Types of RC Boats

We have at least 6 main types of RC boats that can be found for commercial sale. Most of the powered types can easily be found in nitro, gas, or electric powered models.

Fun sports boats are some that are highly liked. These types of RC boats are by far the most common and most popular among lovers of RC boats. In the past, gas powered RC sports boats were very popular because of the speed that they had. However, with the recent advancements in Lithium Polymer batteries as well as brushless motors, electric powered models have taken over and as fast as those one.

High-end electric hobby quality sports boats have speeds that start from 20mph. However, there are some that are capable of going for up to 40mph right out of the box. With some few twitches here and there, you can as well reach speeds of 60mph. as for toys, they have their own levels. They usually come with speeds of 15mph.

RC sailboats are wind powered, just like the larger ones. In addition to the usage of radio waves to take charge of steering, they also use it to adjust the position of or trim the sails.

Both the RC sailboats and the RC racing boats can be found in different models as you like. Youcan also find best rc boats for beginners of these types. All of them are also governed by the International Sailing Federation, which is the same body that is in charge of full-sized crewed sailboats.

Moreover, there are also RC boats that are an exact replica of the big ones. Also, as the name suggests, they are built to scale of their larger counterparts.

They range from miniature models that are tiny enough to fit onto the palm of your hand to big ones that are trailer transported. While these ones can be categorized as different types of RC models, scale model tug boats are just as the same as scale model RC boats. However, these ones come with a scale drive system.

An interesting part of RC boats is the competitive combat boat. These types of models are built like real warships. They are also designed to fire some type of projectile at the opposing ships in the hopes of damaging or even sinking them. However, these models are simplified because they always need to be repaired often.

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