioned).
What are the recommended blog directories?

NoDofollow Directory NameGoogle Page RankSubmit Here
1.http://www.traveltourismdirectory.net7Free Submit
2.http://www.cyndislist.com7Free Submit
3.http://www.dmoz.org7Free Submit
4.http://www.highrankdirectory.com7Free Submit
Top High PR 6 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
NoDofollow Directory NameGoogle Page RankSubmit Here
1.http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com6Free Submit
2.http://www.gmawebdirectory.com6Free Submit
3.http://www.hotvsnot.com6Free Submit
4.http://www.siteswebdirectory.com6Free Submit
5.http://www.usalistingdirectory.com6Free Submit
6.http://www.ukinternetdirectory.net6Free Submit
Top High PR 5 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
NoDofollow Directory NameGoogle Page RankSubmit Here
1.http://www.armenianlinks.com5Free Submit
2.http://www.bhanvad.com5Free Submit
3.http://directory.r-tt.com5Free Submit
4.http://www.findelio.com5Free Submit
5.http://www.joeant.com5Free Submit
6.http://www.mygreencorner.com5Free Submit
7.http://www.officialsearch.com5Free Submit
8.http://www.somuch.com5Free Submit
9. Submit
10.http://www.01webdirectory.com5Free Submit
Top High PR 4 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
NoDofollow Directory NameGoogle Page RankSubmit Here
1.http://www.ananar.com4Free Submit
2.http://www.businessseek.biz4Free Submit
3.http://www.elitesitesdirectory.com4Free Submit
4. Submit
5.http://www.linkcentre.com4Free Submit
6.http://www.netinsert.com4Free Submit
7.http://www.pegasusdirectory.com4Free Submit
8.http://www.tsection.com4Free Submit
9.http://www.w3catalog.com4Free Submit
10.http://www.1websdirectory.com4Free Submit
Top High PR 3 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
NoDofollow Directory NameGoogle Page RankSubmit Here
1.http://www.askdirectory.com3Free Submit
2.http://www.blazewebdirectory.com3Free Submit
3.http://www.directmylink.com3Free Submit
4.http://www.freedirectorysubmit.com3Free Submit
5.http://www.hawkdirectory.com3Free Submit
6.http://www.infrasec-conf.org3Free Submit
7.http://www.packages-seo.com3Free Submit
8.http://www.submityoursite.com3Free Submit
9.http://www.towebmaster.net3Free Submit
10.http://www.voxcap.com3Free Submit
Top High PR 2 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
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1.http://www.abovealldirectory.com2Free Submit
2.http://www.bubbleplex.com2Free Submit
3.http://www.cherasite.com2Free Submit
4.http://www.dealdirectory.com2Free Submit
5.http://www.hvwebdirectory.com2Free Submit
6.http://www.freedirectorywebsites.com2Free Submit
7.http://www.mainostoimistot.info2Free Submit
8.http://www.phpseodirectory.com2Free Submit
9.http://www.seowebdirectory.biz2Free Submit
10.http://www.wgsmedia.net2Free Submit
Top High PR 1 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
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1.http://www.allindiaservices.com1Free Submit
2.http://www.beastdirectory.info1Free Submit
3.http://www.callyourcountry.com1Free Submit
4.http://www.directory4sites.com1Free Submit
5.http://www.elephantdirectory.com1Free Submit
6.http://www.freeadddirectory.com1Free Submit
7.http://www.howtouseseo.com1Free Submit
8.http://www.magpiedirectory.com1Free Submit
9.http://www.sammratdirectory.com1Free Submit
10.http://www.textlinkdirectory.com1Free Submit
Top High PR 0 Dofollow Web Directory Submission Site List
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1.http://www.addurlsubmiturl.com0Free Submit
2.http://www.blitzdirectory.com0Free Submit
3.http://www.companyprofile.biz0Free Submit
4. Submit
5.http://www.freelinkdirectoryusa.com0Free Submit
6.http://www.glitterdirectory.com0Free Submit
7.http://www.howtoaddurl.com0Free Submit
8.http://www.prdirectorylist.com0Free Submit
9.http://www.sitepros.org0Free Submit
10. Submit

How do they work?

Normally you must fill out a form. For Logs and blogosphere  about 15 days to get a response if your blog has been accepted into the directory. From that moment is when you have to do what is called a PING, which is notified that there are new entries to post in your blog directory. To this are these icons because they are a shortcut to the blog administrator. For it may take 1 month to receive a reply. Unlike the other two, the latter is fed automatically without need for Table. Paperblog surprised me and although it is the last in this list is highly recommended, if you get to put on the cover one of your post is really excellent positioning for your interests.

Note: Although I have not mentioned, this also applies to Web sites to which there are also directories. SEO site optimization seeks not only in Google search engine but others like Microsoft Bing, Yahoo etc. !,

How in all entries, I invite you to review and suggest through the comments. If you enjoyed this post recomiƩndola your friends through social buttons that you just below.

How to Recovers Deleted Files from Your SD Memory

Among the most dreaded computer disasters is the possibility of losing our data on the disk. Though each day more resistant and durable devices are made, anything possible that can happen something that our disk data erase.
 Recovers Deleted Files from Your SD Memory
The problem is compounded if we talk about an SD card of our camera for example, lose all the photos you just made ​​would be a problem, right? . So from Rooting we will teach you to use an application that often will be able to recover the lost information , Photos, a multi platform application that we can use in these cases.

Okay, how is it done?

The great advantage of this application is looking for a particular file type from 390 possibilities, you can use it to ZIPs, JPEGs, MP3s, DOCs, XLSXs, PSDs, and more. The only fault we could find is that the application does not have graphical interface, but that's no problem if you follow the tutorial to the letter.

  1. We downloaded the application, is an application that requires no installation, and is completely portable.
  2. We connect memory or disk from which we retrieve and run the application. always under an account with administrative rights, otherwise use a gutter with privileges to run the application right> click run as administrator .
  3. We introduce ourselves password.
  4. We chose the disk to recover, we'll know this by the ability of the device.
  5. The program then asks us that we select the partition type of the disc, if we have more than one partition at this point will show all available, if using only one partition and it will show only one we should choose.
  6. The next option is focused on type of system you are using on your disk , if the disk contains a Linux system select the first option, otherwise select Other .
  7. Now we are asked to specify where the files are searched , this option is somewhat useless because obviously not going to be in the free hand, so select the option Whole .
  8. Now is the time to say where we want the recovered files to be saved , we only have to navigate to where you want to do this and press the C key to set the folder.
Finally, after that the program will start the process and will be playing only wait for this finish . When you are finished and we can find all the files that has been able to recover within the destination folder you have selected. If you still not serviceable with the text interface, you can use this other article to have a graphical interface.

How to create a bootable USB from any ISO

Creating a bootable USB has become very common. More than once it has happened to us that we have been to install an OS and could not find the installation disk or was shredded. Even we can also come to think it's silly to buy a CD to save an OS and not able to use it more often. Because of all these situations and many more USB bootable invented. Well, today we will learn how to create one.
For several years now we can take our Operating System in our pocket or key chain. I mean keep our USB Operating System ready to install on any PC. And although, as I said, it's nothing new, there are many people who either do not know how to copy it or deny it for the sake of the CD, today we show you how quick and easy it can be to install an operating system on a USB .

Previously we did a tutorial in which we explained how to install Windows 8 from a USB , but following this tutorial can install any OS and any distribution. Not only typical Windows or Linux, but also can install Backtrack, Ubuntu or open SUSE, to give some examples.

What we need

  • USB formatted.
  • A bootable ISO image of the OS is to install.
  • The program UltraISO .
  • A BIOS that supports booting from USB (Although for several years, all support it).

How to create a bootable USB

1. 'll start installing UltraISO and connecting our USB memory.

2. Once installed, open UltraISO and select the image you want to copy to the USB.

3. we click on Boot and select Burn disc image .
4. Upon previous step a window will appear. We seek paragraph unit and select the drive where our memory is mounted USB and finally click on Save .

5. Done! We already have our bootable USB with the OS ready to install.

Now we can take our favorite operating system in a pocket of our ready to install in the situation that you least expect jacket.

How to install from USB

1. We insert our USB, if any field. We turn off your computer and enter the BIOS . The process to access the computer's BIOS varies, but usually when you start a small legend appears at the bottom showing the key you must press to access the BIOS.

2. Section Boot USB selected as first choice , or specifically the USB that contains the OS as I do. It depends on the BIOS screen varies, but they are almost equal. Save and out .
3. Once your PC is started, begin installing our operating system . From here we just need to follow the steps you indicate the installation guide.

After following these few steps, and we have learned to create a bootable USB and install . We can see that it is extremely easy and has many more advantages than a Live CD, plus you can use it for any OS.

Top Android [APPS] applications for Phone Security Data Protection

Security involves not only protection from malicious programs. In general, the security of mobile devices should include features to protect privacy, possibility of more intrusive restrictions on applications, creating backups in case of breakage of the device and blacklisting unwanted calls and systems of encryption and parental control features . Android is a flexible operating system and you can get all the features you have mentioned downloading of Google Play adequate security applications. There are many applications to choose from, but we threw a hand creating a short list just for you:

1.Lock ( App Lock )

Password Security for apps and multimedia content
Free / Premium

Almost all applications assume that the person using the device is the rightful owner. But a friend can take your phone "just to see what it contains," your children use to play and colleagues or relatives want to take a look to see if you have common interests. In the latter two cases, a security code done with a pattern or PIN code can help, but when you give your child a mobile or a friend, you have to unlock them anyway. In these cases, it is likely that all your data is available in a couple of clicks. Lock (App Lock) solves this problem by creating a list of protected applications. At launch one of these applications, you have to enter a security code. Also, you can store photos and personal videos in a password protected gallery, and leave the rest in the normal folders. For more "paranoid" users, Lock (App Lock) can hide everything and in this case the app settings are enabled only through a secret code sent per call.

2.App Ops

To revoke the authorization of an application
When installing an application, Android notifies you of the authorizations that are necessary. If you've noticed that this new screensaver requires access to your list of SMS registration contacts (this is a very bad sign , it would be better not to install it), you can accept (with all the negative consequences) or cancel the installation. In any case, there are more and more applications that require "extra" released. Google has a tool to selectively revoke authorizations already installed some applications. This functionality was available for Android 4.3 and App called Ops, but unfortunately removed in version 4.4.2. App Ops simply provides access to the settings screen where Google can apply a set of constraints, since each application to access the contact list to the user's geolocation. For Android version 4.4.2 and following, App Ops requires root access . For versions below 4.3, Ops App is not available, but the LBR Privacy Guard app provides similar functionality.
Functionality hidden # Android: revoke authorizations for existing applications. It can, for example, disable the geolocation of a given app.


Encrypting data on your smartphone
To those who keep confidential documents on your mobile device, applications such as Lock (App Lock) or PIN codes are not sufficient. For Android 3.0 or later versions, the operating system provides some functionality to encrypt all data stored on the smartphone. This serves to protect the information but, for the system to be effective it is necessary to introduce a rather complicated password every time you want to use the phone. And admittedly it is quite uncomfortable entering a long password 50 times a day; why there is an alternative: encrypt important data. Applications eats EDS represent a good solution. Store files on these "containers" makes them inaccessible to anyone but the user. EDS offers two modes: there is a simpler, with which you have to manually do all the operations in the container. The most advanced mode requires root access : in this case, if an encrypted container is active, functions as a memory stick. When you save a file there, is encrypted automatically. Another important detail: EDS containers are compatible with TrueCrypt application for computers, for exchanging data between systems easier.

We recommend this application for home users, but businesses and corporate users should install a special MDM solution , which provides a holistic security approach for mobile devices.
data protection apps for android mobile

4.Funamo Parental Control

Parental control over teenage users
$ 20 per device
A parental control application should operate differently depending on the age of the child. For teenagers, the situation should be: the guy or the girl constantly using the device and their parents set specific limitations, such as denying access to pornographic websites or define a maximum time to play with the phone. Play Google offers different applications of this type, but many are not very functional for several reasons. Funamo Parental Control goes beyond expectations: Blocks web pages based on some keywords, places restrictions on the purchase of upgrades or added elements of games installed, provides safe navigation in Google, Bing or Yahoo or limit the use of some applications (based on time of day, the duration of the game etc..). A father or mother can use a control functionalities remotely (GPS location, read messages, browsing history etc..) Through the website. The main shortcoming of the application is that there is no filter results by category (violence, politics, porn etc.) Option available in the Windows version of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Safe Browser .
latest and free android mobile apps for data protection
In fact, this application is not possible to monitor the activity of mobile discreetly, since the application sends notifications. So parents should talk to their children about it together and establish rules for use of the phone.

5.Gallery Lock

To hide from the media gallery
Free / Premium
Note: This application and its likes are not stable Android 4.4 (KitKat). Users of version 4.4 is recommended to back up your photos, but the functionalities Show / Hide function properly.

In almost half of the galleries of photos are stored smartphones that users do not want the whole world to see. A simple way to hide them without deleting is Gallery Lock. The selected images are deleted from the traditional gallery to be stored in a special password protected gallery. Most discrete users can enable a feature that allows you to delete the icon Gallery Lock mobile then you must enter a PIN to access the application.
Gallery Lock for data protection
For those who want to hide the contact list, call log and messages, there is a specific option in

6.Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Antitheft and antivirus options to protect your smartphone from fraud and indiscreet friends
Free / Premium

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is an application designed to protect you from mobile viruses and dangerous web pages (such as phishing , for example). But it does just this. Even the free version offers different functionalities burglar. You can find your lost smartphone launching a beep, you can lock the device or erase data remotely, find the phone via GPS or take a picture of the person who found (or rather stolen).

Also, you can hide some contacts record calls or messages, so no one can access them. There is also a facility to create black lists of contacts to not receive calls or message from these people
antivirus options to protect your smartphone from fraud and indiscreet friends
As regards the malware, according to recent independent tests, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides maximum security against malware attacks ( more than 100,000 Android devices run only in the first quarter of 2014).

7.Kids Place

Device safe area for your children

The application name also refers to parental control, but it is not just this. It would be better to speak of a safe area for children in the smartphone. When this "zone" is activated, the smartphone allows you to launch applications only included on a list of allowed programs; the child can not make or receive calls, and no restrictions on the purchase and installation of applications. That is, the child can use the phone just to play. Big plus!


Password Manager
Free / $ 12 per year

A password manager for various platforms that enables a single database in the cloud to computers and smartphones to disable advertising and access to certain additional features have to buy an annual license. With LastPass, you can access each web page using a unique and complex password , without overstretching the capacities of memory. Compared with other applications, LastPass is attractive because of its double verification system that runs on application startup.

9.My Backup

Backup for Smartphone
Free / Premium

The ability to perform backups on Android is partly enabled by default, and if you drive all the settings correctly, not loose contact or application, whatever happens. However, when starting a new phone, you would have to go through a tedious process of re-configuring everything, for example, place the necessary icons on the screen. In addition, some data, including call logging and conversation history, are not included in a backup. The MyBackup application is trying to save (and restore) all the components of your system: playlists, names of WiFi access points, glossaries Auto Correct a keyboard, application settings, etc.. The copy can be saved to an SD card or in the cloud or MyBackup. A number of features require root access . Compared to the famous Titanium Backup, this app provides enhanced functionality in "non-root" mode.


Tor project for Android

Thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden, the Tor Project and other tools to anonymize one's presence on the Internet gained much popularity last year. The flexibility of the implemented Android allows Tor proxy on a smartphone, and that's exactly what Orbot. After a simple setup, any application installed on a smartphone can connect to the Internet through a chain of "onion routers", making communication very difficult owner to trace. The only requirement is the ability of an application to operate through a proxy server. In addition, developers der Orbot arise a number of applications optimized for privacy and Tor: the private browser Orweb, DuckDuckGo search application, etc..
Mobile security Official android recommendation tips 

How to create a database with cpanel for my blog with WordPress[HOSTGATOR]

Want to start creating your blog with or your website and you get stuck when you hear that you need to install create a database? Think it is a task that is complicated and is not really for you? Nothing is further from reality. You see, today I'm going to explain step by step how you can successfully create a database for your wordpress blog from cpanel along with the corresponding user you must assign all privileges to the database. wikipedia about hostgator

Focus on what you will then have time and do not invest more time searching videos on youtube, to seek a tutorial on Google+ or ask for someone to east. Let me orient you with this task. Let's see it!

How to create a database from cpanel?

I'll explain in five easy steps. I hope you understand me well. The screenshots you will see are taken from Hostgator control panel, ie cpanel of hostgator , so if you have contracted this hosting , you'll have chupao. With this I do not mean that if you do not have another easy. You'll see the same thing.
Let the point.
  • Step 1. Accesses the control panel of your hosting, that is, to your cpanel
  • Step 2. Locate the shortcut mysql data bases
  • Step 3. Now is when you create your first database. All right!
  • Step 4. Now is when you create a user. Easy!
  • Step 5. Now it relate to the user database. That is, assign the user all privileges on the database. This step is necessary.
  • Step 6. Finally, and not least on, all data points and keep them should you ever need. If you have questions about where and how to store this data, I get easy. 
 I have created a template in Excel-download it free by subscribing to the blog, where you can collect and centralize all technical data that you just created.

1. Accessing cpanel 

2. Locate the shortcut mysql databases

This step has no mystery. Access your account and locate the direct access to MySQL Databases

As I show in the picture.
hostgator coupn codes for free 2014

3. Creating a database with cpanel

What you have to do here is fill in a field and give an order to create a mysql database. Presumably this is intended to make it as simple as possible. What would you think? Leave me a comment.

Put a name to your database (make it up) for example: "mibbdd" and click to create. There, overtaken task. Easy, no?

Idea. Put your database on your domain name or an abbreviation of it.

3.1. This is the field
create a database with cpanel for my blog with WordPress coupon

3.2. Fill out the field and make database
3.3. Voila! You've created your database successfully
hostgator cpannel for my blog wordpress
3.4. Aha! Here is a newly created data base. Which will you need now? A user. Let the point 4

4. Creating a user with all privileges on the database you created

Is this how and where is it performed?

If you still have the option of MySQL users. Add new user .

As in the previous step, now you get to invent a username. What if we as username " mibbdd "? For that, how I complicate life!

Now enter a password. Twice
Please enter a strong password, ie, one containing a handful of letters, possibly have no less than 8!, Combine upper and lower case and then mix it with numbers. Use the password generator if you have no head for so much trouble today.
Yeah, but if I use the password generator will create a password that I then see who is the friendliest I agreed. You're right, no human memory to keep that random password.
Do not worry, that's why I created an Excel template where you can centralize and manage all these technical data so that you only have to worry about filling in the password field (twice) and then store it in Excel. Done.
Here are the corresponding screen capture
When do you need the password, you know where you are. Needless to say, that Excel will try gently.

5. Which're not done yet! Now it relate the user you just created "mibbdd" the database "mibbdd" also just created

How do I do this? Chupao, look.

5.1. Select the drop-down your options. User (1) database (2), add (3) and finally click the user (4). Ready
5.2. On this screen select all privileges
5.3. Click to make changes
5.4. Voila! Completed.
5.5. Look at this line you frame. In your case, all right?
create database for cpannel
for more information about hostgator hosting click here 

How to Recover Deleted Photos by Mistake from Your Smartphone

One of the most dramatic moments in anyone's life comes when you lose your personal files by mistake or accident. Although these misfortunes have always been associated with desktops, smartphones and mass storage capabilities are increasingly likely to go through it. But do not lose heart, because although in many cases it is an impossible task, there are ways to recover photos and videos that we have lost our phone .

How to Recover Deleted Photos
What is file recovery?

It's about magic. When we delete a file on a storage system we are not really deleting such content, but we marked the area of ​​the disc that was as empty for the system to write over (at least in certain systems re files as FAT32)

Therefore, if no information is overwritten in these sectors, there are chances redial such information as available. Or what is the same, if we lose information, do not perform any writing on the drive where this is located and perform recovery tasks as soon as possible. This procedure will vary depending on the phone's storage system and if we are root (or jailbreak if iOS) on your terminal.

Case 1 - The files are in a MicroSD card

If we store our videos and pictures on an SD card are in luck as there are many more hope of recovery to be able to work externally to the phone and isolate the affected unit. The first thing to do as soon as we lost the pictures is off the card and connect it to a PC using a card reader. In this way, the system will recognize it as an external drive.
The flagship program for Windows that recover deleted files by mistake is Recuva , a tool developed by Piriform, parents also of known CCleaner. In a previous post  we talked at length about the program, but its operation has no mystery: We open the program, we choose the unit in question, the type of file you're looking for and after a short search we will list all files that have been recently deleted. If there is a green circle next to it, it can be recovered; if it's red, it will have lost forever.

There are many other programs that perform similar tasks as Wise Data Recovery  or more complete alternatives  Jihosoft Photo Recovery , but in most cases they are trial versions that require purchase the application to perform the recovery, because if not, what All it does is to detect any files that can be restored.

Case 2 - The files are in the internal memory

The problems come when your smartphone does not have removable storage system and stores all the information in the internal memory. It is much more difficult to use tools like Recuva in this case because when connected to the PC is detected by the protocol MTP  instead of a mass storage system, so it can not be treated as a standard drive and most programs of this type are not able to detect the phone by using a USB cable. This is because most smartphones use internal storage in file systems or F2FS EXT4 , in which it is almost impossible to retrieve deleted

Ask our Android root device is to perform some modification level software for certain privileges and functionalities that are not accessible by default. Some applications have the requirement for use, as is the case Hexabomb Recovery , one of the few able to recover my files from EXT4 units.

If we are not the work of 'rooting' the phone, we can still sell out our latest cartridges using certain recovery programs from the PC. Dr. Fone is one of them, whose assistant is able to retrieve pictures, chat conversations and other temporary stored documents can not be located easily .
recover deleted photos
If all else fails and you still want to try something crazy, we can try to create an accurate picture of our external drive, virtualize our PC and restore it with Recuva or similar. In XNA-Developers forums there a tutorial interesting about the process to follow.

Life experience

Indeed, this whole journey has lived the undersigned having accidentally deleted all the pictures of your terminal. Being a Nexus 4 I tried to retrieve files from the internal memory, but because of poor management on my part I ended up recovering a fraction of the lost images. Here are some  additional recommendations to maximize the result :
  • Disable WiFi and 3G at the time along with any file syncing service or performing backups to avoid writing in the unit.
  • No root the phone after the accident to use my recovery, because although seals Android system files, it is more than possible that writing tasks are performed in the rest of the unit.
  • If we connect the smartphone to the PC, use quality USB cable (preferably including the device), and use a USB 2.0 connection up trying to avoid hubs and extension. Programs like Dr. Fone install their own drivers, and in the case of Windows, we know what it is thankless when detect external hardware.
  • If we use WhatsApp, in the folder / WhatsApp / Media Phone can find a stash of images that can save our lives, and hence all the videos and photos sent to other users are stored, so if we are of those who share much material, possibly there have lost much of our gallery.
  • PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, so it's a good idea to use some form of backup file storage service in the cloud with automatic synchronization as Google Drive or DropBox.

Download Candy Crush Saga for Pc, Installation Process Step by Step

When Candy Crush Saga can be played on mobile, on Facebook and online, but today we want to show download Candy Crush on the PC , to play in Windows in the same way you do from a device with Android or iOS.
how to install candy crush saga game on pc
You know you Candy Crush Saga is one of the games for all the most successful in recent years public. This is a match 3 type brain training , or a game like puzzle very enjoyable in which the objective is to collect 3 or more candies of the same color by moving the pieces of the panels to make them disappear and earn points.

That said, it is difficult to explain how Candy Crush Saga has become a successful game on Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , having swept literally on Facebook, becoming the game that more revenue generated in the social network to date.

Sometimes it's a little casual, but perhaps the secret of Candy Crush is its endless number of levels, the originality of their sets, the mesmerizing music, many tricks and surprises to discover, the fact of being a game for children and adults etc..

As you will see, there are many ways of playing Candy Crush Saga , and a is through online play or no internet connection on the computer in tablet, mobile phone, etc.. Then we will explain all before stay up the secret on how to download free Candy Crush for PC

How to play Candy Crush online

Many people wonder if Candy Crush to play you need to have an account on Facebook. The answer is no, because there are many other possibilities. Also, once downloaded to your PC or device can play Candy Crush no internet connection.

But if you just want to enjoy a game of Candy Crush online, there are several platforms that give that option, as the very game's official website , where you can play games on a trial basis. Given the furor aroused by this game, there are several sites where no official can play online Candy Crush unlimited.

How to play Candy Crush on Facebook

The game was the most popular social network in the world its launch pad to stardom, and even today, you can play Candy Crush Saga from Facebook . Sure, they must have a user account active.

Otherwise, the game, the tricks and the other features of the game remain intact regardless of the place. If you play through Facebook, you have the option to do so via a smartphone, a tablet, or you can even play Candy Crush on PC using your social network account without downloading anything.

But perhaps the option that has been imposed in recent months, given the convenience and ease of access to online and offline games from anywhere, is playing Candy Crush Saga from mobile devices. As if you have not already, I also leave the link to download Candy Crush for iPhone , and of course, with the same options and free, corresponding to Candy Crush download for Android .

How to download for PC Candy Crush Saga

candy crush game install on bluestack
As explained in the article " Whatsapp for PC "whenever an app does not have downloadable versions compatible with Windows, there is an option to make it work on any PC through the use of an emulator for Android PC, or failing that, iPhone.

Therefore, if you want to play Candy Crush Saga from the PC without having to resort to the alternative of heading through Internet-either from Facebook, or from one of said pages offering playing Candy Crush online-the steps you have to take are these:

1. free download and install on your PC emulator BlueStacks (suitable for any version of Windows from Windows XP onwards. Even from the author's website, you can download a version for Mac).

2. Then download Candy Crush Saga for Android , and install the APK file using emulator.

3. Done, you can already start and play this match 3 from your PC factly, as if a version of Candy Crush for Windows is involved.

To download Candy Crush Saga Free PC, follow our tips and you can play like you do on Facebook and from Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad.

However, without taking away one iota of merit Candy Crush, the fact is that the supply of PC games is literally riddled with intelligence and skill sets to match 3 similar style to the successful Candy Crush Saga. The five that follow are just a small example of what you can find a little buceƩis market:

Problems with Jailbreak? Avoid them with these tips

The  Jailbreak is a relatively simple process however, if we do as we can cause some problems. Today we will see some of the best tips to avoid problems to Jailbreak our iDevice.

Jailbreak and our iDevice

problems with jailbreak tips
First of all we must know what the Jailbreak. Basically it's a method that will allow us to install applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without having to go through the App Store, which does not imply necessarily a fraudulent use, just to have applications that are not in the app store apple . Similarly, the great advantage is that we can Jailbreak to fully customize our device, which, as you know, not too like for Cupertino.

But obviously not all advantages. If you want to know more about what the Jailbreak do not miss the special section on Cydia

Tips to avoid problems when you Jailbreak

1. Though it is somewhat obvious,  we must follow to the letter the instructions,  do not skip any steps and above all patience; some phases of the process takes a few minutes and, although it seems that the process has stopped, it is not. To  Jailbreak your iOS device to 7.1.1 or 7.1.2  is our tutorial .

2. If you have updated via OTA,  restore your device before starting the process and makes a  backup .

3. Disables the unlock code and PIN or Nanosim MicroSIM.

4. Installs always  trusted sources and official repositories . It is easy to see how a simple "walk through internet" but here we leave the best Cydia tweaks and respositorios to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.x .

5. Seeks to use an original Apple cable.

6. never try to restore your device from the Settings menu  of the system because the Jailbreak will cause the process to fail and your device will be disabled. You also can not update via OTA; other through iTunes but obviously you will lose the jailbreak .

7.  install only what you need , or in addition to possible failures and incompatibilities, your battery will "fly".

8. Tweak If installing a device becomes unstable,  comes into Safe Mode  and uninstall Cydia and the last thing you installed it causes problems.
iphone jailbreak avoid tips
From  Gudtricks hope that if you decide to finally do  Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , these tips will be helpful. Remember it is an "unofficial" method and therefore, you alone are responsible for what happens.

WhatsApp: How to Retrieve Messages, Pictures and Videos Deleted

No argument on the fact that a large portion of users with mobile phones use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. What happens though when you accidentally text messages, photos or videos of the application are removed?, Nothing really serious, as all messages can be retrieved without the need for additional software and through the service itself.
how to recover deleted whatsapp message and pictures
This application lets you share images, audio, video and text messaging only have an Internet connection. It is therefore one of the messaging applications most used in the world, which is why today we want to show how to retrieve messages, pictures and videos deleted WhatsApp .

To begin we must know that the application creates a backup of all the data that the user shares via the service every 24 hours. Then this backup stores it in the microSD memory card from our smartphone.

So if we want to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages we can make it through this backup. To this end, if the data out of the application are less than seven days time they were deleted, all you have to do is uninstall and re-install WhatsApp on your mobile phone .

By doing this, the service will automatically download all data stored in the backup the microSD card, including text messages, chats, photos and videos, provided they have not spent more than seven days .
whatsapp for samsung download
When reinstalling the application we will display a message which indicates if we restore WhatsApp message history. Then we click on the "option Restore "to retrieve all the lost data.

Now if what you want is to retrieve messages, photos and videos WhatsApp more than 7 days, then it is necessary to use Recover Messages a web service using the backup application to recover deleted information.
how to get back my whatsapp messages
In this case we have to locate the place where saved WhatsApp backup in the memory card. This file is usually stored under the name " msgstore.db.crypt ".

If you use an Android Smartphone , then WhatsApp save this file in directory
sdcard / WhatsApp / Database / msgstore.db.crypt.

In case of using an iPhone , the file is in the location: Documents / Chat Storage.sqlite

A time we have access to this file so we store on your computer or simply connect your phone to your computer and access the official website RecoverMessages . Then from the home simply has to click on the "button SQLite Select File "and then select the file.

Finally we have to enable the checkbox "I accept the terms of use" and then click the button " Scan ". The process to recover deleted WhatsApp messages may take some time, depending mainly on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection.

Final Thoughts

  • It is important to understand that when you restore or retrieve deleted WhatsApp data through these methods all current chat history data will be lost.
  • All new messages, both incoming and envoys, after you have used the backup will also be lost.
  • Use a backup application manually overwrites the last backup security automatically.
  • If you know other methods for retrieving messages, photos or videos deleted WhatsApp, feel free to share with us.
Update : For all those users who have lost pictures and videos on your phone, I invite you to watch our tutorial to recover deleted photos from a smartphone , using the Recuva software. In may also recover videos, audio files, emails, etc..