Types of RC Boats

We have at least 6 main types of RC boats that can be found for commercial sale. Most of the powered types can easily be found in nitro, gas, or electric powered models.

Fun sports boats are some that are highly liked. These types of RC boats are by far the most common and most popular among lovers of RC boats. In the past, gas powered RC sports boats were very popular because of the speed that they had. However, with the recent advancements in Lithium Polymer batteries as well as brushless motors, electric powered models have taken over and as fast as those one.

High-end electric hobby quality sports boats have speeds that start from 20mph. However, there are some that are capable of going for up to 40mph right out of the box. With some few twitches here and there, you can as well reach speeds of 60mph. as for toys, they have their own levels. They usually come with speeds of 15mph.

RC sailboats are wind powered, just like the larger ones. In addition to the usage of radio waves to take charge of steering, they also use it to adjust the position of or trim the sails.

Both the RC sailboats and the RC racing boats can be found in different models as you like. Youcan also find best rc boats for beginners of these types. All of them are also governed by the International Sailing Federation, which is the same body that is in charge of full-sized crewed sailboats.

Moreover, there are also RC boats that are an exact replica of the big ones. Also, as the name suggests, they are built to scale of their larger counterparts.

They range from miniature models that are tiny enough to fit onto the palm of your hand to big ones that are trailer transported. While these ones can be categorized as different types of RC models, scale model tug boats are just as the same as scale model RC boats. However, these ones come with a scale drive system.

An interesting part of RC boats is the competitive combat boat. These types of models are built like real warships. They are also designed to fire some type of projectile at the opposing ships in the hopes of damaging or even sinking them. However, these models are simplified because they always need to be repaired often.

Lifessence HGH+

Lifessence HGH+ has a mix of ingredients that are meant to give you a more holistic and comprehensive approach to increasing HGH like you’ve never seen before. Most HGH supplements are marketed as muscle-builders or fat burners, and there are a select few that claim to help you to grow taller, though only HGH injections have ever been proven to help those with growth deficiencies grow a few inches taller.

Lifessence HGH+, on the other hand, is marketed as a health supplement, weight loss supplement, and muscle-builder in one that can also help you to look and feel much younger. Why? In addition to the HGH complex, Lifessence HGH+ also has a blend of the top 10 superfoods and 4 natural antioxidants. Read the full info here.

Does Lifessence HGH+ Have Proven HGH-Stimulating Agents?

Lifessence HGH+ uses a mix of ingredients that serve both immediate and long-lasting purposes.

First, Lifessence HGH+ uses ingredients that are going to help you to see the difference right now. This formula is full of lean muscle-builders and fat burners like tribulus terrestis, natural antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals (which can improve your health and skin), and more. The top 10 superfoods are among the ingredients that can promote this more immediate effect.

Second is the actual HGH blend. By this, we mean that Lifessence HGH+ has ingredients that have been specifically proven to increase natural HGH levels, helping you to build up your stores so that your body actually functions just like it is younger and healthier.

Not only will some of the primary ingredients help you to burn fat and build muscle, the HGH enhancers can actually maintain a healthy metabolism in the future while significantly improving skin. Logically, every ingredient supports the idea that this blend is actually properly equipped to promote a steady and dependable effect.

How Long Do You Have to Wait?

Obviously, any natural HGH supplement is meant to stimulate HGH production. Therefore, actually raising your HGH levels will take time. However, Lifessence HGH+ has ingredients that can promote the same basic effect within a considerably shorter period of time. You can expect to “feel” the difference within the first week or at the very least by the time you finish your first bottle.

Should You Buy Lifessence HGH+?

Lifessence HGH+ uses dependable and clinically-proven ingredients that also happen to be extremely healthy. In fact, this HGH formula has more healthy antioxidants than any other HGH formula we have seen, making the Lifessence HGH+ formula more capable of eliminating free radicals that could damage your skin and your health.

With the right use, Lifessence HGH+ has a combination of ingredients that is more than capable of improving your health and significantly increasing your natural levels of HGH. This HGH formula may not be marketed as the ultimate workout supplement. However, Lifessence HGH+ adheres to a more holistic and wider spread standard, which is exactly what you might be looking for.

Making Life-Changing Decisions with Chronic Insomnia

The direction of my life changed in the summer of 1981, and not for the better. Ive written about when my insomnia started in 1979. After two years, it controlled my life with its iron grip and kept me in a continuous headlock. Today, as I look back over my life with insomnia, it seems that about 95 percent of the decisions Ive made have turned out to be wrong for one reason or another. I consider the decision I made that summer to be one of my all-time worst, as youll read about in a moment.

I graduated with my associates degree in May of that year. Several times during the spring semester, Id stopped by the Air Force ROTC detachment to talk about going back in the service as an officer. The process of getting into ROTC was simple: I had to score at a certain percentile on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test and then take a physical. I passed both. I also had to supply them with a copy of my DD Form 214 showing that Id been honorably discharged from active duty, and a current transcript.

They told me that my score was high enough to apply for pilot training. That caught me by surprise. Me, a pilot? I really couldnt see that happening. From my perspective, pilots were intellectuals who majored in math or electrical engineering or some other brain-draining curriculum. I wasnt in that league. I was an automotive major; monkeys could be trained to work on cars.

The sergeant responsible for helping me attain successful admission into their program looked at my transcript and said, Look at all of those As. And I said, Its automotive technology. Anybody can make As. Itd be different if I were a chemistry or a biology major and had lots of As. That would really mean something. Then he said, But youve excelled in your chosen field. I didnt say it, but I thought So what? Its a low-level curriculum designed for those who have difficulty learning from books. Granted, my automotive training was before on-board computers. Its my guess that automotive curricula are more difficult today with computers controlling nearly every aspect of an automobile.

So I was enrolled in Aerospace Science for the fall semester of 81. Id be a second lieutenant in only four more semesters. Wow! I couldnt wait. Id be on my way to a good 20-year retirement, as a major at least.

Back then, however, I had a phobia about writing. The service manager, Larry G., at the dealership where I worked the summer of 79 went through the universitys vocational education program, the same one that I was going to take after I completed my automotive degree. He told me that one of his courses required him to write an 80-page research paper. So I changed my major for my bachelors degree from vocational education to industrial technologyanother bad decision.

After I was admitted to ROTC, and after I was registered for the fall semester, one of my automotive instructors told me that a new K-Mart was openingin my hometown, actually. The automotive service manager, Petera graduate of the same automotive tech program as I, was looking for qualified applicants to staff his department, and if I was interested I should apply before the positions were filled. So I did. Peter hired me, and I started immediately.

Now for the life-changing event

The reason why alludes me now, other than for the medication I was taking illegally, but I changed my mind about enrolling in ROTC and dropped it before the summer was out. What a stupid, stupid choice. Ive beaten myself up over that decision ever since. I chose a $5-an-hour job as a K-Mart mechanic over Air Force ROTC and a commission as an officer. And, on top of that, once the fall semester started, I discovered that I couldnt stand industrial technology and withdrew from school three weeks into the semester, forfeiting one semester each of my GI Bill and my Illinois Veterans Scholarship.

Also, I hated my job at K-Mart and quit in August. Thats the only job Ive ever quit on the spot. I told the new service manager, Todays my last day, and Im not coming back. I loaded my tools in my father-in-laws Ford F-150 and left.

So, there I was. No longer working, no longer in college, and, worst of all, I would never become an Air Force officer.

Ive told this anecdote to say thismy insomnia played a big part in my life that summer. I couldnt think straight. As Ive written about in a previous post, Id recently discovered that my dad had a prescription for dalmane, the same drug the Veterans Administration doctor had prescribed for me two years earlier. My dad got his medicine for free because he was a coal miner in the United Mine Workers of America union. With my discovery, I would grab a few pills every time I was at my parents house. They knew I was taking them; I wasnt stealing.

I was taking the drug illegally, however, because I didnt have a prescription for it; I hadnt sought a doctors counsel for more than the 30 pills of my original prescription. Dalmane has a long half lifeas much as a hundred hours or moreso I was compounding my problem with each pill I swallowed.

But the dalmane was making my situation worse instead of better. It made me sleep, but it also made me angry. It changed my personality and behavior from a level-headed, quiet guy to a deranged monster ready to fight. I hated life and everything and everybody associated with it. With dalmane, I was a walking time bomb ready to explode at any moment. I was taking this drug at the same time I was making major life decisions. Not a good thing to do. I would go on to take dalmane illegally for another eight years.

Insomnia simply sucks the life right out of you regardless of your station in life. It doesnt care who you are or where you live or work. Its powerful in ways that the ordinary, successful sleeper cannot imagine. If Ive learned anything in the intervening years since that summer, its this: Decisions made early in life can definitely affect you later in life.

Trouble Sleeping?

In this modern age of constant bombardment by stimuli, more and more people are finding that they are having trouble sleeping. There are several causes for this. Emotional distress, changes to routine, napping during the day, lack of exercise, lack of exposure to natural light, medication side-effects, excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine or nicotine, and even watching television or reading can all contribute to insomnia.

Those discussing sleep problems will first look for emotional distress. Anything that a person is worried about, that is causing concern or stress, could keep them awake. Put simply, we have all had nights of tossing and turning in bed because we were worried about something, be it finances, relationships, work, or some worry over basic needs such as shelter, eating, clothing, or family. These factors could all keep us awake.

In some instances, seeking counseling with a professional could help relieve these worries. Another solution could be simply talking to a friend or spouse who would help relieve the worry or stress.

Getting a new job or going back to school or any change to our routine schedule could affect being able to sleep normally. Jet lag or anything that disrupts the bodies natural system could contribute as well. A new job start time may cause you to get up earlier or later than you were previously used to. So could taking new school classes earlier in the morning. To get back to a routine, a person may need to get back to a set schedule as soon as possible. This means going to bed and getting up at the same times each day so that the internal clock gets reset to this new routine.

The body seems to respond better to natural light than to artificial lighting. If someone works in an environment where all they see all day is dim lighting or fluorescent lighting, they may have trouble sleeping at night. Some people wake in the dark, work all day in artificial lighting conditions, and then go home at night in the dark as well. The body may be craving the stimulus of natural sunlight. So a simple solution may be to get out during the day at lunch to go for a walk in the sun outside. Studies have shown that people getting exposure to natural sunlight in the afternoon sleep better at night. Also, exercising two to four hours before bedtime may help release stress and tension in the body, allowing for more restful sleep.

The next factor to look at as possible causes to insomnia are stimulants. Those who drink excessive amounts of alcohol may find that it is difficult for them to get to sleep or stay asleep. Smoking before bedtime could also be a factor, because the nicotine found in cigarettes is a stimulant. A stimulant is defined as an agent, especially a chemical agent such as caffeine, that temporarily arouses or accelerates physiological or organic activity. Drinking beverages high in caffeine content such as coffee or soft drinks earlier in the evening or too close to bedtime could keep you awake later. Soft drink labels on the side of the can or bottle disclose the caffeine content in the drink.

Medication side-effects may also contribute to insomnia as could eating habits. Indigestion or the eating of spicy foods could cause stomach discomfort that could lead to problems with falling asleep or cause a person to wake up during the night.

Reading before bed can be a good aid in falling asleep, because it can take your mind off of your days worries and focus your mind instead on the story. But if the story causes the reader to feel confused, worried, threatened, or angry, then that reading could instead cause insomnia. The same is true for watching television. Watching a program that causes positive emotions will help with sleep more than shows with violence or high volumes.

An aid to falling asleep could be listening to soft instrumental music or even nature sounds. Some drug stores or pharmacies even sell music players that will play earth sounds of nature. These soothing tones help calm the brain and cause it to focus on restful relaxation. It is also important that the bedroom is sleep-friendly and only used for sleep. Comfort is important, so make sure bedding, sleep attire, and room temperature are all optimal for sleep. If the room is too cold or too warm, it may cause trouble sleeping. Any outside noise of unwanted light could be factors as well.

Insomnia is characterized by taking more than 30 to 45 minutes to fall asleep, waking up many times each night and not being able to go back to sleep, sleep that is unrefreshing, or waking up too early.

Another factor in sleep habits is aging. Older people are thought to be lighter sleepers because they tend to enter into deep sleep less as they get older. During the night, people experience cycles of R. E. M. (Rapid Eye Movement) or shallow sleep followed by non-R. E. M. Or deeper sleep. Older people spend less time in non-R. E. M. Sleep which may cause them to sleep less and wake up earlier in the morning.

There are other possible serious health conditions that could need to be diagnosed by a health professional. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes a person to stop breathing for up to 10 seconds at a time multiple times during sleep. There are remedies for this condition including sleeping with the aid of a machine called a C-Pap machine.

Narcolepsy is a condition where the brain causes the person to fall asleep during the day, possibly without notice and/or multiple times throughout the day. Another condition, called parasomnia, causes people to partake in activities during sleep such as walking around, rearranging items in the room or home, consuming strange foods they would not normally eat, or other odd behaviors. This condition is usually treatable as well.

We live in an age of computers, cell phones, video games, and lots of noise and light. Our lives are full of stress and worries. Sometimes we drink too much or do not eat right. Our schedules may change or we may undergo some sort of change to our environment. Our emotions might get the best of us at times. All of these things may be factors that cause us to have trouble sleeping. But in most cases with some effort, we can battle our insomnia. So if you are still awake later and do not want to be, you could always try the age-old remedy for trouble sleeping- counting sheep.

3 Sports That Will Teach Your Child Valuable Life Skills

Sport is a great thing to get into from a young age. It can teach someone the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, it can improve a wide range of technical abilities and it can also help to develop valuable skills that are necessary for everyday life. With this being the case it is a great idea for parents to encourage their children to get involved in sport on some level from a relatively early age; allowing them to enjoy a regular hobby throughout their lives if they so wish.

But which sports are the best at aiding the development of our young ones? Snooker is a great past time but it doesn’t really teach anything more than intricate technical skills. Here are three sports that will help set your child on the right path to becoming a well-rounded adult.

Football is the most popular sport around the world and in 2010 it was estimated that about 270 million people regularly played football; a figure which is sure to have risen in the last three years. And it’s not just dreams of becoming the next big thing that drives people young and old to take part in the beautiful game. Through organised football coaching a child can learn a number of things that will be invaluable through the different stages of growing up.

Teamwork is a major part of football and this will show children the benefit of trusting others and working with them in order to complete certain tasks.

The game will also teach children that losing is a part of winning and will help them deal with situations which may not have turned out the way they wanted them to. As football is a very sociable sport your child will form lasting friendships and improve upon their self-confidence.

Rugby is another sport that is played right the way around the world in different forms. And although it looks like something you wouldn’t want your child to get into; there is much more to this popular game than merely throwing each other to the ground.

From an early age children will learn touch rugby which is a non-contact form of the game. Not only does this help them develop technical skills such as speed and agility; it also helps with their discipline. Rugby players are well known for their respect of the game and of the officials that run it, and so this will be instilled in them throughout their learning of the sport.

As they get older and move onto the standard version of rugby children will learn how to distinguish between aggression and assertion. Aggression is something that can cause people to be out of control and is therefore not encouraged on the sports field, whereas assertion refers to the use of controlled strength within the laws of the game. Learning the difference between these will help children to stay on the right side of the rules on and off the pitch.

The sport of tennis grows in popularity every year and now that Andy Murray has finally won Wimbledon it is likely to be on the increase even more. Tennis is a sport that can be played either on your own or as part of a pair and so there are lots of skills it can teach your child.

Firstly there’s the physical and mental endurance involved when playing a game of tennis. Professional matches have been known to go on for over five hours and so this can teach someone to stay focussed and to never give up on their journey to victory.

There’s also the superior level of cooperation that it takes to play a game of doubles. Knowing where your partner is at all times and communicating well with them can teach a child the value of symbiotic relationships.

Strategic thinking is something else that can be learnt through tennis. You need to be constantly thinking about where you are going to hit the ball next and where your opponent might choose to hit it. This will help a child to develop excellent problem solving skills which is a great asset to have during school exams and when entering the world of work later in life.

Is Acne a Risk Indicator for Weight problems and Diabetes?

Research in to the outcomes of acne and weight loss program is not new however this paper goes further and indicates that acne breakouts are a lengthy-term Risk Indicator of certain illnesses: It doesnt suggest, however, that acne causes these illnesses in later existence. Rather, these studies indicates the Western diet, which plays a large role in the introduction of acne at the begining of existence, if left unchecked, the continuing use of the meals, would ultimately cause more severe illnesses later on.

The scientists claim that acne breakouts are a visible indicator of the over active metabolic condition in which the is attempting to respond and process an overload of calories particularly sugar. The research came to the conclusion (and theres good evidence) this overstressed metabolic condition results in serious long-term conditions and illnesses of metabolic process for example overweight as based on Bmi (Body mass index), weight problems, arterial hypertension, blood insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and potentially Alzheimers, based on the scientists.

Dr Melnik and the co-workers advised that getting rid of all high glycemic meals (high sugar meals) or other meals recognized to result in a spike in blood insulin in the diet simultaneously as dealing with the acne with topical skincare items. They came to the conclusion that adolescence and adolescence is a time period of significant metabolic change. Throughout this era, your body produces many growth factors and the bodys hormones, however the high sugar meals from the western diet, coupled with an adolescents requirement for more energy and calories, that triggers great metabolic stress and inflammation in the human body. Acne breakouts are, therefore, a possible visible indicator this metabolic rate has run out of balance.

Finally, the scientists recommendation would be that the doctor or skin doctor, whos frequently active in the management of adolescents throughout this vulnerable phase of metabolic transformation and programming, shouldnt just concentrate on dealing with the look of acne onto the skin, but also needs to consider the need for nutritional change or modification. These changes to diet could have a long-term help to a persons health.

The scientists examined other acne studies that have been lately released that incorporated the one that checked out how acne risk was reduced in Italian adolescents and teenagers whod lower Bmi. Furthermore, another study reported a lesser Body mass index continues to be connected with lower acne prevalence in Taiwanese boys and women. While observed a connection between elevated Body mass index and acne in female Norwegian adolescents.

In addition, British male soldiers, over the age of two decades with acne, happen to be considered to be heavier than individuals with-out acne. Other scientists lately provided evidence that youthful Italian males suffering from acne were built with a high Body mass index as well as showed blood insulin resistance, which an earlier manifestation of Diabetes type 2. Therefore is substantial and growing body of worldwide evidence, which seems to aid the positive correlation between acne and the entire body mass index.

Its been well recognised that the high Body mass index is a significant component from the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is connected with blood insulin resistance and signifies the signs and symptoms from the metabolic illnesses, that are prevalent within the Civilized World. This German research concludes, by recommending that acne too, goes towards the group of illnesses of Western civilisation like weight problems and kind 2 diabetes.

5 Fantastic Kids Party Themes

Putting on a party for your child is difficult, especially making it fun and different. These 5 themes below will do the trick without you having to break the bank.


With recent blockbusters such as Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises, superheroes are definitely back in style – providing an ideal theme for a kid’s party. Their great outfits make dressing up a possibility, and with so many superheroes protecting Earth the inspiration is endless.

For refreshments there are so many ideas. Limeade could easily become liquid kryptonite, or ‘gamma ray-de’ from the Hulk. ‘PUNCH!’ is an easy and popular choice with a suitable title. Cupcakes decorated with Spiderman’s webs, Superman’s logo and the X-Men symbol make for tasty treats. You could also try frozen treats in reference to Captain America’s frosty slumber.

When the world’s littlest heroes need entertaining, the classic ‘Who Am I?’ game works well with a superhero theme. Try renaming musical statues ‘musical Iceman’, or make a fake Mjölnir and swing for a piñata containing gummy ‘radioactive’ spiders.

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland provides an interesting and unusual theme for a children’s party, that will have them all talking. Again, there is the opportunity to dress up as a variety of colourful characters from the Dormouse to the Mad Hatter. Why not make it a tea party? Have different types of tea for the kids to sample, but have juice on standby too. Cakes, little sandwiches, gummy caterpillars… simple but effective.

For entertainment, the kids can play a spin on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. Instead try ‘pin the tail on the Cheshire Cat’, and take part in a very apt game of croquet. This kid’s party is certainly a ‘very important date’!

Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are very popular with adults, and kids enjoy them too. The set up is the same, but instead of solving murders the kids solve crimes like thefts. This is a good idea for a party theme as the children have to use their brains, and they end up getting quite into it!

To fill the little detectives serve them sandwiches in the shape of footprints. ‘Magnifying glass’ lollipops, and cookies iced with question marks make excellent sweet treats. An amusing idea is to have a burglar’s swag bag, and fill it with goodies that the thief has ‘stolen.’ This can be a lucky dip for the kids to delve into and see what they can recover.

Disney Princesses

One for all the little belles of the ball. The kids can come dressed as their favourite princess, or they could ask the mirror who they are. Set out a mirror for them each to ask ‘mirror, mirror…’ style which princess they are.

To keep them busy draw doors on either side of a pumpkin, and have the kids decorate it to make a carriage. If you can’t get a pumpkin, they could design their own ball gowns instead. Put on some music to dance to, and play ‘musical Sleeping Beauty’ (make sure they go down carefully). At the end of the party why not let off some paper lanterns, and enjoy the ‘floating lights’?

Feeding the princesses is easy. Sit them down on a ‘magic carpet’ sent from Aladdin for Princess Jasmine and her friends, and serve up some delicious sandwiches cut into heart shapes. Use Rapunzel’s frying pan to cook up some pancakes, then for dessert toffee apples are perfect – promise they’re not poisoned!

Arts and Crafts

Like the mystery party, this is a good one for keeping the kids entertained without having them running riot. They can start by making and decorating their own party hats to get into the swing of things!

Arty, crafty ideas are limitless. What about making clay versions of themselves – or each other? Or try the old painted pasta photo frame. A fun idea is to have them each contribute to personalizing plain white t-shirts for each other, as a memento of the party.

Get creative with the refreshments. Make different coloured, irregular shaped pancakes using food colouring, so that they look like paint splatters. If you feel like dealing with excited children, sherbet looks a lot like chalk dust. Finally, have a selection of dips and sauces for them to dip breadsticks in, and it will be like they’re readying a brush for painting.

The most important thing is to make sure that everyone has fun. So don’t over complicate things, let your imagination take hold, and use your inner child to make your own child’s party one to remember!

How to Deal With Sleeping Problems

Sleeping problems affect 14% of the population. There are different causes and reasons for sleeping problems. Here are some causes that might be affecting you:

  1. To much stress .To much stress can be a big problem for a lot of people in todays modern world. Causes can range from work problems, school problems, home problems, or money problems. They of course are not limited to just those areas.
  2. Being unable to stop thinking Another thing that might be keeping you up at night could be that you cannot stop thinking as youre trying to fall asleep. This can be very detrimental to falling asleep and even getting a good nights rest.
  3. Eating the wrong kinds of foods Its true there are certain kinds of foods that will keep you up at night. These foods oftentimes act as stimulants and once they get into your bloodstream they stimulate your body and keep it awake.
  4. Avoid drinking caffeine before bed Any kind of caffeine will is a stimulant. It goes into your bloodstream and will keep you awake. Drinks with caffeine in them include: coffee, tea and soda.
  5. Avoid smoking cigarettes before bed Cigarettes have nicotine in them. Nicotine the same as caffeine acts as a stimulant and will keep your body from falling asleep.
  6. Certain Prescription Drugs There are certain drugs in the market that are actually causing sleeping problems in some people. Consult your doctor if you think you are one of these people who is having a hard time sleeping at night because of certain medications.

These are the things that could be affecting you as you try to fall asleep. There are also ways that can make falling asleep a lot easier. Here are some tips for falling asleep sooner and getting a better nights rest:

  1. Turn off all the lights Light acts as a kind of stimulant to the body and when there is light that is getting through your eyes your body thinks that it is still awake. This of course will inevitably cause sleeping problems in the long run.
  2. Avoid alcohol as a sleep aid While it is believed that alcohol helps you fall asleep faster. It also makes you more restless as you sleep. This equates to getting less quality sleep and so as you sleep you may wake up feeling like you didnt get any sleep at all.
  3. Relax before trying to fall asleep Relaxing is very helpful when trying to fall asleep. When you are asleep your muscles are in a state of relaxation. Sometimes problems with sleeping can be because you cannot get your muscles to relax. In order to relax your muscles focus on relaxing them. Pick a point in your body and focus on relaxing that point. When you feel that it has reached a good relaxing point pick another point and relax that area. You do this until your body is totally relaxed.
  4. Get exercise Exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. The reason is because when you do not exercise your muscles you are essentially leaving them a lot of excess energy that has not been burned off. This energy is then converted into fat cells. When you tire out the body a little however it wants to sleep. This helps you sleep better and wake up incredibly rejuvenated!
  5. Slow down your thinking Too many times we are kept awake because the brain does not want to stop thinking. The good news is however that there are many different ways to slow down thinking. One way is to meditate. You will feel calmer and more relaxed as time goes by if you start a regular dosage of meditation.
  6. Avoid exercise 2 hours prior to sleep time The reason for this important rule is because when you exercise your body knows that it is awake. There are endorphins as well as other things that kick in while you exercise and make you feel pretty good. Essentially exercising 2 hours before falling asleep will make you feel too awake to fall asleep.
  7. Prescription Medication If you have tried everything you can think and still cannot get a good nights rest it may be beneficial to consider prescription medication. While many turn to it as a last resort it often proves to be the thing helps people fall asleep faster.
  8. Dont focus on worries before bedtime This can obviously cause a lot of anxiety and worry before trying to fall asleep and will not help you fall asleep or help you have a good nights rest. It may even keep you awake depending on the level of stress the worry provides you.
  9. Get a comfortable bed One of the most obvious reasons for not getting a good nights rest can be caused by not sleeping on a comfortable enough bed or mattress.

It is also important to know that under eating can cause a lack of sleep as well. There are certain foods that you need to eat on a daily basis. For example having too little sugars and fats in your body can make you have sleepless nights. This is your bodies way of telling you that you need to feed it better.

When you sleep it gives your body and your brain rest time to recuperate and repair itself from the days demands. Without sleep a person who has been awake for 24 hours is said to be the equivalent of slightly drunk. This can obviously become a problem very quickly. The effects however will more then often wear off after a person has had their fair share of rest.

Getting sleep is very important. A lack of sleep can cause a variety of mental as well as physical illnesses. This is why it is important to consult your doctor if you are having a problem sleeping at night. The average person sleeps 33% or 1/3 of their life. The normal amount of sleep to have is around 6-9 hours daily depending on the individual. Without a certain amount of sleep the individual will be able to function on a level less then what they are capable of functioning on.