IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Trick 2015[Timings 11:00 am]

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Hi frineds.I have already written a post on how to book an IRCTC  tatkal ticket fast still that  is working legal way so i step a head tried this trick working fine, so it is also safe way Now with this trick IRCTC tatkal ticket booking made very easy  

So i want to present  a video tutorial how it works a great Indian professional blogger admit agrawaAgrawal  have had made a video tutorial on this trick
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking tricks 2015

Have you ever tried to book a tatkal ticket through online on booking Indians IRCTC web site if you then surly you know the importance of the time Especially when your going to planning to make a train ticket under tatkal reservation i think every indian guy knows about IRCTC website and what the hell of servers are very slow right because of no'of peoples opening single website  at a time so it goes slow process some time it may not be opens every indian have an experience of it Oftenly how use to book a ticket
We all know that IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking system opens from  at 11AM all over india of each every morning. A.c Tickets are opens at 10 AM.

"Typing Speed Increases, More Chances to getting your Ticket Quick"
But today i am Ready to show you a method which works which  can help you to book a ticket faster than  ever before.
1.Well  IRCTC Website contained with lots of ads that mean its keep om increase loading page timing. You have to disable all ads on your browser first to access website easier and fast loading  it can be done with a simple and working  Firefox add on  naming Adblock Plus. Before opening IRCTC website visit bellow link to install Adblock plus Extension it works not only on IRCTC website and also other sites too
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2.Now first  Open IRCTC website and  it takes  lesser time to load pages because of very less ads on that page, but still you guys  can not book tickets faster if your typing speed is not much good. Don't worry guys the trick is here just making it happen just do this. Now you need to do some  little homework for 15 min before going to Tatkal booking Here’s how the tool works. Go to it takes around ten minutes prior to the opening of the booking window and complete the form – its an almost process or offline mode, you need to fill all that details of the form that’s available on the Indian railways website. Once you’ve filled the passenger details, just hit I felt Lucky and the tool will generate a Magic Autofill button that you need to drag to your bookmarks toolbar.

Now when you want to book a  tatkal ticket  on Indian RailwaysRailways the Indian Railways website to book tickets, just click the same Magic Autofill button on your bookmarks toolbar! The reservation form is filled automatically and you can directly proceed to the payment screen. IRCTC tatkal ticket booking time is from morning 11:00am
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