Trouble While Installing Adobe Flash how to install Adobe Flash Player on Android

A few days ago we saw how Adobe decided to remove the official support Flash Player in order to play on our Android, eliminating application of Google Play. One of the things I love about Android is that we can always look for an alternative and today we'll explain how to perform the manual installation of Flash Player and enjoy full Internet browsing.
trouble while installing adobe play on android
One advantage that Android had was the ability to view content, flash in our Internet browser except Chrome, which does not support this content. As we reported a few days ago Adobe blocking new installations of Flash Player on Android eliminating the official implementation of Google Play.

From Andro4all we want to explain how to manually install this application in order to continue to enjoy the content, Flash through our browser on Android, as they have made ​​our fellow Android Central English. First of all I do warn you that under your responsibility, but should not happen anything problematic, it is true that on devices with Android 4.1 may be some stability problem, because as I have mentioned Adobe no longer provides official support for this application.

The steps are:

  1. Check out our Android version is 2.2 or higher (Settings - Phone Information / tablet - Android version)
  2. We will check the option to install third-party applications
  • Android 2.x Settings - Applications - Unknown Sources
  • Android 4.x in Settings - Security - Unknown sources
  1. Download from our smartphone or tablet installer
  2. Press the downloaded file from the Notification Bar
  3. Install the application
  4. Enable playback of supplements in our default browser (except Chrome)
  • On request : we click on the Flash plug-in to upload and play
  • Always On : will load the page once all the complements there of
Once we have done all these steps, we will have everything installed and configured on your device to be able to enjoy a complete web browsing. To check this you can access the main Adobe Flash Player.

Do you think Adobe has been successful with this decision? Is it too soon to eliminate official support?

DU Battery Saver & Widgets A Best Android Mobile Battery Saving App Free Download

DU Battery Saver, administrator and leader diagnostician power and battery for Android, is a FREE application that extends the battery life. Get up to 50% more uptime with your Android phone or tablet. Solve problems with your battery and extend its life with smart management modes DU presets Battery Power Saver, healthy load functions and controls that require a single touch.
best android battery power saving app download
Presented by Studio Apps DU, DU Battery Saver is the most simple and easy way to keep your Android phone running when needed. Prevents failure load, prevents certain applications monopolize the use of the battery and device settings that are overlooked shorten its life.

Upgrade to DU Battery Saver PRO and get a 70% savings in the use of your battery!

The highlights of DU Battery Saver (diagnostician and energy manager for Android):
  • ★ Fast Battery Saver: find and solve problems instantly with Optimize "button".
  • ★ Simple Battery Saver: use management modes, power preset or create your own model for high performance and saving battery.
  • ★ Cash Saving battery: protect your battery charging process and extend healthy life.
  • Practical Saving battery: the "Optimize" widget the home screen allows you to stop the background applications that consume energy, with only a touch to increase battery life.
  • ★ Simple and powerful battery saver: Expand the battery life on your Android device up to 50% without having to charge it.
  • ★ Global Saving battery is compatible with Deutsch, Spanish, Inglés, Française, Português, Português do Brasil, Pусский, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษา ไทย, Tiếng Việt,日本語., 한국어,中文(简体) and中文(繁體)
  • ★ Fits you: automatically save energy saving settings DU Smart Battery Power Saver (requires version Battery Saver PRO DU)

Features and advantages of DU Battery Saver (diagnostician and energy manager for Android):

  1. ► STATE MATCH: See exactly how much battery charge is left, with a detailed hardware and Android applications analysis.
  2. ► PRE SMART MODES: Choose or customize a mode that best suits your needs.
  3. ►OPTIMIZACIÓN WITH ONE CLICK: instantly find and solve problems with battery consumption; Detailed unlock to adjust its maximum energy saving settings.
  4. ► OPTIMIZATION AT ANY TIME: manage the background applications and hardware on your phone with ease, thanks to the clever widget on the home screen.
  5. ► BEST ON THE BANK DETAILS: See the battery level of your phone by percentage or time remaining.
  6. ► ADMINISTRATOR OF HEALTHY PHASE LOAD: Track and implement healthy practices charge at different stages, so keep your battery working in the best way possible.

Complete Guide to How to Root the Nexus 5

A few days ago we started the section " Today Rooteamos " . In her teaching as we are going to root your device in the easiest way possible and in the three most used OS: Linux, Mac and Windows . Today, by popular demand, root the Nexus 5. Shortly we can add this device we do not know, so if you have got one and you want to root ... go!
root the google nexus 5 phone


Rooting This process is not complicated, but keep in mind a few things. This part will repeat every time you want to format a device, and so you should know by heart).

The items will always be common in all devices rooting consist  drivers have the device properly installed and have the USB Debugging mode (USB Debugging Mode) enabled.

To enable debug mode  USB  should only go to the development options in the configuration menu of our  Nexus 5. appear If we activate them. For that we go to  Settings> Phone Info>  and will press several times over option  "Build Number". A message will tell you that we have enabled the development options.

How to root the Nexus 5 (Windows)

In the same way we did with the Nexus 4, of all the methods for root us Nexus devices is one that is certainly the simplest, and you will be able to root your device in minutes. We will from  "Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit".

It  will download  and unzip on your PC. It will open and follow the following steps:

  1. If we have installed the  drivers  can start by clicking on the option  "Full Driver Installation" . The program will guide you through the process is very simple.
  2. We connect the  Nexus 5  to pc with  USB Debugging mode  enabled
  3. Once we recognize the  Nexus  will click the button  Unlock . The program will take care of the whole process.
  4. After that we will only click on the Root button, with the option Custom Recovery  on.

And although it seems too simple, that's it. Consider that when you make the step  UNLOCK the boot loader, and all your information will be deleted. You should make a copy of everything you want.

As if that were not enough, the  Nexus Toolkit  gives us the option to do a  backup  and restore completely.

How to root the Nexus 5 (Mac)

As for the Nexus 4 will use the  Mac Toolkit,  one above but designed for a simple system like Mac.

  1. We will download the utility from  this link
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and will click the  Green Android
  3. Will our  Nexus 5  mode  boot loader . For this will quench our device and then open back while pressing  Volume Up + Volume Down + ignite . The  Nexus  mode enters  bootloader .
  4. The  Toolkit  we detect the device and from there we just follow the steps indicate.

 How to root the Nexus 5 (Linux)

For  Linux  a good choice is to use the  Linux Toolkit Nexus. To make the process we will:

  1. How to always have properly installed the USB drivers and enter debug mode.
  2. Will download the toolkit from  this link  and extract the  tgz  where we want.
  3. We will open a terminal and write:

sudo bash /
Then from the program interface will only have to perform the operations you want.

This tutorial has been requested by you, so enjoy it. If any problem arises you can put it in the comments and we will help you do this, and how do you know that you can apply on terminals guides want us to do. 

How to make and receive calls from your iPad with iOS 8

While Apple was expanding the use of video calls via FaceTime to all iOS and Mac devices, phone calls still were restricted to the iPhone until now. This could potentially become annoying if, for example, you'd get a call while you were working with your Mac or using your iPad and your iPhone, it was in another room.
 iPad with iOS 8

Now with iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite, you can receive a phone call not only on your iPhone, but also on your iPad and your Mac. This is because  the new feature called Continuity, and will be useful as long as all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and the same iCloud account network.

How to make and receive calls from iPad, iPod touch or Mac using your iPhone

 iPad with iOS 8 make video calls from mac
  1. Open the application settings , click below iCloud and verify that all your devices are connected to the same iCloud account.
  2. Return to the main Settings view and go into the section FaceTime . Make sure the option telef calls. iPhone is connected on both your iPad and your iPhone.
  3. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network .
  4. Now you can open the contacts application on your iPad, press any contact and the call is placed 

  5. This will launch an app of similar appearance to the iPhone and this will inform you that you are making the call from the mobile device.
  6. You'll also see a banner on your iPhone telling you that the call is being made. If you press this banner, the Phone application will open and you can continue the call from the device 

Who needs Windows 9? It's All About Windows9 OS from Microsoft

Software companies that do not know: all finished product is by definition obsolete. And while everyone knows that when you program puts an end to a program, it could have a number of new options that were not made for all sorts of reasons, always leave it for the next version. According to the nature of software has been written, revisions and improvements to a program can probably be six months or perhaps a year. Because, as the software moves, cycles of improvements and new versions seem to be doing less and less time.
And this seems to be happening with Microsoft and its Windows product. A few years ago left Windows 7, which seemed to be a better version of Windows Vista, which was widely criticized, though in my opinion, version 7 was a slightly modified Vista. In fact, no company begins any version from scratch, but that takes the best of the above and modified it does not seem to serve. And version 7 has been quite stable, but it was Microsoft with Windows 8 and its Metro GUI (which ceased to be so called because of problems with copyright, I think). Anyway, I started out with Windows 8 computers and lo and behold, the start button was missing. Bad idea because it is difficult to change the habits of users so many years. Microsoft finally had to concede that they could not easily get rid of this famous "start button" and rejoined in version 8.1.

Windows 8 is in fact no different to version 7 If it were not for the interface with mosaic "tiles", seem to have the old operating interface. In a Microsoft event I got to see how they did certain apps to Windows 8 using the idea of ​​"tiles" and it was really surprising, because in a few lines of code were very nice things, but ... this was a sufficient argument to be made in Windows 8? Many people thought no, and kept in version 7 In fact, some people still use Windows XP, which for the needs and capabilities of the current hardware and looks really insufficient and should be thinking about migrating but hey, that's up to each who migrate because the first effect is that many programs do not work or have difficulty functioning as they once did.

Now Microsoft is releasing the Windows version 9 and say they will announce it on September 30. What will be the reaction of the consumer on this platform? Hard to tell, especially since there are opinions that fall radically between two poles: very good and very bad product. Is there a need to remove version 9 and when in fact 8 has not been as successful in adopting the new system because in general, it takes longer to adopt a new version of the operating system that the adoption of a new version of any other program? How much more you can do to convince version 9?

Reasons for Microsoft and releases a new version of its Windows speaks of what some have called planned obsolescence, but in the case of Windows 8, does anyone think it's an outdated version? It seems to me that no. It is a fact that a company like Microsoft, who lives to generate a lot of money with the sales of its software products, find that users continue to acquire new versions. They know that in this industry because no one can sit still but they eat the competitors. And Microsoft, in all these years, has never shown to be resting on its laurels and it shows newer versions of Office, or its Windows operating system, with less and less time between release and version. However, I do not know if they are approaching the limit of the users that own reasons, decide that Windows 9 is coming too soon.

But you, the reader / binary / a, what do you think?

"Download" WhatsApp for iPhone now free Latest Version

After many rumors about confirmation and CEO of Whatsapp, the messaging application for iOS is now free in the App Store and users of that platform should only pay for the annual service (.99 cents) after have used the software for 12 months.
download whatsapp for iphone free
The application can be downloaded at no cost right now, which is very favorable for those who have just started to use an iPhone; on the other hand, who had already paid for the software may continue using normally.

By bringing this annual subscription model instead of a down payment for WhatsApp on iOS, the software now work the same way as in other platforms like Android. Also, the latest update of WhatsApp for iPhone lets you send multiple files at once or backs up conversations with iCloud.

When Jan Koum, director of WhatsApp, was interviewed regarding this change in the subscription model, he revealed that the company has considered never to make a version of the app for desktop, plus the ability to make video calls "will not happen this year, "leaving open the possibility that this feature be added in the future.
How to Install whatsapp on windows/mac pc 
Currently, WhatsApp is used by over 250+  million people a month, which gives this an important messaging platform in the growing trend of using this type of chat instead of SMS position.
To download WhatsApp in iPhone first or get the latest version you can use this link .
Reference: App Store

Players HD Films the best way to watch movies in high definition

With this section of HD DVD to iPad we present the best options that display movies on your favorite tablet. There is no doubt that the iPad is a great device to watch movies on it, especially HD movies thanks to the retina display of the new models. 
But watch a movie in HD on the iPad is not an easy task if we do with the "Videos" application that incorporates iOS, since films must be in the specific format of the iPad to be displayed, ie: Tap convert.
best way to watch movies in high definition
Luckily, there are several applications that are truly HD for iPad players, regardless of the format in which they are. MKV, AVI, MPEG, 720p or 1080p... never mind, we present the apps that are with everything.


best way to watch movies in high definition
This is a great choice if you want to watch HD movies being at home via streaming. One of the essential apps on any iPad. Yes, AirVideo is the only application to be discussed today that does not allow storage in the iPad.

If you like watching movies and TV on the iPad, AirVideo is the first app that you should install on your iPad, you amortizaréis a purchase right away.

Installing a small server software that makes the Mac or PC and it is free, AirVideo will allow you to select the folders you want to share, which may keep those movies, so you can access from the iPad. No matter the format, AirVideo does it all.  Playing a MKV 1080p for streaming, the performance and the quality is amazing.
Price and Download

AirVideo is available for download in the App Store for a price of 2.69 euros and is compatible with devices that support iOS 4.3 or higher. It has a free version and is in English.
Download from here

2.OPlayer HD

This application allows us to pass our iPad movies in many formats for playback where and how we want. Perhaps it is one of the most complete apps, if not the most complete, as far as playback file types are also incorporating more interesting news that relates.

OPlayer HD makes the iPad play XVID / DIVX AVI, WMV, RMVB, ASF, H264, MKV, TS, M2TS ... among other types of video files. Moreover, it is able to reproduce, as far as audio is concerned, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC or even subtitles in SMI format, ASS, SUB, SRT, TXT ...
best way to watch movies in high definition
As a personal opinion, OPlayer HD is one of the apps that has aged better , providing a user interface over many of its competitors.

Price and Download

OPlayer HD is available for download in the App Store at a price of 4.49 euros and is compatible with devices iOS 4.3 or higher . The app supports multiple languages, including Castilian and has in app purchases to supplement with their duties.
Download from here


a Few differences between the previous and CineXPlayer app, because it plays almost all formats of video. Yes, CineXPlayer is the only application that plays Dolby Digital Plus (Enhanced AC-3) 5.1 support and features Dolby Mobile Enabled (amazing 5.1 surround sound in headphones)

As a novelty, CineXPlayer also includes (on integrated purchase) the option to see any movie Xvid 2D we have in the iPad 3D.
best way to watch movies in high definition

Price and Download

Cine X Player is available for download in the App Store at a price of 3.59 euros and is compatible with devices that support iOS 6.1 or later . Have in app purchases and is in English and other languages, including Castilian is not.
Download from here

Conclusions About Best Hd ipad Apps

The truth is that all these apps are very good, and each has characteristics that make them unique.
Personally, to watch movies on the iPad while at home, I prefer AirVideo as playing streaming with a lot of quality. And to bring movies to the iPad when I travel, OPlayer HD is my choice.

What is yours?